Bible Prophecy Update: Intergalactic Fantasies :: By Gary W. Ritter

Bible Prophecy Update: Intergalactic Fantasies :: By Gary W. Ritter

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Update: 9-16-22

Some number of you are no doubt aware of the Critically Thinking podcast with Drs. Sherri Tenpenny, Lee Merritt, etc., perhaps more so with their monthly feature of the 5 Docs. The doctors who participate in this have been on the frontlines against the COVID plandemic from the beginning. They’ve spoken out boldly, and several have been targeted by the medical establishment for not adhering to the official narrative. The information they’ve brought forth from their research, plus that from others who have connected with them to reveal the lies and the fraud of COVID and the “vaccines,” has been tremendous. The 5 Docs have different backgrounds and religious beliefs. Only two are outspoken Christians, and even in that, one has some New Agey thinking as part of her repertoire.

It’s this New Age stuff that is of concern with one of the other doctors in the group. Dr. Christiane Northrup is a very reputable doctor who deals with female issues; unfortunately, she is quite New Age in her worldview. If you’ve watched any number of the podcasts, you’ll know what I’m talking about. In the most recent 5 Docs episode on October 27, Dr. Northrup went deep into the deception that she’s embraced. She spent maybe ten minutes in the early part of the podcast speaking about an alien-UFO conference she had just attended.

Because what she said is actually pertinent to how the end-times deception will play out, I want to quickly rehash several points she made about aliens. In past Awaken Bible Prophecy Updates, I’ve presented much concerning the demonic spiritual aspects of the alien-UFO pretext that will be used by Antichrist after the Rapture. I’ve also shown how Satan interacts with the very powerful demonic princes in the heavenlies to consolidate his worldwide manipulation of the global rulers who operate all in sync against humanity.

Today, I’d like to expand on how, from a Biblical perspective, it is literally impossible for these alien theories to be valid; plus, I’ll touch on a couple of related themes.

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