6 Ways to Encourage Stewardship

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Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  1. Point to God as the owner. Try to use language around the house that reflects your understanding of God’s ownership of everything. Talk about and thank God for the things He has given you.
  1. Take care of your stuff. And teach your children to do the same. Try to make your resources last for a while. Certainly, this saves money, but it also shows that you and your family understand who stuff it really is.
  1. Talk and dream about living generously. Have conversations with your spouse and children about what you can do and wish you could do for others. Talk about the needs around you and how the family might be able to help. Talk less about your dream home and more about your dream to live generously.
  1. Hold everything loosely. Be ready and willing to use your resources for Kingdom-advancing opportunities. Try to say “yes” more than you say “no.”
  1. Make generosity fun. Because it is. And when your children see you having fun, living with open hands, they will want to participate as well. The A Generous Decembercalendar is one way to make generosity fun next month.
  1. Pray for it. Pray that God will make your family a generous family. Pray that He will reveal ways to use your resources for His purposes. Pray that a culture of stewardship develops in your home.

Chasing God’s desire for you and everyone else in your house is always worth the pursuit.

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