Battling Witchcraft & The Occult By Win Worley Breaking the Powers of Witchcraft

Battling Witchcraft & The Occult By Win Worley Breaking the Powers of Witchcraft

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Battling Witchcraft & The Occult By Win Worley
Breaking the Powers of Witchcraft

All of the occult sciences are extremely complicated, There
are some which seem very innocent like Rosicrucians and
theosophy, and then down the scale ending with black
magic, Satanism and other things openly and absolutely
destructive in nature. Accumulated books on the occult may
cause an oppressive atmosphere in a home by just being
present. Actually what we need to know about this life and
the life to come is all contained in the Word of God. There is
more in the Bible about the occult than we realize, although
it just takes a bit of study and effort to dig out these things.
Both Old and New Testaments reveal God’s mind about the
Witchcraft and sorcery represent magic in its worst form.
Not only are they destructive and corruptive, but they do
much damage wherever they are found. We need to be
aware that the Bible says, ”Thou shalt not suffer a witch to
live” (Exodus 22:18). Divine judgment and wrath are
poured out upon anyone delving in the occult “sciences.”
“Ye shall not eat anything with the blood; neither shall ye
use enchantments, nor observe times. Regard not them that
have familiar spirits, nor seek after wizards to be defiled by
them: I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 19:26, 31). We
are not in any way to practice enchantments, soothsaying or
witchcraft because all are abominable in God’s sight. He
detests and abhors such practices. We become defiled,
corrupted and are spiritually contaminated by becoming
involved with these things so deadly in the sight of the Lord.
”And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits
and after wizards; and to go awhoring after him, I will even
set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from
among his people” (Leviticus 20:6). The practice of
spiritual prostitution or whoring, depraves and corrupts us.
We must be very careful that we ourselves and those under
our spiritual authority avoid engaging in any of these
practices which are so widely accepted today!
“A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a
wizard, shall surely be put to death; they shall stone them
with stones; their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus
10:27). This is God’s death sentence (physical and spiritual)
pronounced upon anyone engaging in occult activities. This
deadly warning must be sounded to have no relationship
with evil, especially consorting with Satan through the
The most complete Biblical list of occult practices is found in
Deuteronomy 18:9-14. It is helpful to check all these
various categories with a good dictionary and concordance
to determine the exact meaning of each word because this is
an extremely serious matter.
The powers operating in the occult realm are very real and
far greater and stronger than most people realize. In II
Chronicles 33:6 is the story of wicked King Manasseh:
“And he caused the children to pass through the fire in the
valley of the sons of Hinnon: also he observed times and
used enchantments, and used witchcraft and dealt with a
familiar spirit, and with wizards: he wrought much evil in
the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger.”
It cannot be stressed too strongly that any involvement in
witchcraft provokes God’s anger and brings His wrath upon
you. Many, many families have suffered all kinds of moral,
physical, financial and spiritual problems because someone
engaged in an occult practice. Often this was done in
ignorance and the person involved was wholly unaware of
the dangers.
In Ezekiel 13:17-23 black magic is discussed: “Likewise
thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy
people, which prophesy out thou against them. And say,
Thus saith the Lord God, Woe to the women that sew pillows
to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every
stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people,
and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you? And will
ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and
for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die,
and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your
lying to my people that hear your lies? Wherefore thus saith
the Lord God: Behold I am against your pillows, wherewith
ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear
them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the
souls that ye hunt to make them fly. Your kerchiefs also will
tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even
the souls that ye hunt to make them fly. Your kerchiefs also
will I tear and deliver my people out of your hand, and they
shall be no more in your hand to be hunted; and ye shall
know that I am the Lord. Because with lies ye have made
the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad;
and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should
not return from his wicked way, by promising him life:
Therefore ye shall see no more vanity, nor divinations; for I
will deliver my people out of your hand; and ye shall know
that I am the Lord.”
The pillows (amulets) and kerchiefs mentioned were objects
used in connection with magical practices. Note that mention
of “hunting the souls of My people.” Most people mistakenly
assume that witchcraft cannot affect a Christian. They
foolishly believe that being born again automatically protects
against any kind of curse, spell or hex, etc., sent by people
practicing witchcraft. This Scripture indicates that we are a
favorite target of witchcraft which is hunting (catching or
snaring) our souls (mind, will, emotions). Through witchcraft
God’s people can be brought into bondage, thus becoming
captives, having their souls entrapped.
Norman Parish, a missionary in Guatemala, relates the story
of a recent raid on a witchcraft center by authorities in
Guatemala City. According to law witchcraft is prohibited,
but in practice there is a tolerance toward it and seldom are
witches hunted down and arrested. However, someone filed
a complaint precipitating the police move. According to the
official report, about one hundred empty jars were found in
the headquarters, each labeled with the name of some
Authorities were baffled but those familiar with witchcraft
knew that the witches had entrapped the souls of people
within those sealed jars. The purpose was to take control
over that person’s mind, will and emotions. With this
accomplished those people would be caused to become more
like puppets, easily managed. On some containers were the
names of public personalities, such as government officials.
Therefore police destroyed all this paraphernalia. This again
underscores the danger from witches who attempt to entrap
your soul or spirit. This they do in various ways.
Notice key words in this passage which show the effects of
this type of magic or witchcraft. “To slay” in verse 19
means not only to hunt and snare, but to slay the souls that
should not die. There was no reason why these people
should die, but through witchcraft they could be slain
prematurely. In witchcraft there is white magic which is
supposedly curative and black magic which is destructive.
God states flatly that people should not live when they go to
a witch to seek help to lengthen their life and be restored in
health through magical arts. In verse 22 the charge is that
“with lies you have made the heart of the righteous sad.”
Depression comes to the heart of the righteous through
magical practices. Other translations state that the hearts of
the righteous are discouraged or disheartened. Through
lying wonders they have discouraged and disheartened the
hearts of the righteous. The righteous are the targets and
this shows the effects of witchcraft in God’s people.
God also says in verse 19 that witchcraft will “Turn away
My people from Me.” How many ministers and other
Christians have backslidden because of heavy demonic
influence induced by witchcraft? Such terrible things can
happen to God’s people through witchcraft: they can be
saddened (depression) or they can be turned away
(backsliding). In spite of the plain teaching of the Word of
God there are people who insist that witchcraft can have no
effect on God’s people. They laugh and scoff as if it were
some kind of silly superstition.
Please notice that it is talking primarily about women in
Ezekiel 13. According to researchers at least three-fourths
of those practicing witchcraft are women. While this is no
reflection on the ladies, it does seem that the tendency to
deception in the spiritual realm snares many.
“Of these things put {them} in remembrance, charging
{them} before the Lord that they strive not about words to
no profit, {but} to the subverting of the hearers.” (I
Timothy 2:14). They become tools or pawns in the hands
of Satan with much more facility than does a man.
