A blend of Contemporay Theological Constructs are at work in ACTS 13

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David Lavoie | PentecostalTheology.com


ACTS 13. VERY INTERESTING. Seems here a blend of Contemporay Theological Constructs are at work. Are They?

Acts 13. David is mentioned As being found. In The Historical Narrative Then Messiah is brought Forth And Comprehensiby Explained As His Heir and Savior. The Jews Are warned Exorted and Edified To A great Enough extent Next Sabboath Nearly The whole city Assembled to Hear The Word of The lord.

Here Pauls let loose A little And Grants Their stubborness HAS finally Got To Him.

Interesting part; a couple nuonces Occur to me. 1. Pauls (perhaps personal?) Conclusion That The Heirs of promise were willfully Acting Decididly Against Their own Inheritance, made Him grant That he Would Walk in God’s pretty Much Yet Misunderstood Hidden Council and Fullfill The prophesy Of THEMSELVES OF GOING TO THE GENTILES…. So, In Response it Says Here,.. It Say’s of the Gentiles; AND AS Many as were Appointed unto eternal Life Believed. .. Case For Calvinism, Or .. Greater illumination of forknowledge? .. VS11-49.

David Lavoie [08/24/2015 3:48 PM]
2. Point was That as Many as were Appointed.

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