Are the Sea peoples referenced anywhere in the bible?

Are the Sea peoples referenced anywhere in the bible?

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To better understand this question. And why i feel this is a good, rational question, i will spend a little time below, copying and pasting everything i can find regarding the Sea peoples.
When one see’s how notorious historians are painting the Sea peoples, i think it is logical to ask whether they are mentioned in the bible or not.

Sea peoples attacked Egypt

The Sea Peoples are a purported seafaring confederation that attacked ancient Egypt and other regions of the East Mediterranean prior to and during the Late Bronze Age collapse (1200–900 BCE).
Sea peoples

Sea peoples partially responsible for late bronze age collapse

Several factors probably played a part, including climatic changes (such as those caused by volcanic eruptions), invasions by groups such as the Sea Peoples
Late bronze age collapse

Sea peoples burned down Ugarit, and many other towns

My father, behold, the enemy’s ships came (here); my cities(?) were burned, and they did evil things in my country.

Ramesses II declared war on Sherden sea pirates

In his second year, Ramesses II decisively defeated the Sherden sea pirates who were wreaking havoc along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast by attacking cargo-laden vessels travelling the sea routes to Egypt.
Battle against Sherden sea pirates

Egypt settled the Sea people in Israel/Canaan

After being defeated by Pharaoh Ramsses III, they, along with other "Sea Peoples", would be allowed to settle in that territory, subject to Egyptian rule.

The Italian orientalist Giovanni Garbini identified the territory settled by the Sherden in Northern Palestine as the one occupied, according to the Bible, by the Israelite tribe of Zebulun, where also appears a village named Sared.
Early historical reference

So, any mention of those peoples in the bible?

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