An End-Time Vision from Last Living Link to Azusa Street

Israel in the Tribulation

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Jody Keck shares an end-time vision told to her by the last living link to the Azusa Street Revival…
▶▶Your Upper Room Encounters [Book & 3 CDs]:
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🔥 This is what was spoken of by the prophet Joel 🔥

Jody Keck says surrender to God is just an encounter away. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but take a deep breath. Every believer can experience God in this realm, and it will change you.

Jody’s 3-CD/audio series, Your Upper Room Encounter, gives you powerful keys to move into the relationship God has always wanted. Jody urges you to get all of God you can get!

Even if it’s our nature to cling to our comfort zone, we need the God-kind of change. We just can’t do it without Him. So you need God, and He is always ready. For you, that means new levels of change-growth-healing-repentance, AND personal relationship comes with it!

Jody’s lessons also give context to newly-released River of Zion, Tommy Welchel’s written testimony of God’s miracles displayed at the Azusa Street revival—over 100 years ago! Need a mighty move of God in your life? Tommy’s testimony of those mighty works will feed your spirit to receive it. That is the heart of Jody’s ministry today. We need more of God’s mighty works in our world, now!

Someone had to carry the testimony of Azusa Street.

Even our Gospels began with spoken testimonies before they were recorded in written form. For reasons unknown, Tommy Welchel came to be the person to hear firsthand the miraculous surviving accounts of the revival at Azusa Street. Only after many years did Tommy begin to share them.

Now, a century after Azusa Street, Tommy’s more recent witness was personally shared with Jody Keck. Tommy’s stories testify to the power and goodness of God and the unfulfilled revival spoken of by the prophet Joel.

Azusa Street was simply Jesus at work in our day, and like gospel accounts its stories have the power to bless you.

🔥 Learn the connection between Israel, Azusa Street and our emerging moment in history.

More than that, the promise of Israel’s destiny from the prophet Joel’s words give The River of Zion a place in the prophetic purposes of God. Those purposes include you, Israel and the millions of believers soon to enter the Kingdom. Jody Keck believes those God encounters are are meant to be part of your testimony. Come on! Take a deep breath…

▶▶Your Upper Room Encounters [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Your Upper Room Encounters [Digital Download]:

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  • Reply January 15, 2023


    what end time Azusa Pentecost we are pressed to believe here by Sid Roth Bishop Bernie L Wade Link Hudson Ricky Grimsley that may NOT be even in the BIBLE?

  • Reply January 16, 2023


    Id say this is the sid roth video Link Hudson saw but it has been now well disproven and rejected Peter Vandever Bishop Bernie L Wade TerryandNita Wiles

  • Reply January 17, 2023


    Link Hudson I cannot believe you missed or forgote half dozen conversations in the last week WHERE we discussed the AZUSA prophecy and both Larry Martin and Bishop Bernie L Wade that neither Azusa nor Parham ever gave ANY such prophecy

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