A “recovering cessationist” – WHAT exactly is it?

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A “recovering cessationist” – WHAT exactly is it and HOW do you help one?
Barry G. Carpenter Charles Page Rick Wadholm Jr William DeArteaga

John Kissinger [07/11/2015 6:27 AM]
Follow Authentic Fire: http://cupandcross.com/tag/macarthur/

Barry G. Carpenter [07/11/2015 6:35 AM]
I really appreciate this! And I would be pleased (time permitting) to give my critic of JMAC “strange fire” conference.

John Kissinger [07/11/2015 7:16 AM]
5 Reviews of MacArthur’s “Strange Fire” to start off with: http://cupandcross.com/reviews-of-macarthurs-strange-fire/

William DeArteaga [07/11/2015 12:29 PM]
Wonderful article.

John Kissinger [07/11/2015 12:42 PM]
Glad everybody likes it. I love this one here by William DeArteaga 5 More Reviews of MacArthur’s “Strange Fire”


John Kissinger [07/11/2015 3:34 PM]
So how is this theologically possible: if a person is predestined to be saved, how does he/she stop being a cessationist on his/her own? Charles Page Barry G. Carpenter

Jon Sellers [07/11/2015 3:49 PM]
God has sovereignly decreed massive theological diversity, confusion and division….. How else can it be explained??? 🙂

Jon Sellers [07/11/2015 4:10 PM]
I. God from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy counsel of His own will, freely, and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass; WCF. III.1.

Jon Sellers [07/11/2015 4:13 PM]
On the other hand if we ignore theological dogma and instead look at the realist perspective offered by scripture and simple observation, we see that theological diversity and all human behavior is the result of the free choices allowed to all humans. Not without influences such as God, sin, tradition, the devil and pizza 😉 . Or for Luther and Knox – beer.
So the choice to adopt a cessationist or non-cessationist view is the result of one’s study, exposure and experience.

John Kissinger [07/15/2015 7:06 PM]
I have to agree with Ed Brewer previous comment that in the “attempt to merge Calvinist soteriology with classical Pentecostal pneumatology- there are elements that are fundamentally incompatible” Steve Wright Steve Webb

John Kissinger [07/16/2015 5:30 AM]
also Steve Wright paper and Steve Webb video on the subject

Timothy Carter [08/01/2015 5:27 AM]
B Question ?

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