7 Ways to Shorten Your Seasons in 2020

7 Ways to Shorten Your Seasons in 2020

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Battle is part of the Christian life. There is a real enemy and you were born into a war. So, seasons of struggle are a given.

But can you shorten your seasons of struggle? I believe you can, and I believe that the Bible is filled with good advice toward this end. You do not need to prolong the agony. You can arise and conquer.

One of the enemy’s ploys is to make you roll over into a passive position. When that happens, you are no longer actively engaged and the devil can roll over you. It is important to daily arise, speak to your inner man and remind yourself of the foundational truths in the Word of God! As you rise up, these truths become weapons that drive the enemy back and make quick work of the battle.

Even if you have been through a few skirmishes before, you can’t just slide into automatic pilot. It is vital to use your most effective weapons, ones that are tried and tested. These are weapons that work—but you must work them. Did you catch that? For the weapons to work, you must work them!

Jesus’ work on the cross is perfect and complete, but you are called to enforce of victory of Calvary in your own life. Sometimes you must do. You cannot just passively “slip and slide.” Passivity leads only to one place: the downward spiral of darkness. Instead, put on your spiritual armor and dress yourself for battle.

So let’s take a look at seven foundational truths, the weapons of our warfare, that we must remember and apply You must know and speak the Word. I cannot emphasize enough the power and efficacy of Scripture. As Jesus did in the midst of His wilderness temptation, you must know and speak the Word of God. Not only will the Word put a stop to the enemy’s lies, but it will also build you up so that you can stand firm. Here are a couple of words from the Word about the effectiveness of the Word

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  • Reply January 4, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    BE shorten in the name of JESUS William DeArteaga I’ll be praying for my pastor and evangelist friends as you make final preparations for your services today. May the Holy Spirit touch and transform lives in your churches and ministries today!

    That’s more important than arguing over a military strike, an upcoming impeachment trial, or most any other thing happening in the world today.

    Our life change is about eternity. The world problems are all temporary, very short term. Don’t use your precious time, energy, and limited attention span of your people on those things today. Talk about what really matters and determines eternal destinies, not this week’s positions.

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