Here the condemnation was leveled against women who
pretended to be prophetesses when in reality they were
witches. This still is true in many charismatic groups today.
They control ministers and groups through “prophecy” and
“revelation,” both of which are demonic. This is plain, simple
witchcraft, just as it is described here in Scripture.
Remember the things which can happen to God’s people (to
the righteous) if they are unaware of the perils of witchcraft.
They can be brought into a state of oppression or
depression; unexplainable sadness, anguish, and heart
affliction when there is no reason for feeling downcast or
disheartened. Everything can be going for the believer,
healthy, prosperous and yet covered with a strange pall of
oppression, a dark cloud which settles in from nowhere.
It can come from witchcraft! Believers can become
ensnared, losing the power to make the right kind of
decision, becoming captive, bound in spirit. They can be
slain physically. Those who have experience in dealing with
witchcraft have seen many killed by occult power. This
power can also turn people away and cause backsliding.
Norman Parish gives this account: “I remember living in
Colombia, South America as a child when my dad went out
to search for a new field because Colombians to destroy the
evangelical churches. Many Christians were killed and many
churches were burned.”
“My father took the family so we could become personally
acquainted with Guatemala over the weekend. While there
we attended a church which was at that time the largest
church in the country. With about one thousand people in
Sunday school, it was a very prosperous church. The
minister was a very well-known pastor, a good preacher.”
“Within a year our family had settled in Guatemala. Only a
few months later this pastor had backslidden and his home
was broken up. His wife had left him and he began to smoke
and drink until he became a total wreck. He continued in this
condition for fifteen or sixteen years.”
“In the early days or the outpouring of the Spirit in
Guatemala some of his relatives came to the church and
were blessed with the baptism in the Holy Spirit; some were
healed; and some were delivered from evil spirits. They
made a plan to bring him to the church. They knew that if
they told him where they were going he wouldn’t go for he
had been reared in a fundamental church and attended a
fundamental Bible school. Even in his backslidden condition
he was prejudiced against anything called pentecostal or
charismatic. We discovered later they deceived him and
brought him to the church during the day. The pretended
they were going somewhere, came by the church and asked
him to come in with them. Once inside they told me to pray
for him.”
“When I began to talk to him and he discovered why he was
there he was furious and refused all prayer but agreed to
return later on his own. The relatives wanted to lock him up
in the church for two or three days. without food or water.
They thought that in this way they would be able to set him
“About a week later he returned and we began to pray. The
moment we began he fell on the floor, went into a trancelike state and evil spirits began to speak out through him.
One of the first was Luzbel (a Latin American name for
Lucifer). I commanded the spirit to reveal how he entered.
The answer was ‘through witchcraft.’”
“The story came out. This pastor had a deacon who fell into
adultery and he suspended him from his position and
authority in the church. This action was taken without
considering the church board, elders or deacons. Out of spite
the deacon’s wife went to another town, dominated by
witchcraft, and hired a witch doctor to cast an spell on the
“As the spell began to work on the pastor, he was
completely ignorant of what was happening. Within two
years the spell had created havoc in him and he became
very sick, a mental, emotional and physical wreck. That day
his deliverance began and today he is back in the ministry.
Without this he would have been destroyed.”
Can witchcraft have an effect on God’s people? The Bible
says it can if we give the ground by tolerating or permitting
something which becomes legal grounds on which Satan can
operate in our lives.
Numbers 23:21-23 describes when and how witchcraft will
not affect God’s people. There was no enchantment or
divination which could harm Israel because God perceived
no iniquity or perversity there. There was no sin which would
give Satan the legal right to attack Israel through witchcraft.
As a result Balaam was unable to curse Israel. Even had he
been able to do this the curse would have been ineffective.
The nation at that time was living in obedience to God.
Deviation from the right path brings serious danger, for it is
not necessary to commit fornication or murder in order to
become open to demonic activity. Some of the common
failings in evangelical and charismatic circles today are
rebellion, stubbornness, obstinacy. This explains why most
professing Christians are under demonic attack.
Few have researched the effects of rebellion and yet most
are rebels at heart. Although there is much talk of
submission to God and Jesus there remains a stubborn
refusal to submit to those who are in spiritual authority. The
first two chapters of Romans discuss the results of defying
and resisting authority.
Rebellion is so common in those who claim to be spirit filled
that it is one of the chief causes of demonic activity.
Witchcraft can and does definitely affect those living in
rebellion. Contrary to what multitudes believe, there is no
automatic protection for Christians. It is true that the angel
of the Lord camps about those who fear Him but this
protection is conditional. When one fears, obeys, serves and
honors God, there is covering. However, toleration of any
kind of sin in the life, including rebellion, brings serious peril.
For example, there seems to be a definite correlation
between severe menstrual cramps and rebellion in women.
In Ezekiel 13 God says: “Your kerchiefs also will tear; and
deliver my people out of your hand.” In verse 23: “And I
will deliver my people out of your hand.” God wants His
people freed from any spell, curse or hex which has been set
on them through practitioners of the occult arts.
Other passages about witchcraft and divination are in Micah
5:12. God’s attitude towards witchcraft is clearly reflected
here. It is prohibited, considered abominable and damnable
in His eyes. “And I will cut off witchcraft out of thine hand;
and thou shalt have no more soothsayers.”
In Nahum 3:4: “Because of the multitude of the
whoredoms of the well favored harlot, the mistress of
witchcraft, that selleth nations through whoredoms and
families through her witchcraft.” These references to
Nineveh and the entire book of Nahum is pronouncing
judgment on the sin of Nineveh, which is witchcraft. This city
was the hotbed of occult arts. They specialized in witchcraft
and had developed it to a high degree. They were selling
nations through their whoredom and families through their
Not only can witchcraft affect individuals, but families,
churches, cities and nations. Do not regard it as some kind
of fanaticism or superstition for there is tremendous power
to affect and harm individuals or thousands of people
simultaneously. One translation puts it: “Bewitching or
enslaving people everywhere. She sold herself to God’s
enemies.” Actually when a person engages in witchcraft he
is literally selling his soul to the enemy, Satan. This
demonstrates the awesome power which can be wielded by
those who practice the occult sciences.
Acts 8 tells the story of Simon the sorcerer or magician. His
occult powers were so great that the entire city of Samaria
was under his control. From the least to the greatest, all
believed he was a true servant of God because he had
bewitched them with sorcery. Philip had a tremendous
deliverance ministry in Samaria because where witchcraft is
practiced or tolerated there will be widespread demonic
Individuals, families, cities and nations can be bewitched.
