Agree more than we disagree

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Christopher Hart |

I have found that we, believers in and followers of Jesus, often agree more than we disagree. Admittedly some of our disagreements are significant and noteworthy. Others are less so, and some even trivial. Truth is truth, and all truth is important. However some truths are less important with regards to one’s redemption as well as to our embracing of one another in gospel fellowship.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I certainly have opinions. I suspect you do as well. The struggle is in not holding our opinions as definitive on a subject over another’s in such a way as to call into the question the validity of their salvation, the inability to call into question the validity of our own understanding, while at the same time both agreeing and affirming that God’s word is true and authoritative even if we presently have differences in understanding about what it teaches on all points.

That said, I generally start with an individual or groups understanding of the person and work of Christ with regard to the validity of their naming the name of the Lord. There may be other differences to consider as we are growing in grace and the knowledge of the Lord, but the following truths are not affirmed they are or become deal breakers for me.

We Christians believe in:

The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. His virgin birth and humanity. His sinless life. His miracles. His vicarious/substitutionary & atoning death through His shed blood. His bodily resurrection. His ascension. His personal return in power and glory. The centrality and proclamation of the gospel. The necessity of personal repentance and faith in Christ. The divine inspiration and authoritative nature of Scripture.

A denial of any of these things is (IMO) either tantamount to a rejection of Christ and/or detrimental to a proper and necessary understanding of the gospel.

Would you agree or disagree?

Michael Moore [09/14/2015 1:37 AM]
I would Agree

John Kissinger [09/14/2015 1:38 AM]
What about Baptism with the Holy Spirit with initial evidence of Speaking in other Tongues as part of the #FullGospel ? Charles Page

John Kissinger [09/14/2015 1:50 PM]
As Pentecostals believing in the Baptism with the Holy Spirit affirms the the Trinity. There’s no baptism if there’s no Trinity. I find this a pretty primary issue at hand. Don’t you?

Jeanette Escobar [09/14/2015 3:23 PM]
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