Netanyahu said he will do everything in his power to stop Iran

The phrase “Stupid is as stupid does” became famous in 1994 with a movie called Forrest Gump. (Note: I do not like the word “stupid.” It sounds unchristian, but readers will understand it better than “A reprobate mind is as a reprobate mind does.”) Most Bible prophecy teachers are aware that the World Health Organization […]

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Do All Abraham’s Children Worship Abraham’s God?

Stop Beginning Worship with Boring Announcements

Jason Moore says churches should stop beginning their worship with boring announcements and instead give worshipers an overview of what’s coming and why it matters to them. Announcements can be reframed as action steps flowing from the theme of the ser… the bus stop the bus stop

“Wisdom crieth without; SHE UTTERETH HER VOICE IN THE STREETS:”– Proverbs 1:20 Father’s leave their baby’s mamma at the bus stop. And the young…