Churches can also be bewitched; “Oh foolish Galatians, who
hath bewitched you, That you should not obey the truth,
before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set
forth, crucified among you” (Galatians 3:1). Certain men
had invaded the church, coming under false pretenses,
appearing to be true servants of God. However, they used
witchcraft to turn the entire church away from truth into
false doctrines!
In Galatians 5, Paul states flatly that this persuasion was
not of Him who had called them. It was of Satan and
demonstrates his subtlety. By infiltration he perverted and
deceived the entire church into acceptance of false
teachings. We err when we underestimate the effect of
witchcraft for it certainly has powers that we ignore or
discount to our own hurt.
Norman Parish relates an incident in his church in
Guatemala City which happened several years ago. There
they had a daily deliverance ministry, with Wednesdays and
Saturdays especially dedicated to dealing with those with
demonic problems. Early one morning he arrived at the
church for a Bible class and found the church open. It was
early but no one was in the building. Checking, he found
certain things were missing. He noticed one of the curtains
from the stage was gone, as was the clock. The pulpit Bible
and offering box were also missing. Strangely enough the
valuable loud speaker system and musical instruments were
undisturbed. Only certain items with little monetary value
had been stolen.
From that day forward a heaviness hung over the church. In
a church accustomed to joyful worship, suddenly everyone
was listless and lost interest in singing. They would not lift
their hands in praise but stood like rows of mummies. It was
difficult to preach. The church had been trained to be
punctual (a miracle in Latin America) and services always
started at the time announced. People now began to drag in
late and would neither react nor respond to the message.
Offerings sank to an all-time low.
About a month or two after the break-in, Norman and the
elders fasted and prayed seeking to determine what had
happened. A word of knowledge was given that a witchcraft
“burial” had been made against the church and was located
across the street near a utility pole, They went out and
began to dig. Sure enough there was a package buried there
containing the stolen drape, clock, Bible and the offering
box. every article had a significance, The drape had to do
with worship; the clock with attendance; the bible with
ministry and preaching; the offering box had to do with
financial support.
While this pressure was on the church strange things
happened. Once they arrived and found black candles
burning in the church; another time a dead blackbird was at
the door of the church. The Lord revealed that fourteen
witch doctors had banded together to destroy the church
because it had undone so many curses and spells. They had
sent a man in to steal specific items symbolic of certain
things. At midnight on a Friday they cast a spell and buried
the items at the foot of a lamp post near the church.
It could be that many churches and charismatic groups have
been discouraged through use of witchcraft and no one
knows about it. However, when the gifts of the Spirit come
into full operation, it can be uncovered before it is too late.
It is conceivable that churches which were at one time
powerhouses for God but have split and dosed their doors
where destroyed by witchcraft. The Bible declares that cities,
individuals, churches and entire nations can be destroyed in
one way or another through witchcraft.
Norman Parish tells of another experience: “When the doors
of our Bible school opened in 1965, several students had
some very strange spiritual experiences having to do with
God’s angels, the spirits of God (Hebrews 1:7, 14). One
day when meeting for a time of prayer and worship, one of
the young men went into a trance. He was actually
transported in the spirit, an out-of-the-body experience, and
had a vision of the three eyes of Satan. He was taken (in the
spirit) to three locations in the world and shown how Satan
is operating in the world today. He described everything to
us while in the trancelike state, detailing what God was
showing him.”
“In the vision he was taken to the Kremlin in Moscow. Down
in the basement he was shown the true rulers of Russian
which are behind communism. They are not politicians, but
witch doctors, and he was shown how they operated.
Communism was born out of witchcraft and magic because
Lenin; Marx and the other founders of the system dealt in
the occult. This was not just another political and economic
system; but rather a system governed and directed by
witchcraft. Many seek to combat communism in the flesh,
through publications, broadcasts, etc. They demonstrate
that they do not understand the principles behind the
movement. This system is one of Satan’s masterpieces to do
exactly what Nahum says: ‘enslave entire nations.’
“One of the things indicated in that vision was these evil
men had developed witchcraft to such a degree that they
were able to transfer spirits. This meant they could extract a
man’s human spirit and inject a demonic spirit to live that
man’s life in his body. This would explain the condition of
men like Kruschev, or Brezhnev and others who are mere
puppets in the hands of these high priests of witchcraft.”
“It was revealed also that this was what happened to Fidel
Castro. When he spent time in Russia he was taken to the
basement of the Kremlin and put through this spiritual
operation so that Fidel Castro became the body of a man
who has the spirit of a demon. Those who knew Castro well
state that upon his return from Russia; Fidel was an entirely
different man. When communism took over Cuba, Castro
even had his own mother killed because she was an
evangelical Christian, opposed to communism.”
“The young man in the trance was next taken to the Vatican
in Rome and in the basement he was shown black witchcraft
being practiced there, the real power behind the Roman
Catholic hierarchy and system. ‘The dragon gave him his
power and his seat and great authority’ (Revelation 13:2).
We need not fear Satan but we do have to recognize that he
has great power and authority and gives that to whom he
“The third eye of Satan was located in Brazil, in a city which
is a hotbed of spiritualism. While this brother was out in the
spirit, God permitted certain rulers of these cults and
religions to come into his body and manifest through him so
we could become personally acquainted with them. There
was a demon from Brazil who identified himself as
Macumba, a spirit who had controlled a witch doctor back in
the 13th and 14th centuries. This man had completely
enslaved and destroyed his people.”
After turning himself over to evil by making a covenant or
compact with the devil, he became the embodiment of Satan
controlled by one of the main spirit rulers. This is why Brazil
is a nation highly controlled by and given over to the occult”
(Other scriptures: Galatians 5:20, Isaiah 47, Revelation
9:21; 18:23; 21:8; 22:16).
Witch doctors, magicians and sorcerers all receive Satanic
power, not for edification but for destruction. In Revelation
there is a vision of a demonic Invasion. Not all the demons
are loose today. There is a place called the abyss, the
bottomless pit, and there lurk demons who are much more
tricky and powerful than the ones we know. They are waiting
for the opportunity to come and do what they can to destroy
on the earth.
“He opened the bottomless pit and there arose a smoke out
of the pit and there came out of the smoke locusts (figures
of demons) and unto them was given power” (Revelation
9:2, 3). Satan, their ruler, gave these demons or locusts
power and this power can be transferred from a demon to a
man. When a man surrenders himself to these demons, the
demons take over and begin to use him. They will manifest
through him the power which has been given to them.
The power given to these locusts was:
(verses 15, 17,18) “For to slay the third part of men … By
these three the third part of men were killed by the fire and
the smoke and by the brimstone which issued out of their
(verse 19) “For the power is in their mouth and in their
(verse 5) ”And to them it was given that they should not
kill but that they should be tormented.”
