Can my 5 year old take Communion?

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John Walters |

My son is 5 and keeps asking to take part in communion. I have said no to this point in the view of him needing to know the importance of what he is doing. However he understands the faith. What do you guys think?

Ron Hamm [05/15/2015 2:04 PM]
Start him now. He will see it first as a great thing to be included. Teach as he grows. If we waited until ee knew how to swim before we get in the water,we might never learn to swim

Dennis D. Niles [05/15/2015 2:40 PM]
If he understands the Faith and a Christ follower…allow him to partake

Ron Hamm [05/15/2015 3:05 PM]
A child of that age cannot “eat and drink damnation” to his soul. He is under the age of accountability. Allow him and teach him as he grows

Timothy Carter [05/15/2015 5:24 PM]
Jesus said suffer children to come to me. I was taken of the Lord’s communion at that age and had received the Holy Spirit by the time I was 9. I started preaching at 13. Don’t discourage his desire. Fan that flame ?

John Walters [05/16/2015 8:08 AM]
Thanks alot guys. Timothy your a encouragement to be preaching at 13, my lad has led the prayers before at 5 and he was amazing. To here a child in front of a church pray is humbling

Kenneth Gentles [05/18/2015 12:50 PM]
This is an ordinance that the new breed of pastors made common. It is now for the whosoever will. Churches’ distinctiveness are submerging at a rapid rate. Cannot afford to excuse anyone, since by doing that someone may be embarrassed.
At least your son is not a drunkard etc.

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