Brian Zahnd is my former pastor


Brian Zahnd is my former pastor. My father grew up in King City, Missouri and Brian is from Savannah. I spend several years at Word of Life Church in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 11:39 AM]
I find myself in much agreement with many things Zandh says, but at the same time, in sharp disagreement. His treatment of the Old Testament these days is almost at a Marcionite level. I’m bothered by what he often has to say, in both good and bad ways. One should be careful when digesting his message these days.

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 11:42 AM]
I have a problem reading much of what he says…. almost like reading the Democrat platform with Jesus thrown on top.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 11:44 AM]
I see him saying on things that step on both parties toes

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 11:47 AM]
Well, Dr. Micheal Brown handed it to him on some of his crazy ideas.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 11:49 AM]
Yup. I agree. He’s completely abandoned any notion of a penal substitutionary theory of atonement, and has picked up the atonement theories of the late Rene Girad, and a scapegoat theory instead

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 11:51 AM]
Interestingly, 10 years ago, I helped him work on a Left Behind sermon that packed the church 5,000 strong for a week. Now, he runs around saying the whole thing is heresy. I sure hope that thousand that got saved didn’t think so.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 11:53 AM]
I’m curious, is the church governance there have him as CEO, or is he held accountable to a board of elders?

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 11:56 AM]
I have been gone since WOLC went off the deep end but it was basically, the decoans were “yes” men who did whatever BZ said. It is commonly believed that the building is in his name but I do not know for sure. At one time, he was part of ICBM (ORU’s network) but I don’t believe that is current.

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 11:57 AM]
When he started talking about catholic theologicans all the time, my family made the decision to go back to Mike Bickle’s church.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 11:57 AM]
I doubt it’s personally in his name. Such would be too much of a liability.

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 11:58 AM]
As I said, it is believed. I am not sure. I do know that he can not be removed. He can only resign. The whole man of God thing.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 11:58 AM]
How unfortunate

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:00 PM]
Last time I “talked” with him on FB, it was correcting some of his WW2 history about the atomic bombs. He has developed an anti-American position that is concerning.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 12:02 PM]
Well, I think some of those “anti American” statements are a much needed and healthy rebuke to the church these days. We tend to be so patriotic that we enter into a type of nationalistic idolatry

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:05 PM]
God never rebuked David for it. Jesus never said to hate the tribe your came from. Patriotism is at the core of the most important truth of the gospel: freedom.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 12:07 PM]
Sometimes patriotism becomes an idol. Israel’s patriotism lead it into idolatry and destruction. In Nazi Germany, it resulted in 2 wars and the death of 6 million Jews. Patriotism is a fine thing, but must be kept in balance.

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:09 PM]
God uses war to bring about his prophetic purposes. Many times, war is what opens the door for revival.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 12:11 PM]
Prophetic purposes sure. Revival? Can’t say I agree with that one

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:12 PM]
If you know church history, you would 🙂

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 12:13 PM]
Actually, I do. I strongly disagree with that statement because of it.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 12:14 PM]
Historical revivals have often pre dated national wars

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:15 PM]
Not sure what history you have read then. Even, America becoming a nation (Revolutionary war) was directly connected to the Great Awakening.

Jimmy Humphrey [12/13/2015 12:15 PM]
The first great awakening was well under way before the revolutionary war

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:16 PM]
The 1950’s was a glorious time for the Church because the war made us re-think how we see the great commission.

Peter A Vandever [12/13/2015 12:16 PM]
and there is a revival happening right now in Iraq.

WESLY RAJU [12/14/2015 9:26 PM]
My Dear Beloved Rev Brain, Man of God & Family in Christ
Greetings to you in the Sweet Holy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Soon Coming King, Amen.


. It gives me immense pleasure to write to you. I hope that you are doing fine..

There are 50 pastors under our supervision. For you are being one of the pillar of this ministry I am sharing this to you concerning our pastors. I am preparing and praying the Lord to give me spiritual strength and wisdom to lead the churches in this context. I need your co-operation and support in the Lord. Therefore I request you to kindly pray for all the 50 co-pastors, and congregations We are planning to conduct Crusades in Andhra Pradesh, April 26th to 29th 2016 through you for your schedule. It is our honor and blessing to conduct Crusades through you to enlighten and empower our pastors as well as the perishing souls. Please let me your prayerful thoughts as I am a child before the elders like your I will be very happy if you send a line of reply. I am looking after the ministry. For furtherence of service I need your help and assistence. I need your Leadership, Fellowship with you. My father Rev. Dr. John was hopeful of you that you would come again here and promote the Gospel Service. He rendered great pioneer service in Ministerial work for 53 years. Please kindly pray for us above this mater. Convey our heartful thanks to you and your Church, family members, and My family members send this prayerful greetings to you all.

I close this letter with our heartly love to and you prayers.

Yours in His ministry,
Pastor. Wesly

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