In Revelation 6 Satan has the power to take away peace.
The reason there are so many problems, nervous
breakdowns and so much restlessness is that people have
lost their tranquility. When a person is hooked on any kind
of heavy sedative or sleeping pill, deliverance is needed. All
the pills do is to deaden the nerves to stop reaction to the
pressuring demons.
There is no nation in the world today as drug conscious as
the United States. Hundreds of Christians, many spirit-filled,
are gobbling pills by the pound. All they have accomplished
is to cover up the operation of demons in their lives.
Demonic torment should be recognized and discerned for
what it is in order to begin to attack them successfully.
To take an excessive amount of drugs is to cooperate with
the devil so he can destroy us sooner. These chemicals can
weaken, poison and intoxicate. We need to pray about such
dependence on these chemical agents.
Norman Parish states: “In 1962, when my wife and I
received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, we threw away all
our medicines. For these eighteen years we haven’t had a
pill in our house, not even aspirin, and we have never
enjoyed better health. At one time we took minerals and
vitamins but found that even this was unnecessary. If we
ate and slept well we stayed in good health.”
“I was an asthmatic from the age of ten or eleven years. For
years I wouldn’t dare go anywhere without proper covering
and medication, and always carried my pills in my pocket. In
those days the snow would have killed me. Now I am able to
go out with no special precautions. Snow and dust were my
enemies; out several years ago the Lord healed me. We
were so bound by medicine that a demon told me one day
that they just feed on medicine; they love it and lap it up.”
Christians have something far superior to medication.
Dependence on drugs to sustain or restore health is certainly
second best. In fact you could be turning your back on God’s
chosen means for healing and health, and coming under the
sway of something which could be very dangerous and even
poison to you.”
Isaiah 47:9-15 shows God’s attitude toward the occult and
the dangers which face human beings who traffic in any of
these evil arts and sciences. When entrapped by them and
judgment comes there is none to help except God.
Many, many people who are under a curse or a spell have
gone to a practitioner of the occult sciences and instead of
being helped they got worse. A witch doctor cannot cast out
a demon. They can it exorcism, but what they say is, “My
dear brother, my little brother, do this or that,” but they can
never cast them out. All they can do is transfer them.
For example, if someone with a heart condition due to
witchcraft goes to one of these magicians or witch doctors
for healing, all that practitioner of the occult will do is move
the demons to another organ in the body. When the demon
moves from the heart into the liver it will begin to function
normally. The person will then believe he is healed but what
has actually happened is a transference of spirits to another
organ in the body. Next the liver or kidney will begin to
Another thing they can do is to send a stronger demon into
the body which subdues the weaker one. However, the
bigger spirit wm then create madness, epilepsy or
something else worse than what was originally wrong. Still
another technique used by evil spirits is to transfer the
demon from parent to the child. When the evil spirit leaves
the father or mother and enters their child it is still in the
family and the victim wm begin to have the same symptoms
that the father or mother had before the transfer.
In other words, occult practitioners cannot cast demons out,
nor can they send the demons away permanently; all they
can do is to transfer them to, mother organ or another
member of the family. The Bible clearly states that you can
go to your occult practitioners but none of them will be able
to help you when judgment comes because you have dealt
in these things. The only thing drugs can do is quiet down
nerves or symptoms but when a condition is caused by an
evil spirit no amount of drugs will heal you.
Demons will not come out with pills, X-ray treatments or
surgery. Spirits of infirmity cause incurable diseases such as
heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, etc. which
doctors can only control, but cannot cure. These spirits must
be cast out by the power of God for any lasting relief. Is it
any wonder the devil is so upset with the deliverance
ministry or why he combats it so viciously? Demons get a
great deal of mileage from the suffering, inconvenience,
expense, tension, misery and grief induced by desperate
resorts to medication, surgery, etc., in a vain effort to effect
The Bible says that the Lord frustrates the tokens or the
signs of liars (those who practice the occult) and drives the
diviners mad (Isaiah 44:25). Norman Parish reports he has
seen this literally come to pass in Guatemala where witch
doctors were driven into madness and sometimes even killed
through deliverance. The workers did not purposely kill them
but the Bible says you reap what you sow, and when spells,
curses, etc., are destroyed and reversed often vengeful and
murderous spirits return and attack those who sent them
forth. We have power as believers, not only to stop the
works of darkness but to cause them to go back to the
source and destroy those aligned with the powers of
“As he loved cursing so let it come unto him; as he
delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him. As he
clothed himself with cursing like as with his garment, so let
it come into his bowels like water and like oil into his bones”
(Psalm 109:17, 18).i
Reincarnation and Demon Spirits
Often people remark that they feel they have been on earth
before or that their spirit has been around for a long time.
This feeling is sometimes reinforced by feelings of “deja vu”
when encountering a situation. It is as if the incident has
been previously experienced but when or where cannot be
remembered. It can be felt upon entering a house or finding
the scene is strangely familiar that has never been seen
Witches do not believe in hell or in Satan but that when they
die they will experience reincarnation into another body.
Scripture states: “Now when the unclean spirit goes out
from a man, it passes through waterless places … then it
says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’”
(Matthew 12:43-44; Luke 11:24-26).
Through deliverance work it becomes obvious that unclean
spirits can and do inhabit human bodies but are not a part of
the person. They merely use mortal bodies as their
“houses.” It is also dear that spirits can be picked up in
hospitals if persons are susceptible and open to attack. Evil
spirits leaving a dying person linger in the place looking for a
new “house.” Weak and unprotected persons in trauma or
drugged will become their victims and provide them an
opportunity to enter.
Spirits may also travel through bloodlines, especially the
occult spirits who originally entered due to a family
member’s dabbling with forbidden practices. God places a
curse on families for three and four generations because of
this original involvement with the occult (Exodus 10:5).
Those spirits will then entice someone in each succeeding
generation into occult activities, thus remaining active in
families for many generations. Some of these occult spirits
may be limited in their search for a new house (at the death
of the victim) to those members of the family in whom they
were originally housed. Their “familiar” or “family” spirits are
perpetuated by such succession.
The feeling of having “been here before” or having ”been
around for a long time” can easily be the result of evil spirits
who live in a person’s body. The demons have indeed been
around for a long time in the bodies of others in the family.
The fact that witches “know” they will be reincarnated is
probably the projection of ancestral demonic entities living
They would easily recall the happenings in previous
generations. Unless they are renounced and curses broken,
these spirits “will pass on to the victim’s children and/or
other family members where there is an open door
Experimenting with occult practices is a good way to open
an entire family to attack.
