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Jim Price |


For Christmas, this year ( 2015 ) I received a new book, titled; “ ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE.” It’s a historical novel of Hitler’s takeover of France ( 1930”s – 1940’s ) but it also delves into some philosophical points that are important too.
A blind girl was trained by her father to “ see “ through her mind and her smell, touch etc. things that we often do not see with our eyes. Then we the reader came to understand through the life of a young man ( an orphan ) that there was light he could not see even though he had good eyesight.
In Luke 8:8 Jesus recognized many would not hear, see or understand even though those hearing the same message understood and acted upon the information and achieved good results.

Terry Wiles [01/04/2016 4:50 PM]
I purposely went blind for one day. It was interesting how quickly other senses kicked in and may me aware of things I otherwise would not have been aware of.

John Kissinger [01/04/2016 5:04 PM]
it could potentially become a BBC mini series

Terry Wiles [01/04/2016 5:06 PM]

Jim Price [01/04/2016 7:08 PM]
Didn’t know there was one.

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