Ben CARSON says denomination isnt important

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Joe Collins |


What say you?

He says denomination isnt whats important, however, when asked he aligned himself with a cult……..

If it wasnt for the fact that he is in a cult, He’d have my vote!

Timothy Carter [10/11/2015 9:55 PM]
Wow I liked him until this

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 12:41 AM]
Some people may be surprised one of these days when they judge a person by what is over the door and not what is in the heart of the man. God does not see denomination even though I am Church of God and love my church. The church is not what God looks at to determine whether I am going to heaven. He looks at the fact of whether I have repented of my sins and are following him and allowing his presence in my life and guiding my heart. God looks on the heart of men.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 12:43 AM]
And Ben Carson believes that Jesus is an angel that once was under the authority of Satan…… sooooo what we’re you saying?

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:24 AM]
Has he made that statement Joe. Have you heard him make that statement.

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:26 AM]
Do you know any seventh day adventist personally. I have a few that are friends. I have never heard them make that kind of statement. They have talked about Him as being the
Christ. the Messiah.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:28 AM]
Yes I do. Most don’t know it as they don’t teach it from behind the pulpit anymore as they realized it made them lose members. However, it’s in all their doctrine books and to be in “their ministry”, You must not only know this but believe it as well.

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:31 AM]
here is a direct quote from Ben Carson from a speech in 1997:

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:32 AM]
When I was asked to deliver the keynote address at the 1997 Presidential Prayer Breakfast, I contemplated the question, “Are we a Judeo-Christian nation or not?” I spoke about integrity, particularly in public office. I finished the speech with my philosophy for success in life, which includes strong faith in God and my Savior Jesus Christ. Out of the thousands of people at the breakfast, and millions of people who heard the address, I received only one negative response for using the name of Jesus. This tells me that the level of tolerance for religious differences is much greater than the politically correct crowd would have us believe.
Source: America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p. 43-44 , Jan 24, 2012 This is Ben Carsons quote.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:32 AM]
Stan, you apparently miss the point.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:34 AM]
Would you like to know why the SBC didn’t let him speak at the convention that he attented???

I’ll let you have three guesses and I’ll give you a hint, it had to do with the fact he was SDA and believes Jesus is Michael the arch Angel…….smh

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:36 AM]
NO my point is I am not his judge. Neither are you and unless you can read the heart of man then it is best not to try to decide what is in his heart. The word of God tells us from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I have yet to see any vile in his mouth from what he has said.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:37 AM]
Also I can give u simular quotes by several Mormons who, we as already know, serve a fake and not biblical Jesus……

Someone’s doctrine says more about them then a quote at a random breakfast.

There is a reason That people including myself, dedicate our lives to studying and knowing theology, even theology that is incorrect; like what the SDA teaches.

Robert Cox

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:39 AM]
Well there are different views of why but the one which I heard the most is that the younger ministers in the SBC were afraid of showing partisanship.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:41 AM]
The road to hell is paved with good intentions Stan.

Also the bible calls and commands Christians to judge each other. Wow…smh, do you read the bible?

The bible uses such terms as” iron sharpening iron” And “judging by their fruits”, heck Paul judged a man in another town/country thru a letter And had him kicked out of the church…..

Your lack of info is very surprising to say the least.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:42 AM]
Here are several memes with several bible verses that shows that God commands us to judge…. :

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:42 AM]
Yes sir I do know the word. NO I am not a theologian but I hold fast to the principles of the word and I rightly divide the word and do not take out a part here and a part there to back my ideas.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:43 AM]

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:43 AM]

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:43 AM]

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:43 AM]

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:44 AM]
And here is a meme with wisdom and logic in it:

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:44 AM]

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:47 AM]
Paul gave us the best logic when it comes to the word of God. He told timothy to study to show himself approved of God rightly dividing the word of truth. I am not here to argue but to speak the truth. Jesus did not argue with others He just spoke the word and left it at that.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:51 AM]
Apparently you haven’t read the four gospels yet where Jesus took on open debate with the religious leaders of the day in front of the multitudes.

