Author Demystifies Complexities of the Godhead

Author Demystifies Complexities of the Godhead

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Why is it hard for some of us to understand who God really is? Why do we struggle with His names—Father, Son, Holy Spirit? How do we fully know this thing called the Godhead? Over the past two millennia, people have tried to understand the mystery of the Godhead using human reasoning and thinking, but it fails every time because, first, the Godhead does not operate or function as humans do, and second, God is not subject to human reasoning. Yet author Matthew William Marx says, “Understanding the mystery of the Godhead is both simple and profound when we know how to use the key Jesus gave us.”

In his book Wonderful YaH: The Unveiling, the author utilizes an intensive study of the Scriptures to reveal the reality of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Matthew believes we can harness the unleashed power of God’s Hebrew name to subdue the mystery of the Godhead. This galvanizing and Scripture-revealing study offers substantial, concrete evidence to assist the reader in finally removing the mystery of the Godhead and, as a result, to grow closer to God. The balance of Scripture, historical knowledge, and thought-provoking questions will assist individuals, churches, and faith-based groups to answer age-old questions and to dig deeper into the reality of the Godhead.

After spending twenty-five years working with the severe and persistently mentally ill, Matthew William Marx felt a burden to pray for those struggling to understand Jesus. His prayers led him to a deeper understanding of God, which he is now sharing with his readers.

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