Barth is asking if you got Christology?

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If Barth is asking if you got Christology Jürgen Moltmann is asking if you got Pneumatology Why do Pentecostals like Jürgen Moltmann ???

Charles Page [06/24/2015 7:11 PM]
someone needs a good dose of penicillin!!!

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:12 PM]
that’s pneumonia you’re thinking of…

Charles Page [06/24/2015 7:13 PM]
no, STDs!!!

Charles Page [06/24/2015 7:14 PM]
no, that was just a joke!!! 😉

Henry Volk [06/24/2015 7:22 PM]
Im gonna go all the way here and bring up Miroslav Volf.

Rick Wadholm Jr [06/24/2015 7:29 PM]
His explicitly pneumatological approach to theological reflection. Further the radical (as Barth before him) notion of God’s incarnation and all that entailed as THE game changer for all of existence.

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:29 PM]

Barry G. Carpenter [06/24/2015 7:30 PM]
We don’t have to accuse Finney of anything we can read him straight from his lectures on revival and his “Systematic Theology”: “”We deny that the human constitution is morally depraved, because it is impossible that sin should be a quality of the substance of the soul or body. It is, and must be, a quality of choice or intention, and not of substance. To represent the constitution as sinful, is to represent God, Who is the author of the constitution, as the author of sin. What ground is there for the assertion that Adam’s nature became in itself sinful by the fall? This is groundless, not to say ridiculous, assumption, and an absurdity.”- so sorry I have to go to work now, God bless- I hope to pop in later & check the discussion.

Rick Wadholm Jr [06/24/2015 7:31 PM]
Wrong thread. ?

Henry Volk [06/24/2015 7:31 PM]
It does get confusing though lol

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:32 PM]
Moltmann has found new inspiration in pondering the role of the Spirit in “an ordu salutis which is entirely aligned towards the concept of life.” Moltmann’s effort to view the Spirit holistically spills over into his pneumatological examination of Christian soteriology. Justification occupies the opening subject in the course of his assessment of salvation.

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:50 PM]
Jürgen Moltmann wrote “Spirit of Life” b/c his own reformed tradition was not paying enough attention to the soteriological role of the Holy Spirit Henry Volk Charles Page and #Pentecostals did Rick Wadholm Jr

Pentecostal Theology [06/25/2015 4:59 PM]
Rick Wadholm Jr Henry Volk Barry G. Carpenter The substance of the essence has always been the essential centrality of most theological discussions through the centuries 🙂

John Kissinger [06/25/2015 7:27 PM]
Does the Spirit have substance or just essence?

John Kissinger [07/03/2015 7:44 AM]
Does the Spirit have substance or just essence?

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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply July 9, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Barth follows almost Augustinian Christology! Does this make him more Catholic than Pentecostal? John Ruffle How does Catholic and Pentecostal Christology relate to us today? Charles Page Corey Forsyth

  • Reply March 5, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Neil Steven Lawrence I believe our groups last Christology resident was Joe Absher Just for starters 90% of the ancient and modern came from the Western church And GO Henry Volk

  • Joe Absher
    Reply March 5, 2020

    Joe Absher

    Sorry I barely understand the Bible I wouldn’t think of trying Bart . Wesley and ol’ Jacobus is about all I can do . pass .

  • Reply March 7, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Joe Absher hence I only tagged Neil Steven Lawrence Henry Volk

  • Joe Absher
    Reply March 7, 2020

    Joe Absher

    Well stranger things have happened as i see you tagged me unknowingly if not willingly

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