Amos Yong: A Systematic Theology

Amos Yong: A Systematic Theology
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Has anyone read Amos Yong’s, Systematic Theology? What are some (other) good Pentecostal systematic theologies? In Bible College one of my textbooks was, Foundations of Pentecostal Theology. I found it sorely lacking. I’m hoping there’s some better stuff out there.

Henry Volk [02/25/2016 8:39 AM]
Yep, Duffield. Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College. It’s not a horrible text, but it’s more a detailing of doctrines with scriptural proof texts than an actual systematic theology.

Henry Volk [02/25/2016 8:41 AM]
Wasn’t Ryrie Methodist Holiness?

Derrick Harmon [02/25/2016 8:47 AM]
I like Millard Erickson’s systematic theology:

Jesse-Samantha Stone [02/25/2016 9:51 AM]
I definitely recommend Amos Yong’s more recent “Renewing Christian Theology” as well as his book, “The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh”. Frank Macchia’s “Baptized in the Spirit” is also very good. While the latter two books are not systematic in the traditional sense, they are definitely substantial contributions to Pentecostal systematic theology. Also, check out the ongoing 5-volume systematic theology – “A Constructive Christian Theology for a Pluralistic World” – by Veli Matti Karkkainen.

Brian Roden [02/25/2016 10:53 AM]
In the Systematic Thology class I’m taking at AGTS, I’m reading Erickson, Grudem, Grenz, the volume edited by Stanley Horton, and the third volume of “Integrative Theology.” Not all are Pentecostal, but the breadth gives a good view of pretty much all Evangelical takes on the topics. I had heard at one time that Dr. James Railey from AGTS was working on a Pentecostal systematic theology. Not sure if it’s nearing completion, those massive volumes take years to complete.

Charles Page [02/25/2016 2:38 PM]
can’t top Lois Berkhof’s Systematic Theology!!! Dean’s Gause’s textbook

William Lance Huget [02/25/2016 6:48 PM]
Berkhof is Calvinistic, unlike most Pentecostals.

Troy Day [02/25/2016 7:29 PM]
Dont forget Renewal Theology bv Williams; Grudem, Charles Hodge, Sperry, Turretin and Calvins Institutes and John Frame on Lordship

Jan B Drayer [02/26/2016 10:41 AM]
Grudem’s work is quite approachable. Grudem is charismatic and Reformed.

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    RichardAnna Boyce

    Lewis Sperry Chafer’s complete and unabridged Systematic Theology! Warm, practical, often devotional, and entirely Christ-centered, Chafer’s work is a detailed discussion of the dispensational premillennial system of theology.

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