Away with this man

Away with this man

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And they cried out all at once, saying, Away with this man, and release unto us Barabbas:
– Luke 23:18

Give us Barabbus sadly people havent changed much, they still want Barabbas. they want their rebels, their murderers and their devilish ways. their false comforts, promotions and lust for power.
Where are the bible teachers. We need sound doctrine, edification and instruction. Jesus in all his suffering and glory. Christ in his majesty and humility. the whole counsel of God and the full gospel. including sanctification and deliverance. And Where are the shepherds? Who feeds the lambs? who watches over the flock? Who warns them and keeps the wolves at bay.
They cried out crucify him crucify him. They wanted the Prince of life dead. They wanted the King of righteousness beaten and broken. Even the reprobate Pilate knew better. It was a Roman soldier that said truly this is the Son of God. but it was Gods people and the shepherds and teachers demanded the cross for Messiah. Have we really changed that much? I dont think so.
why such an outcry and such rage against one man? Oh but what a man. What a conquerer. What a healer. What a lover of men.
The Lord Jesus and Barabbas are forever joined at the crossroads of life. One appointed unto death the other released unto life.
The things Christ suffered and still suffers. Let us go to him outside the gate. outside the palace. Outside the church. Outside the marble halls and endless books. Outside with the smoke of burning trash. Outside where men are living and dying without the knowledge of Christ. Outside the world with its worry and fret and inside of Christ. his rest and peace.

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