..at the bus stop

..at the bus stop

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– Proverbs 1:20

  Father’s leave their baby’s mamma at the bus stop. And the young mothers weep at the bus stop. Men loose their sobriety at the bus stop. The dopeman serves at the bus stop. And men fall over dead at the bus stop. Soldiers come home from the army at the bus stop. Convicts too come home at the bus stop. Johnny goes to school and Jenny goes to work at the bus stop. Most everybody stops at the bus stop. The ambulance, the police, the hooptie and the Bugatti stop at the bus stop.
  A lot happens under the fair blue sky. And under cover of darkness. The gospel was born outside. Where the people are. Jesus preached the sermon on the mount outside, and feed the five thousand outside. Jesus did miracles and raised the widow’s boy from the dead outside. Jesus suffered and bled and died outside. He rose again from the dead outside. Outside where the people are. Jesus restored Peter outside. And stopped Paul cold outside.
  Wisdom lifts up her voice outside. Outside where the people are. Outside where men work and children play. I call it meeting them at the crossroads of life where a few kind words can mean the most. A few words for Christ and righteousness. Where men are struggling and where men are found. Outside where the people are. The gospel preaches just fine under a open sky and men still pray under a canopy of stars. The gospel of Jesus Christ, is good news on a concrete pew and a bus stop. The gospel shines in the dirty streets and alleys. The corners and bus stops of our city. Outside. Where the people are. Outside where Jesus is. Outside, calling and saving and setting men free. Peace.

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