Stanley L. Cornett [10/12/2015 2:52 AM]
You can know the word backwards and forwards but unless that word is a part of who you are it is just a bunch of babbling that people will not hear. That was the difference in the disciples of Christ and the Religious crowd of the day. The word was a part of them not just something they knew. Paul Himself said that he put away everything but the preaching of Christ and Him crucified. You know if we would get back to preaching the cross and Christ crucifixition and resurrection and tell people how to get saved and stay saved then our nation would not be in the trouble that we are in.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 2:52 AM]
And so far you haven’t spoken truth yet. You gave a quote from Ben Carson and then said because of his quote he is Christian.

Yet from the very group of people he aligns himself with and the “doctrine” he believes tells us otherwise.

Why are you not worried and praying for his lost soul? Instead you dismiss his claims of doctrine and beliefs and claim him Christian because that’s what he wants to pretend he is and because he matches your political party….

This worries me about you.

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 3:38 AM]
Wow, he childishly deleted all of his posts.

Bible does say that men ars lovers of the dark…..

Rach Love [10/12/2015 3:42 AM]
well luckly i was able to read the entire conversation. I cant believe how he kept on attacking you and your character. But no need to worry as God knows what happened. He may have been able to delete what he wrote in here, but he cant delete it from God.

Link Hudson [10/12/2015 5:05 AM]
I hear there more ‘liberal’ and more ‘conservative’ SDAs, and that the ‘liberals’ ae more like evangelicals, and the more ‘conservative’ ones treat Ellen G White’s writings just about like they treat te Bible.

Stan Wayne [10/12/2015 9:33 AM]
Evangelicals no longer treat SDA as a cult – even Walter Martin put in separate category

Timothy Carter [10/12/2015 10:08 AM]
Regardless of how many evangelicals so-called prophets or self-proclaimed apostles want to accept people who reject the authority of Christ we have a responsibility to proclaim the truth of the gospel . Jesus said ” New Living Translation
He replied, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and saying, ‘The time has come!’ But don’t believe them.” Luke 21:8.

Stan Wayne [10/12/2015 11:50 AM]
Good grief – talk to an SDA neighbor – I think Link above is correct

Joe Collins [10/12/2015 1:44 PM]
Wow, now this stan guy is emailing me and throwing insults in it and belittling me in it and then blocked me……wow What little class he has.

Stan Wayne [10/12/2015 1:54 PM]
Not this Stan – not sure how many stans you have

Link Hudson [10/12/2015 2:15 PM]
SDA doctrine does teach that Michael the archangel was actually Jesus, but they also believe in trinitarian doctrine. It’s a strange belief of Miller, the formerly Baptist preacher of the adventist movement before the 7th day group arose, the guy who set the dates.

Carson is not my top pick, partly because he’s SDA. But when it came down to the final two, how many of you voted for a Mormon last time? Wouldn’t you rather have an SDA than a Mormon, all things being equal?

Carson also isn’t my top pick because he’s kind of boring to listen to, just the way he talks, IMO. While some people want total outsiders, I’d prefer someone who had some experience as governor or in the senate. I don’t see how separating babies, as cool as that is, prepares on to be president. I’d prefer Huckabee, though he’s not getting the poll numbers right now. I wouldn’t mind a president Cruz, though personality wise he seems a bit more stiff and seems to have a harder edge than Huckabee.

I do appreciate that Carson doesn’t believe in killing babies. That should be table stakes for having any kind of chance at nomination in either party. So should having fear of the Lord. It seems to me that these other candidates have what Carson brings to the table in terms of values with something else…. experience. And they aren’t SDA.

Cruz is a Baptist and sounded possibly even cessationist when someone on Facbook asked if he had a word from God for the election and the Fox commenators passed the question to him. Apparently, his preacher dad, who is his hero, may be some kind of Charismatic or Continuationist. I read that he was involved with the NAR.

Btw, I did a little reading online of some early Pentecostals, Dougherty, I think, may have been one family, who knew of or attended churches in Maine where people spoke in tongues and exercised other gifts since the 1870’s. These folks were called ‘gift people’ or ‘gift adventists.’ Does anyone know if they were a part of the larger adventist movement that the 7th day group grew out of?

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