As I was reading & journaling in my Bible in…

As I was reading & journaling in my Bible in…

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Jeff Benjamin |


As I was reading & journaling in my Bible in a public setting when I was this question by someone.
“So you’re a Christian?

I answered “yes”

They asked “is it working for you?”

I asked “what do you mean by that “working for me” could you elaborate on that?”

They answered “has being a Christian made you happy & fixed all your problems? Have you gotten more than you did before it, you know that kind of stuff?”

I answered “before I answer, I’ll ask you a question, since when has the Truth ever worked for anyone at all? When has it ever been about being happy or fixing your problems or gaining more for yourself?”

They answered with a surprised look on their face “I don’t know, but most people I come across claim that their truth works for them, so why are you different is saying that your truth doesn’t work for you?”

I answered “simple, because for those people who you mentioned, it’s their truth. The Truth of the Gospel isn’t anyone’s Truth, it’s God’s Word the works no matter what we nor how we feel & tells us to deny ourselves & hate this world. The very opposite of all other worldviews. That’s why it’s so strange to us & even rejected. Those people say their truth works for them because it fits their sinful agenda. This Book doesn’t do that.”

They said “I always thought that Christianity was about working for people in some way like all the other religions.”

I asked “Have you even read this book?”

They answered “not really, I’ve only heard sermons preached on it & how Christianity is supposed to work”.

I replied “that’s a big problem. You have to do your own studying just like I do. The Truth has never work for anyone, let alone Jesus Christ the Truth personified. They all died because of the Truth in this world that loves its deceptions. The Truth has never given me a happy life, that’s of the world, but it has filled me with Godly joy & purpose; it’s about living a Holy life because without holiness no one can see God as written in Hebrews 12:14. It’s not about fixing problems, but rather having the wisdom to know how to handle your problems better.”

They asked “so I’ve been thinking about this Christianity thing the wrong way then?”

I answered “from what I see, yeah”

They asked “so then, how should I approach it then?”

I answered “most importantly it’s never about working for you. It’s about pursuing a Holy life not a happy life. You have to get rid of your own expectations & let this book shape your thinking. On an extra note, when people say they want to hear the truth, they actually want affirmation of what they want to believe is the truth. So what do you decide?”

They answered “I can tell you’ve given me the right answers & I appreciate that, but because of that, it’s just too much for me, & makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d prefer my own way.”

I replied “if that’s what you want, so be it. You’re free to make that decision.”

We parted ways
Lesson to be learned here “much of time the most offensive words are also the most necessary”
A fulfillment of 2 Timothy 4:3-4

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  • Reply March 14, 2020

    Ayanda Ace KaPasiya

    Thank you sir!!

  • Reply March 14, 2020

    Kubowaki Julia


  • Reply March 14, 2020

    Moon River

    Praise God.

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Matthew Kennedy

    Shouldn’t we have evidence that it is true before letting it shape our thoughts?shouldn’t we keep it accountable to the truth at all times?

    Shouldn’t we stop any authority from being the standard for truth and instead make truth the standard for authority?

  • Reply March 15, 2020

    Ryan D'souza

    Fascinating dialogue.

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