Are you struggling with sin, temptation or fear?

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Joseph D. Absher |


Are you struggling with sin or temptation or fear or worry or stress? Consider the example of our Lord. He rebuked that old devil and you can too in Jesus name!!!
Matthew 4:10 is a powerful verse. Jesus SAID, JESUS SAID. this what He SAID. Jesus SAID to the devil get behind me for it is written, “Thou shalt worship the Lord your God and Him only shalt thou serve.” Sometimes we forget the simplest things. Jesus said. He spoke to the devil. It’s easy sometimes to forget the devil is a seducer. This was a very real temptation. We forget the spiritual component of this walk with Christ. I know I have. Ultimately we take responsibility for our actions. I heard a preacher friend of mine say one time “The devil shows us what to do and we take over from there.” And then he accuses us when we fall. You’re never going to make it. You’re a hypocrite and a phony.
We forget the devil is a seducer and a tempter as well as an accuser. Jesus was tempted. Yet without sin of course but it was a very real temptation. How did Jesus overcome. How did Jesus do it. How did Jesus win the victory over the devil and sin? JESUS SAID!!! When John sees Jesus on the isle of Patmos he sees Jesus with a sword in His mouth. This is basic symbolism for the “Word of God” in His mouth. When you put the word of God in your mouth you get the devil off your back. Jesus is the bread of heaven and when you put the word of God in your mouth you feed your spirit. Your spirit will grow stronger, yes in grace, but in boldness also.
When Paul speaks to us of the weapons of our warfare he says the sword of the spirit is the word of God. God gives us weapons to fight. We may not win every round but we will start winning if we learn how to pray effectively. And that means tell the devil to “step off” Jesus said, get behind me devil…
Jesus put the Word of God in His mouth. Jesus SAID, “devil get behind me for it is written, “Thou shalt worship the Lord your God and Him only shalt thou serve” I’m not serving worry, I’m not serving the opinions of men, or lust or dope or alcohol I’m serving God by faith in Jesus Christ.
Matthew 4:10 is a sword of deliverance. Jesus said is your handle. It is written is your hilt. This sword is fitted and tried in the Master’s hand. He gives it to you. Will you receive it? Jesus said….try it, Jesus said!! See the craftsmanship. Read the inscription “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” Feel the weight and the perfect balance. The steel is tempered from a thousand fiery trials yet with out fail. The blade is burnished with the strong crying and tears of the suffering Messiah. The edge is honed from the rock rolled away. Feel the reach in the arc as you swing the sword of deliverance and hear it whisper as it cuts the darkness, “JESUS SAID “…ohh the majesty of this piece. Jesus gives you his own sword!!!
…….I will worship the Lord my God and Him ONLY will I serve…..
Write it down. stick it in your pocket. pull it out. meditate on it. read it out loud. quote it. say it like you mean it and God will give you the victory in Jesus name!!! Jesus said, “It is written…” and you can too!

Blessingz: Grace and Peace, Boldness and kindness, a shield and a sword!!!
…much luv, an old soldier, bro joe

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