People speak of the spirits of dead loved ones returning to
talk with members of the family. For example a woman
(whose young son died an apparent suicide victim) claims
that his spirit is now visiting and communicating with his
grandmother. The grandmother claims “he” brings her
information and comfort by his “presence.” In reality demon
spirits who inhabited and probably caused the death of the
boy are arranging the cruel hoax and impersonation. They
can and do supply enough personal data on the deceased to
convince the living that it is indeed a visitation by the
In one congregation a pastor stated that perhaps the
untimely death of members of the body was in order that
they could communicate information back from behind the
“veil.” This is in fact encouraging the practice of necromancy
(calling up the dead), forbidden by Scripture
(Deuteronomy 18:11). Those who attempt to do this will
be wide open to demonic attack and occupation!
During séances, people who seek to communicate with loved
ones are often startled to hear familiar voices supplying
details about dead ones’ lives which no one else present
could know. In addition to impersonating the voice of the
dead they may well be the voices of the unclean spirits who
actually lived within the person during his lifetime.
After wandering in dry places (Job 30:3-8) and being
-called forth to return by the séance, they are in position to
reenter the family. The opening is provided by seeking
information from the. demonic realm for them to gain a new
“house.” This might also explain why, after a time, these
spirits can no longer be summoned in séances; they have
entered a new victim and are no longer homeless.
Evil spirits cannot enter people as easily as some believe. If
they could, in every situation where demons were present
there would be no protection and all would be subject to
them. There must be legal grounds or legal holds to open a
person to attack. A great many come in through family
background, curses and inheritance. Even habitual sin
enabling a demon to enter is aided by inherited family
weaknesses and inclinations. Perhaps when habitual sin does
allow the entrance of a demon, it may be easier to dislodge
than the same demon in a person who has inherited
openings in his family line.ii
Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons is assumed by many parents,
educators and even some pastors to be a harmless exercise
in imaginary conflict. In reality it is an occult base for filling
the young with myriads of evil spirits. The “game” has its
roots in fantasy, torture, witchcraft and warfare.
Those who play it, relate that its hypnotic pun becomes an
obsession that crowds into every aspect of their life. Said
one former player, “I would think about it constantly. When
I went to bed I would have dreams about it, all I wanted to
do was to get back in the game, start killing and get the
The heavy occult influence is seen throughout Dungeons and
Dragons. Clairvoyance, telepathy, curses, spells, soul travel,
false tongues and healings, reincarnation, the raising of
demons and all sorts of other magical weapons, potions and
incantations are the basis of the game.
The Satanic influence is plain in the sacrifice of animals and
humans. One book in the Dungeon & Dragon series shows a
naked woman upon an altar. Of course, the Word of God
strictly forbids all of the above activities, placing a curse for
four generations on all those who take part in them.
Besides the evil occult powers this game unleashes, it also is
the proponent of grotesque and perverted uses of violence.
Whether hacking your opponent to pieces with a magical
sword or simply blowing apart his skull with a ray gun, the
participants are urged on by their dungeon master (a sort of
referee who knows the game well) to do so with the fiercest
expressions of hatred and wrath. Some players act out these
killings and maimings with blood-curling screams. This
violence is sometimes related to drunkenness, which is
encouraged, so as to gain “experience points.”
Fantasy games in themselves are known to produce severe
psychological problems in the players. The tragic story of
James Egbert is testimony to this problem. In 1979, he
disappeared near Michigan State University while thought to
be playing a realistic form of Dungeons and Dragons. He
turned up later, but his disappearance was never fully
explained. Later Egbert committed suicide, which many
believed was caused by the reality-bending qualities of the
game. Depression and psychic shock sometimes result when
a character, whose role has been assumed by a player, is
killed off.
As in so many other areas of occult infiltration, Christian
parents and leaders remain blissfully ignorant of Satan’s
devices. Some pastors are even playing the game, while
others suggest it as a fine activity for a Christian retreat.
Parents be warned, dabbling with Dungeons and Dragons is
as serious as contact with any other occult practice. Your
son or daughter is offering the hosts of hen a convenient
nesting area whenever they play this game. Occult spirits
along with spirits of suicide, death, fear, torture, obsession
and hundreds more have legal right to your person when
you participate in dungeons and Dragons.iii
Psychic Prayer Equals Witchcraft
Psychic prayer attempts to influence the Lord to cause
someone to move in a certain direction. Whether or not the
direction desired is God’s will for the person makes no
difference. Praying with wrong motivations to pressure
others to act, think or feel a certain way, constitutes psychic
prayer. Because this is a disguised form of witchcraft and
often Jezebellic manipulation, it is dangerous.
Soulish prayer enlists the human spirit attempting to
pressure the spirit and mind of the other person to come
around to the desired way of thinking. Attempting to play
God and force decisions on others is a form of manipulation
which can have hurtful effect, especially when the parties
are open to each other.
For example, a man may desire to gain the affections of a
young lady. Because he desires this so earnestly he is
convinced it must be God’s will for a close relationship.
Although he takes his request to the Lord, it is possible his
mind is already made up and “prayer” becomes more of a
pressing for confirmation than seeking God’s will.
Deceiving spirits can arrange circumstances to appear to be
the desired confirmation. He may even feel sure that he has
heard directly from the Lord with a revelation concerning the
matter. Encouraged, he prays that her eyes be opened to
receive the same “revelation” concerning him. Mentally he
has put a claim on her spirit and is attempting to place her
in a form of spiritual bondage to himself, even if she is
unaware of this.
Continuing to pray in this manner will bring the force of his
psychic prayers to bear to influence her, bypassing her will.
She may begin to question why she is thinking about the
man so much with no apparent reason, especially if thus far
she felt no particular drawing toward him. He, on the other
hand, noting the awakening of her interest, win believe
firmly his prayers are being answered by God and will step
up his efforts.
If there is a spirit of lust driving this process, this also can
be transmitted through the media off psychic prayers. The
female may begin to wonder why she feels a physical
drawing to one who previously held no such attraction. If
she is not a logical thinker, unable to discern what is going
on, she may be pressured into a relationship by the sheer
force of these psychic prayers.
Even if a woman is able to sit down and analyze the factors
leading to this, and decides she really does not want this
relationship, she is still sometimes overwhelmed by the
strong witchcraft spirits at work. When this happens she is
pressured into a relationship that win be a bondage for her.
When she does sidestep the relationship by refusing to
become involved, she may go through months of confused
feelings and psychic torment initiated by someone
performing charismatic witchcraft by projecting soulish
thoughts and prayers upon her.
Relationships created by psychic manipulation will be
marked by heaviness and intensity, rather than lightness
and joy. Witchcraft spirits operating always include lustful
desires to possess and dominate the other person. If the
lady is friendly and open to the man, there will be a transfer
of spirits and she will soon begin to feel as he does.
