Can we get every church to start praying for these men?

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Jon Sellers |


Can we get every church to start praying for these men? Everyone share this.

How to stop ISIS??? Pray. Here is a list of leaders. Pray that God change their hearts, give them dreams of Jesus, turn them away from evil.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Current “caliphate” and leader of ISIS

Omar al-Shishani Top level ISIS military commander

Ayman al-Zawahiri Leader of al Qaeda

Ibrahim al-Asiri Top level bomb maker for al-Qaeda

Qasim al-Raymi Top level al-Qaeda leader in Saudi peninsula

Sirajuddin Haqqani Operational leader of Haqqani Network, the deadliest insurgent group in Afghanistan

Abubakar Shekau Leader of Boko Haram, Nigerian insurgent group who has pledged allegiance to ISIS

Charles Page [11/30/2015 4:39 PM]
I pray for their extermination ASAP!

Charles Page [11/30/2015 4:40 PM]
We need to apply Mosaic law to these murderers.

Jon Sellers [11/30/2015 4:41 PM]
If we pray according to mercy and the gospel that is better for us, then we let God decide how to answer.

Charles Page [11/30/2015 4:43 PM]
Don’t you think we already have God’s answer? Are we that unsure of God?

Jon Sellers [11/30/2015 4:45 PM]
I am not unsure. We are not under the Mosaic law but the new covenant in which Jesus died for every person. He died even for his enemies. So if the gospel comes to them and they reject it, then they have the judgment already. John 3. If they accept it then they have life in Christ.

Charles Page [11/30/2015 4:51 PM]
yes we are under Mosaic law, Christ did not do away with it but fulfilled it. Our judicial system is under mosaic law and still willful murder is a capital offense.

Jon Sellers [11/30/2015 4:58 PM]
The civil laws and international laws can come into play if they are apprehended. But that is a separate issue from God reaching out to them to change their hearts and reveal Jesus to them.

And we are not under the Mosaic law. In speaking of a new covenant, he makes the first one obsolete. And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away. Heb. 8:13

Charles Page [11/30/2015 5:03 PM]
He is not referencing the Mosaic law but the customary interpretations of the leaders, that will be old and decay. The “ye have heard it said” will pass away and the “I say unto you” will remain.

Jon Sellers [11/30/2015 5:39 PM]
You might try rereading Hebrews 8.

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:47 PM]
one guy proposed to bomb all Muslim holy places – BTW Link Hudson NAR has been doing SLSW toward Mecca a long time now

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:54 PM]
When discussing NAR it means only one thing: Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare – SLSW from the link posted otherwise

Link Hudson [11/30/2015 5:56 PM]
They fast, pray, and rebuke, right? They don’t use rocket launchers.

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:57 PM]
ha – funny you say that; there was a video at one time in the 90s with Ulf Ekkman and other in full armor/gear shooting guns from an airborne chopper.

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 6:36 PM]
Hamtramck, MI: when the culture is not absorbed it creates a sub-culture

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 8:04 AM]
Don Clasen (My Eight Years With The Kansas City Prophets © March 2002) sees iHOP as NAR which could explain their postmil move Peter A Vandever talked about before

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 11:57 AM]
Took me while the find it again but EVERYONE should read this article here (apparently he also has a book called Winning the War Against Radical Islam)

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 1:39 PM]
At least Netanyahu IS AGAINST it Link Hudson

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