And in hell he lift up his eyes

And in hell he lift up his eyes

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And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
– Luke 16:23

The Lord Jesus preached hell. A burning hell. Torment and the worm that dieth not. And he warned people not to go there.
When we think of Jesus, his preaching hell isnt the first thing we think of. We think of Jesus working miracles. Healing the sick, feeding the five thousand, and walking on the water. We think of the Good Shepherd and Calvary. The whole counsel of God. the full gospel, and the plainest truth is Jesus saves from hell, the wrath to come. There is no escape outside of Jesus Christ his cross and his precious blood.
Jesus preached heaven and Jesus preached hell. Jesus rebuked the hypocrite and the cold hearted religious people. Jesus exposed their meanness. Their lack of faith and mercy. Jesus, himself being the truth the life and the way, loved them and made sure he warned them. That ought to be our motive to love and warn them and reach them.
Hell needs to be preached. Not to prove were good preachers or tough and brave. But to give the poor sinner, and the rebel to God, a way of escape. that they can be spared by faith in Jesus Christ. instead of preaching them into hell we need to preach them out. Meaning pull them out of the flames and torment with passion for Christ and conviction of sin. We gotta reach them with the gospel and the knowledge of Christ. Rconciliation, hope and saving grace. Instead of stomping them into hell we step into it, take their hand with everything we have and the unction of the Holy Ghost and pull them out.
Some preach hell as if theyre to good for hell. They havent shed one tear for the damned. The way they preach hell they sound glad people are going hell to burn forever. We must preach hell. But let us preach hell as people that deserved hell and have escaped its flames by grace through faith. if youre short on tears and travail remember that there but for the grace of God go i

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