When a person begins to be driven to please a partner at the
cost of sacrificing, hiding or altering his own personality, the
relationship is based on bondage. When the real personality
does surface, there will be confusion about proper feelings
or actions which indicates a loss of freedom. It is possible for
people to go on for years in this fashion and in the process
actually lose their own identity by becoming submerged in
the personality of another.
God never purposed that we become carbon copies, puppets
or robots controlled by others. By so doing many have
surrendered their wills to another person rather than to the
A witch casts a love (lust) spell on a reluctant partner by
concentrating her psychic forces on the person, using
articles of clothing or photographs. Through the force of
psychic prayers a similar thing can be done. If the suitor has
something in his possession which belongs to the one he
wishes to influence, it is possible to unknowingly act as a
witch; holding onto these articles physically she is holding
the person spiritually.
When a relationship has been broken off, it is best to
dispose of all articles and possessions belonging to the other
person. This is to prevent these objects from being channels
of psychic attack. Exactly how this works is not completely
understood, but many times it has happened and harmful
soul ties are often involved. Rings seem to be particularly
dangerous in this connection.
Another example of psychic prayer occurs when groups of
people gather for prayer to make “intercession” for a person
whom they, knowingly or unknowingly, are trying to force
into a course of action they approve. This could include
prayer for a pastor that he lead the church in a certain way,
take certain actions, or the his “eyes be opened” concerning
his “deception.”
Any prayers which attempt to second-guess God’s will about
something is like walking a spiritual tightrope. We must
learn to pray directed by the Holy Spirit lest we fall into the
realm of witchcraft. We need to know the Scripture about
Spiritual warfare prayers are to be directed against the
powers of darkness rather than toward a person. This form
of prayer may indeed be the most pure, undefiled by our
own carnal desires. To successfully war in the spirit, there
must be discernment as to who and where the enemy is in
order to collapse satanic strongholds which bind people.
With such discernment and guidance much can be
When the Lord Jesus taught the disciples to pray the model
prayer there is no mention of trying to influence other
people in any way. We should take this model and not allow
our prayers to become soulish and degenerate into the
realm of witchcraft and psychic powers.iv
Transcendental Meditation
In the 1960’s, transcendental meditation swept colleges and
universities. There are chapters in over 1,000 American
schools and Time Magazine even featured a cover story on
the craze.
Founded by Indian Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Maharishi
International University in Iowa, the movement claims to be
signing up 30,000 persons per month. It is estimated that as
high as 600,000 devotees are pursuing transcendental
There has been much pressure by adherents to get state
legislatures to pass resolutions favoring introduction of TM
into school curriculums. Federal money grants have been
used to train TM instructors.
Basically TM is Hindu philosophy presented in scientific
sounding language. The Beatles brought the focus of
attention on Maharishi in 1968. The Maharishi studied 13
years under the Guru Dev seeking enlightenment. He
revived a lost meditation technique from the ancient Hindu
sacred writings called the Vedas and took a Sanskrit name
which means “Great Seer.” He refers to himself as a monk.
Initiates to TM are brought into a room lit by candles and
filled with incense where they kneel before a picture of Guru
Dev, the dead master. His teacher presents offerings of
flowers, fruit and a white handkerchief with songs of praise
to the departed masters (who are said to be deities).
At this point the follower is given a personal mantra–a
meaningless sound which must not be divulged. They are to
focus on the mantra thirty minutes twice per day in order to
let their mind “float.” Actually this is yogi’s means of
securing “union with God.”
Tests reveal that TM is a technique which lowers blood
pressure and reduces consumption of oxygen. Alpha brain
waves are also denser and these things produce drugless
The founder and other defendants of TM insist it is not a
religion, but a lifestyle, in spite of the obvious Hindu
religious roots. The Maharishi has stated flatly that he does
not believe that Christ suffered or could suffer. Material
promoting TM states, “Meditation shows you how to receive
predictions. Everything you will ever do will appear before
your psychic gaze like pictures projected on a screen …. If
you’d like another person to perform a certain action, you’ll
welcome the meditation for mental commands. This type of
meditation can be said anytime and it does not matter If the
person is thousands of miles away.”
Some have rightly pointed out that because TM teaches
reincarnation and a system of self-salvation it constitutes a
religion. The Maharishi stated that “Transcendental
Meditation is a path to God.” He also says of the mantra: “a
very good form of prayer to this meditation which leads us
to the field of the creator, to the source of Creation.” This
makes it a false religion. v
Marks of Cultism
Because of the prevalence of religious cults which have
destroyed thousands, perhaps the identifying characteristics
of them should be repeated, All cultic systems have one or
more of the following:
1. Deceptive Christology
2. Extra biblical revelations
3. Translocal totalitarian authority in leadership
4. Babylonian pyramiding control of the followers
5. Semi-secret sessions for teaching followers
6. Exclusivism or croneyism
7. Semantic juggling or a text out of context used to “prove”
false doctrines and concepts
8. Punishment and reward motivation or control of behavior
and attitudes through ruthless use of fear
9. Denunciation of others, particularly of those who question
or deny the cults
10. Separation and isolation of followers from their families
and friends and the formation of communal living cells to
facilitate centralized control and enforce obedience
The more of these practices which are in evidence, the more
cultic and demonic the organization is. (For more
information see Conquering the Hosts of Hell, page 47.)vi
The Star of David’s Cabalistic Connection
A hexagram is a six-pointed star formed by two crossed
triangles; it is a symbol that appears on synagogues,
tombstones, the flag of Israel and some medieval
cathedrals. The symbol originated in antiquity when, side by
side with the pentagram (five pointed star) it served as a
magical sign. It was not until the middle ages that this sign
became identified with Judaism.
There is no basis, in the Bible or history, to associate this
sign with King David. The term “shield of David” developed
among medieval occultists who attached magical powers to
the hexagram. The Cabala, the occultist’s magic book,
popularized the use of the so-caned “Star of David” as a
protection against evil spirits.
Today, many well-meaning believers are wearing this
accursed object around their necks. The Bible warns not to
bring such objects into your house (Joshua, chapter 7).
A deliverance meeting at Hegewisch was invaded by two
witches. During the message, they walked to the front of the
church, turned toward the congregation and began
pronouncing curses upon all present. Although rebuked from
the platform they continued to hold their ground. A wave of
prayer rolled from the believers as several men moved in to
physically remove them. The witches stiffened, stubbornly
resisting removal with much more than natural power. The
confrontation was a standoff till one of the believers was
alerted to the star of David worn around the warlock’s neck.
