Behind the Scenes of 2020

Behind the Scenes of 2020
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Bill Cloud and I just finished taping part 1 of the new Manna-Fest series!


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    Varnel Watson


    Reminder for all of us! ~ Chris G Bennett
    Revival of FIRE
    There’s a great deal of prophetic activity at the moment. What is put out is for a separate audience each time. Not all words are for all people but for a targeted group! Each group knows the one to read and the one to pass. It’s like preparing different teams for different tasks, but everything aimed at getting the whole army to the right place at the right time – Gods time.
    But here’s a WORD OF WARNING for everyone – don’t read further if you only want to read happy clappy Prophecy. This is a very sobering word of warning to the remnant church.
    The coming move of God’s Holy Spirit is going to be one of FIRE! I don’t mean just Holy Spirit fire, but also demonic fire and persecution. It has been said that this will be like no other revival before it. It won’t be !!! It will be full of Holy Spirit of course, but it will cause great disturbance, hatred, and persecution, and it’s that kind of fire that I’m warning about.
    Don’t think this coming revival will be all hunky dory, ALL sweetness and light – thousands of salvations, miracle healing, and so on. No! They will be there in abundance, but the enemy is also preparing for this revival. He will want reparation for every soul he loses! He will attack, persecute, even kill to avenge every soul snatched from his grasp. Does not scripture say, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 – he will be seeking the unwary, the unprepared, the unprotected, and he will destroy them through persecution, prosecution, hatred, and bigotry. [That’s how the enemy works, to steal, kill and destroy, using lies and deception and accusation that lead to “persecution, prosecution, hatred, and bigotry.” ~Ray] Even parts of the corporate church will, sadly, turn upon those who facilitate revival in any form.
    On the other hand, IF those who would espouse revival will repent, turn to God, pray and prepare, THEN the Lord in His great mercy will protect and fill them so full of His Presence and Spirit that the overflow alone will bring the revival we so earnestly seek.
    Brexit, or as someone I know wonderfully put it “Brexodus,” will happen. Trump will turn the American people back from disaster – he will ‘drain the swamp’. And REVIVAL SHALL SWEEP MILLIONS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD INTO GOD’S KINGDOM.
    There’s just a heavy price to pay – that’s all !!!

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    Varnel Watson

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