ARE RED MOON just mere coincidence?

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Alan N Carla Smith |

Just mere coincidence?

What are your thoughts???

John Kissinger [08/28/2015 3:28 AM]
This list has been copied and grown from the original topic discussed in this very group Someone pls tell @JESSILYN JUSTICE to reference more properly next time especially in the cross-reference of the pope’s visit to America in September we presented with John Ruffle How can we get some scholarly measures against plagiarism from Charisma magazine #HOTopic

John Kissinger [08/29/2015 1:01 AM]
The said CORRECTION of MARKETS was bid a disaster with definite characteristics of a global market crash (or reset as they call it)!

On the actual question, the answer is definitely NO. These are not coincidences, as none of them coincides with the other and they occur independently without any reasoning or cohesion. Specifically on the US stock market – when you have a ‘NORMAL’ correction that market stays at corrected value. What we are seeing is outrageous market amplitudes never seen before in market history and therefore with no precedent to operate on or previously tested set of measures or crash response tools. A drop of 500+ points represent several % of the market. Such daily drops may occur only in cases where the whole economy structure of 1-2 large states drops for a day. So, no Jon Sellers and Ed Brewer – these are in no way normal market corrections as observed in years prior. All of the major benchmarks sank into correction territory—or a drop of more than 10% from their highs—early in the week, a misfortune that only the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Russell 2000 Index will suffer continuously I the future…

John Kissinger [08/29/2015 1:52 PM]
SUPER MOON tonight – anyone getting pictures?

Roger Wilkins [09/03/2015 6:36 AM]

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