He jerked it from him and the satanic power was broken and
drained from the warlock, causing him to slump to the floor
in a heap.vii
Warning Against Contact With the Occult
According to the Scriptures, the sins of the fathers are
visited upon the third and fourth generations of those who·
disobey God (Exodus 20:5). When the law was given, it
was specifically connected with the commandment
prohibiting the construction and worship of graven images
which constitute the worship of demons. For those who
disregard this stark warning and make contact with occult
spirits, there will be terrible and certain repercussions in the
form of sickness, misery, insanity, and sometimes an early
There are many ways in which the occult spirits are given
ground through various contacts. They can cause marital
upheaval and other problems of all kinds. Unless the curse is
broken it will continue to plague the family and its
descendants to the third and fourth generations. It
predisposes people to be psychically oriented and. sensitive;
and through psychic heredity, to pick up more curses and
spirits, thus extending the hereditary blight to many
Scriptures against the Occult
Exodus 7:11, 12; Exodus 22:19
Leviticus 19:26; 31
Zechariah 10:2
Acts 8:9; A.cts 16:16; Acts 19:19
I Samuel 28:6, 7
Isaiah 2:6; Isaiah 8:19
II Chronicles 10:13, 14
Jeremiah 27:9, 10
Galatians 5:20
II Timothy 3:8
Revelation 21:8; Revelation 22:15viii
Scriptures on the Occult
Witchcraft: Exodus 22:18; Deuteronomy 18:10; I Samuel
15:23; II Kings 9:22; II Chronicles 33:6; Micah 5:12;
Nahum 3:4; Galatians 5:20.
Astrology: Daniel 1:20; Daniel 2:2; Daniel 5:7; Daniel
5:11; Daniel 5:15; Isaiah 47:13; Deuteronomy 4:19.
Charming: Deuteronomy 18:11; Psalms 58:5; Isaiah 19:3;
Jeremiah 8:17.
Enchantments: Deuteronomy 18:10; Exodus 7:11;
Exodus 7:22; Exodus 8:7; Numbers 23:23; Numbers 24:1;
Leviticus 19:26; II Kings 17:17; II Kings 21:6; II Chronicles
33:6; Ecclesiastes 10:11; Isaiah 47:9; Isaiah 47:12;
Jeremiah 27:9.
Magicians: Genesis 41:8; Exodus 7:11, 22, Exodus 8:7,
19; Exodus 19:11; Daniel 1:20, Daniel 2:2, 10, 27; Daniel
4:7, 9; Daniel 5:11; Acts 19:19.
Necromancy: Deuteronomy 18:11.
Observing Times: Leviticus 19:26; Deuteronomy 18:10,
14; II Kings 21:6; II Chronicles 33:6.
Prognosticators: Isaiah 47:13.
Soothsaying: Daniel 2:27; Daniel 4:7; Daniel 5:7, 11;
Isaiah 2:6; Micah 5:12; Joshua 13:22; Acts 16:16.
Sorcery: (Pharmaika) Exodus 7:11; Isaiah 47:9, 12; Isaiah
57:3; Jeremiah 27:9; Daniel 2:2; Malachi 3:5; Acts 8:9, 11;
Acts 13:6, 8; Revelation 9:21; Revelation 18:23; Revelation
21:8, Revelation 22:15.
Witch/Wizards: Leviticus 19:31; Leviticus 20:6, 27;
Deuteronomy 18:11; I Samuel 28:3, 9; II Kings 21:6; II
Kings 23:24; II Chronicles 33:6; Isaiah 8:19; Isaiah 19:3.
Hex Signs
The five pointed star has been used by witches for centuries
and called the pentacle or pentagram. With the two points
up (as in Eastern Star) it is called the sign of the goat or
Satan, one point up symbolizes witchcraft. When witches
want to talk with demons they will often stand within a
pentagram and the demon will appear within a six pointed
star formed by two triangles (hexagram) commonly called
the Star of David. The Mogen David, as it was called, was
a Cabalistic magic symbol for white magic and the word hex
comes from the hexagram.
All Masonic symbols were ancient witchcraft signs long
before Freemasonry was created. The initiation rituals for
witchcraft and for Masons are identical (according to exwitch John Todd), again demonstrating Masonic roots into
witchcraft. The only difference is that the initiated witch
disrobes completely at the close, and signs in his own blood.
The wiggly horn called the Italian horn is also a witchcraft
device (leprechaun’s staff or unicorn’s horn) and means you
trust the devil for your finances.
The Egyptian ankh (cross with a loop on top) is sex goddess
symbol meaning you despise virginity; believe in fertility
rites and worship and serve the Egyptian sun god RA
(Egyptian name for Lucifer).
All the signs of the Zodiac are occult symbols as are the little
Mexican sun gods and Buddhas. The crescent moon and star
are the sign of an initiate into witchcraft
In the Old Testament God gave cunning skills to hands of
artisans who fashioned the furnishings and decorations for
the tabernacle. In like manner, often pagan workers
dedicate their hands and work to demons they worship and
from whom they receive their skills. This makes hand
carvings, and other handcraft suspect, especially if it depicts
gods or goddesses (demons) worshipped in the pagan
culture. It is scarcely worth the risk to tolerate such things
in our homes.
The use of these signs and symbols and others which are
the property of Satan can bring demons to your home
and/or person. These bits of “harmless” garbage in the
forms of books, decorations, jewelry, etc. gives legal ground
for demonic operations. Pictures, knickknacks, etc. of owls
and frogs (caned unclean creatures of the night in scripture)
have also been responsible for drawing demonic power to
focus on homes and people. God warns dearly against
bringing any accursed thing into our homes.
“Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house
lest thou be a cursed thing like it; but thou shalt utterly
abhor it for it is a cursed thing.” (Deuteronomy 7:26)
For more information, see Robert Peterson’s book “Are
Demons For Real?”ix
Vows and Curses
In the Bible, vows were solemn promises to God, either positive or negative.
Under the Mosaic law, the vows and promises of dependents such as
children, unmarried daughters and wives were void, except when ratified by
the express of tacit consent of the father or husband. This afforded
protection to them against rash vows. The whole matter is explored in
Numbers 30. Other Scriptures dealing with vows include:
Ecclesiastes 5:4-6; Numbers 30:2; Deuteronomy 23:21, 22.
Broken vows can be a source of real trouble. That is why Jonah repented and
renewed his vows in the belly of the fish, saying, “I will say my vows.” If a
vow is discovered to be contrary to Scripture and dishonoring to God, it
should be formally renounced and forgiveness sought for making it
(1 John 1:9). A vow that is expressly evil or is for an evil purpose should
never be made nor kept. To keep such a vow, for the sake of consistency, is
to compound one evil by another (Matthew 5:33-37).
A curse has been defined as: Uttering a wish of evil against one; to
imprecate evil; to call for mischief or injury to fall upon; to execrate, to bring
evil upon or to; to blast, vex, harass or torment with great calamities. Such
curses represent individuals working in concert with a specific form of evil
spirit activity. We have dealt with cases where Satanic covens of witches and
warlocks, or even a person merely dabbling with witchcraft and sorcery, cast
spells, potions, enchantments and curses on a person (Psalm 109:15-18).
