Basic Chaplaincy Course

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The direction for work with the armed forces to jointly with the Bulgarian Association of Agape International Organization of Evangelical chaplains ( organizes a major kapelanski rate. All participants who have completed the training course, you will be able to perform the role of chaplain and to assist commanders in the implementation of their missions.
Instructors will be: Chaplain (Colonel) Bernie Uindmil?r (o. r.), major general Clay Buckingham (o. r.) and Chaplain (Colonel) Rich Yang (o. r.). The course will be held from 6 to 10 October 2009 in the building of the ECC Bethel, town of Yambol. Classes start at 8: 00 every day and ends at 4: 30, with 10-minute breaks between sessions and a 90 minute break for lunch-from 12: 00 to 13: 30.
Some of the items that will be studied are:
-Call to kapelanstvoto
-The biblical basis of the military profession
-Christians and war
-Post-traumatic stress
Kapelanskiât course is suitable for people of different faiths.
Conditions for participation:
The candidate participant to be an active member of the Church of legally-registered religion.
Written recommendation from the spiritual leader of the denomination to which the applicant belongs.
It is recommended that the applicant works or has worked in the system of the Bulgarian army.

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