Awake America – The Plan

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The Plan
Awake America is about unity, prayer, cooperation and renewal.


Awake America is about involving the entire Body of Christ in unity, prayer, cooperation, revival and renewal. It is accepting members of the Body as brothers and sisters as part of the family of God. It is searching for common ground in which to build relationships of faith and trust.

Mission Statement   
To put in place a network that will bring together the total constituency of His Body to unite in devising methods and strategies to impact America for God; to recapture lost freedoms and to restore God’s divine favor upon America again.
To put in place all of the elements necessary for the Body of Christ to bring revival and renewal to America and to carry out the mandate of the gospel to “preach the gospel to every person.”
To regain the respect and influence with the people by demonstrating to them that the members of the Body truly love one another and will walk worthy of our calling as we treat one another as Christ commanded us to do.
To look above and beyond our own personal kingdom building and work together to build His Kingdom. We enlarge our own borders and horizons as we work together building up one another and seeking to please Him who called us to His divine purpose.
A network of all Christian groups, denominations, associations, and fellowships that will not impinge upon the structure, liturgy or doctrine of any group. It will merely provide the opportunity for every group to accomplish goals none could accomplish as a separate entity. The network will provide strength to each participating entity.
I believe the one thing satan fears more than anything else is for the Body of Christ to unite and work in unison with one another.
Therefore, it is imperative for a coordinating agency (coordinating council) of some kind to be put in place to call a planning session together to establish goals and purpose, and then determine a plan of action. The session should include a representative of every segment of the Christian spectrum including the most visible leaders. The voices of the Christian body must be one voice.
NOTE: The key word here is acceptance. There is no place in the body of Christ for prejudice against race, culture, gender or affiliation. Common ground brings everybody around the Cross. We all must start at Calvary. The network is a network of Christians.
Christians start with Jesus as the Son of God who died for our sins. He was buried but rose the third day which validated who He is and what He said and taught. He ascended to the right hand of the Father and ever lives to make intercession for us. Any person who has experienced the New Birth and Jesus Christ as Lord of their life is eligible to be part of the network.
The body of Christ includes all:
  •  Denominations
  •  Inter-Denominationals
  •  Evangelicals
  •  Promise Keepers, etc.
  •  Fundamentalists
  •  Pentecostals
  •  Charismatics
  •  The Moral Majority
  •  National Association of Evangelicals
  •  All nationalities, cultures and languages
  •  All political groups: Democrats, Republicans, Ind.
The structure isn’t so important regarding a coordinating committee, or officers. Many times a great move of God becomes structured to death. God performs a mighty miracle or a mighty revival and then man takes over and institutionalizes it and God moves on.
There are many groups and specialized ministries that are doing a tremendous job today. Awake America is not an organization or corporation; it is a book that contains a networking plan to unite the body of Christ in a total effort to (1) fulfill the Divine Commission of evangelizing our world, and (2) to restore the freedoms that have been lost, including the freedoms of speech and religion.
This networking effort will not in any way affect any groups negatively but will strengthen and enhance those ministries. It provides a forum for ALL Christians to share their vision for winning the war against spiritual darkness and winning back our freedoms. Every group would be invited to be part of this network; working together to accomplish whatever the Holy Spirit would direct in prayerful interaction regarding certain projects, conferences or rallies, to fulfill stated objectives.