We have found that even the wrong kinds of “prayer” and laying on of
hands, or “prayers” at a distance, have resulted in hurtful and dismaying
results with the effects of a curse. It is not even necessary for the person on
the receiving end of this to know what is happening. Demons will come and
go into activity in susceptible persons in answer to this type of “praying.”
For example: Curses came on a man and woman through a couple who were
casting witchcraft curses in a Full Gospel church! The pair who were
“praying” for the sick had no idea what evil they were wreaking on those
who came to them for help. The man had received his witchcraft
(unconsciously to him) by studying extensively in the writings of Edgar
Cayce and other occult writers. He had in turn transmitted this power to his
wife. He taught Sunday school class which the demons referred to as “the
Marketplace,” explaining the “Dark Sayings” were given out there in the
guise of Bible teaching.
The woman supposed that she had a gift of divine healing and laid hands on
those seeking prayer. This instead bestowed curses on them and they
became worse, not better. Many evil spirits were thus transferred to open
and unsuspecting persons receiving “ministry” at the hands of these two
dupes. Were they sincere? Yes, they were, but deluded and deceived!
Included in the great number of evil spirits which had to be cast from the
people we dealt with were: Terminal Illnesses, controlled Cancer, Muscular
Dystrophy, Leukemia, Tuberculosis, and several varieties of heart disease.
This underlines how vital it is for the gift of discerning of spirits to operate,
in order to separate the operation of occult spirits from the genuine heatings
by the Lord. Use Galatians 3:13 and Colossians 2:14 to break curses.11
Types of Occultism
Occultism is participation or involvement in any way with fortune telling,
magic practices, spiritism, or false religious cults and teachings. Contact with
the occult may have occurred in childhood. Occult involvement can come
from previous generations (Deuteronomy 5:7-9).
Fortune Telling (Proverbs 3:5-7): palm-reading, crystal ball, . cards, tea
leaves, handwriting analysis, games such as Ouija, ESP, Telepathy, Kabala,
Horoscope, Clairvoyant, Voodoo, etc; pendulums, horoscopes, and
astrology: Anything that predicts your future or advises your life.
(Isaiah 47:13, II Kings 1:1-4).
Magic Practices and Spiritism (Deuteronomy 18:9-12): Mediums and
séances, table-tipping, levitation, necromancy, communicating with the dead
or spirit guides, automatic writing; divining, water-witching, or dowsing with
forked sticks or other objects for water, oil, minerals, underground sewer &
water lines, etc;
ESP, PK: (psychokinesis), telepathy, clairvoyance, clairvoyance, psychic
powers, second sight, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, remote influence of the
subconscious mind of others, auras, metaphysics, mental science, selfrealization, visions, trances, dreams; superstition, witchcraft, black, white,
and neutral magic, charms, good luck items, fetishes, runes, amulets
talismans, mascots, medals, crux ansanta (ankh), birth signs, spells,
incantations, potions, sorcery, curses, materialization or aport, apparitions,
ghosts, poltergeists; magic healing through wart or burn charming, powwow,
spiritualism, psychic, spirit, or metaphysical healing, Christian Science
healing, rod or pendulum diagnosis, trance diagnosis, hypnosis,
acupuncture, yin-yang: All books, literature, music, etc. dealing with
False Religious Cults and Teachings (Galatians 1:8, 9): Jehovah’s
Witnesses, Christian Science, rosicrucians, Theosophy, Unity, Mormonism,
Unitarians, Bahai, Spiritualism, Scientology, Swedenborgianism,
Christodelphianism, Inner Peace Movement, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship,
Assoc. for Research & Enlightenment, Religious Research Foundation of
America, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery, soul
travel, Eckankar, astral projection; eastern religions and teachings such as
Zen, Tao, Buddha, Hare Krishna, transcendental meditation, I Ching,
reincarnation, karma; yoga; idols, incense.12
To Exorcise Inanimate Objects
In the case of objects dedicated to demons (idols, artifacts, etc.) the best
course of action is to destroy them. However, it is well to check secondhand
cars, homes, and apartments also because if the former owners had Ouija
boards, or other occult paraphernalia, or were involved in serious bondage to
sin, then there is every reason to suspect that evil spirits could be lingering
behind. These spirits can and will cause trouble to the new owners.
Keep in mind that any prayers offered to anyone or anything other than God
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit constitute prayers and/or worship to
demons. Very often these are answered in the form of curses, for demons
can and do respond to those who request of them. Remember also that the
one offering the false prayer may be utterly deceived and think they pray to
God, but the results are the same in either case. When detected, curses
must be broken in order to rout the demons.
We suggest that two believers go on a mission such as this, with Bible in
hand. The verses from Scripture may be read aloud in unison or separately.
Pray for discernment of spirits and for God to reveal objects which may have
occult spirits and power. These should be destroyed. Look for little Mexican
sun gods, idols, incense, Buddhas, hand carved objects from Africa or the
Orient, Ouija boards, anything connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune
telling, and so on. Books or objects associated with witchcraft, good luck
charms, or the cult religions (metaphysics, Christian Science, Jehovah’s
Witnesses, etc.), rock and roll records and tapes all fall in the category of
things which have been often loaded with evil spiritual power.
Verbally denounce Satan and his power and all of his demon hosts and claim
authority as a believer-priest because of the name of Jesus Christ and the
authority of His shed blood. After prayer let the believers alternate reading
Scriptures (preferably in every room of the house) and claim the cleansing of
the area by demanding in Jesus’ name that the spirits leave and never
return. Do not overlook the dark places where spirits like to hide, such as
closets, attics, basements, crawl spaces, cupboards, etc.
Some Scripture which has proven useful in this include: Revelation 12:11;
Revelation 22:3; Colossians 2:14, 15; Galatians 3:13; Deuteronomy
21:23; Deuteronomy 32:5; Numbers 23:8, 23; II Samuel 7:29.
In some cases the door lintel and window sills have been anointed by
touching them with olive oil. Other things such as statues have been so
anointed in Jesus’ name and many times the demonic power is checked or
destroyed. Each thing and area should be claimed as ground for the Lord
and taken back from Satan and his demons. Any known sins or occult
connections should be renounced and confessed as sin and put away. Any
specific areas of demonic activity or influence of which you are aware should
be denounced by name (Proverbs 3:33).13
The information in this booklet has been taken from Pastor Worley’s Host of
Hell Series. Similar information, relating to the topic of this booklet, may be
found in one of the eleven other books he authored.
John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day:
the night cometh, when no man can work.
WRW, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite TX 75185
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