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Benny Hinn was in the Intensive Care Unit this weekend. The healing evangelist suffered from shortness of breath and doctors admitted him to an Orange County, California hospital for treatment after returning exhausted from a weeklong crusade in Brazil. “This is a challenge, but I’m getting good reports,” Hinn, who turned 63 last December, said from his hospital bed in Southern California. “We don’t have all the answers … as we get older, our bodies need repair.”

Charles Page [03/24/2015 8:01 AM]
can’t he lay hands on his chest?

Asen Shudov [03/25/2015 7:23 AM]
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Paul Ray Mitchell [03/25/2015 8:54 AM]
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Lanny meier [03/25/2015 9:15 AM]
Sin caused our bodies to die and so that means eventually they will break down. Mr. Hinn will not live forever. God knows what’s best and what’s best for us. We don’t have the same perspective as God does. He looks at things through and eternal perspective and what’s best for us for eternity. How we see things is on a earthly perspective and how we want them. I’m sure Mr. Hinn and his team have prayed for himself and we have faith in healing. He may or may not be healed as countless others in his minister has, but healing doesn’t come from Mr. Hinn and his laying on of hands. Healing comes through Jesus and Jesus’ healing comes from the Spirit of God that will accomplish His perfect will. Our job is to trust Him, and trust in His unfailing word. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Faith as a mustard seed moves mountains but it may not be the mountain we think!

Tesfahun Hatia [03/25/2015 3:08 PM]
May God touch his minister and heal him. I wish Benny Hinn visited Ethiopia. Let’s all pray for him that may to God give him chance to visit more countries and finish his course before he goes home. May God heal him.

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  • Reply April 7, 2016

    Roger David

    If healing is in the atonement then he just needs to believe and he will be healed right?

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