Action Committees

The heart and soul of this networking action are the Action Committees. An action committee is a committee comprised of members of a specific career or people group, working together to assist in the developing and the implementing of a strategy to awake, evangelize, revive, renew and impact that particular people group.
Education Action Committe
An example would be the Education Action Committee. The Campus Crusade for Christ is already doing a great work. There are many other similar groups. All of the groups involved in providing a witness to students (elementary, middle school, high school, college, university, etc.) would have opportunities to meet and share with one another. The Education Action Committee would coordinate efforts in these sharing sessions. Sub-committees or representatives on this committee would be:
Higher Education Action Committee,
Elementary, Middle School  
High School Action Committee, etc.
 Each of these present ministries such as CCFC would continue as always but they would be part of a network exploring, examining and developing ways of ministering to their particular group.
I ministered recently for Pastor Rich Bowen, New Hope Worship center in Augusta, Ga. He shared this wonderful testimony. His young people wanted to start a club in one of the schools and the principal denied them permission. While some wanted to sue the school, Pastor Bowen said “No we will pray about it.”
The young people began a prayer march in the evening when nothing was happening at the school. They didn’t really ‘march’ nor did they protest or disrupt any activity. They merely walked around the school quietly praying for God to intervene. Finally, Pastor Bowen revisited the principal and this time the principal gave them permission. In one prayer meeting there were approximately 50 converts. I talked with him this week and he said there were about 100 meeting for prayer now.
An effort like this could be duplicated in all of our schools throughout America. This is entirely legal. There are many ways to impact the various communities and segments of society if an organized effort was put forth to share these various methods.
Sports Action Group
A Sports Action Committee would be another group that would be addressed. The Christians’ Athletes of America is another wonderful group that needs to network with other such groups. While checking the webpage of Tony Evans, I discovered he was not only pastoring a great church but he was at one time the chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys. There are other key people in strategic places, who could be instrumental in developing a method of evangelizing the sports world if they were brought together to communicate and dialogue with one another.
Some of the other people groups where Action Committees would be invaluable:
Churches’ Action Group
A committee to coordinate efforts to make the greatest impact possible by churches (denominational and non-denominational) upon every city, town and community in America.
Political Action Committee
There are many Christians in leadership roles in National, State, City and in communities who would stand up if they didn’t know that they would be standing alone. Gov. Bob Riley of AL is an upstanding Christian and there are many like him but their influence and involvement have never been realized.
Entertainment Action Committee
Born again believers in the movie, television, and entertainment fields could help reach the people in their respective industry. The movie industry is exerting a powerful influence upon the youth in America and most of it is negative.
Major City Action Committee
The church, to a large degree, has abandoned the major cities of America. The churches keep receding and running from where the people are. Governors of all the states to move to discuss mutual problems they face. Why don’t the Major City Church leaders network and interact with one another and discuss the common obstacles they face in evangelizing the inner cities.
There are other people groups which need to network and dialogue and develop a similar plan as the various Action Committees already listed.
NOTE. Each Action Committee would develop their own specific strategy to reach their respective people group. There are several groups already in existence that are promoting unity and also prayer. We applaud their efforts and invite them to not only be a part of Awake America Networking, but to take leadership roles as well. The networking I’m addressing in Awake America is not in competition with any group because God revealed to me the competition among the churches is one of the primary reasons the churches are losing their influence with the people.
  •  To implement a Prayer Plan nation-wide whereby intercessory prayer is offered by every church group in America on a consistant regular plan. The entire body of Christ praying together can melt the walls and barricades the courts have erected.
  • To involve the entire Body of Christ; every denomination, organization, fellowship, television network, magazine, communiqué, group, local congregation and individual in a cooperative effort in implementing the Prayer Plan.
  • To enlist Christian leaders and witnesses in every walk of life and segment of society to implement the Prayer Plan in their respective fields, businesses or professions.
  • To target specific people groups to be impacted with revival and renewal.
  • To develop a specific strategy for each people group that would be the most effective manner in reaching that particular group.
  • To meet at designated times (probably annually), to share progress reports and to evaluate strategies for necessary adjustments. The Action Committee would share their reports and receive input from the entire body.
  • To plan an annual or biennial nationwide meeting to convene in a highly visible location such as the nation’s capital, World Trade center site, etc., for a giant rally and to have a day of prayer and special speakers for the occasion.
  • To invite a beloved minister such as Billy Graham (health permitting) to officially call the churches to unity and the nation to prayer.
Awake America networking ministry will not be a platform for any person or group but would belong to the Body. The Body of Christ will be spotlighted to underscore what can be accomplished through unity and working together.
Awake America would welcome every segment of the Body of Christ. Doctrinal differences would not be discussed. Every born again believer would be accepted as an important part and member of the Body of Christ, and as a brother/sister in the family of God.
The plan and strategy, once totally developed, would be presented to each group for them to implement in their respective group or denomination in their own way.
Special Notice
God gave this vision to me and also gave the plan to implement the vision. This plan doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to God.
I am presently an International Evangelist. I included this plan on this website with the prayer that God would speak to individuals that would have a heart for unity within the body of Christ and a vision and burden for revival and renewal and who would have ability to implement the plan.
I pray God will speak to somebody about taking action to wake up America. If not, just as America has changed so radically these last fifteen years, America will change even more radically within the next fifteen years. The future of our children and grandchildren, and the spiritual health of our churches depend upon it.
Robert White


  • Robert Erwine
    Reply October 17, 2018

    Robert Erwine

    does it involve wolverine ? I stopped because of the picture of wolverine

    • Reply October 18, 2018

      Varnel Watson

      Fb does funny pictures at times Would like it better with a picture of Trump

  • Reply May 31, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Larry Dale Steele Joe Absher RichardAnna Boyce If you reopen your buildings for worship services and people show up, will they like the experience and want to come back?
    I think this is going to be a stretch…especially for people you are trying to reach. I’m imagining this scenario:
    First you need to go make a reservation on our website. When you arrive on our campus, you’ll need to be escorted to your seat. We’ll need to get your contact information to track you down in case someone is here with the virus. You’ll need to wear this mask. You have to sit six feet apart from everyone else in this big room which will be about 20 percent full. Your kids will need to sit with you through this entire service that is designed for adults because we can’t open our kids environments at this point. When the service is over, please leave promptly and return to your cars while avoiding contact with other people.
    It sounds delightful.
    Again, I have to ask, is this the wisest use of your resources (time, leadership, volunteers, money, energy, etc.) during this season? Or, would the Kingdom return on investment be better if you focused on your digital ministry strategy and the long-term shifts you’ll need to make to effectively carry out your mission and vision once this crisis is behind us.

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