6 Jan 2023

6 Jan 2023

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M5.9 earthquake hits Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.9 hit the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan at 14:25 UTC on January 5, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 193.8 km (120.4 miles). EMSC reports M5.9 at a depth of 195 km (121.2 miles).

Biden admin quietly reinstates ‘overreaching’ EPA rule potentially regulating ‘puddles and ditches’ 
The Biden administration signed off on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to protect small streams, wetlands and waterways as part of the Clean Water Act, just before the end of 2022.

Pharma sell-outs: Lawmakers once again taking aim at supplements, looking to ban them over ‘health concerns’ 
Because they don’t apparently think there are any other problems in the country, like high food prices, an out-of-control border, falling 401(k) accounts, or woke curriculum in our public schools, a group of lawmakers are once again looking to ban health supplements.

1,000 Athletes – Collapsing, Dying, Heart Problems, Blood Clots – March 2021 To June 2022
“The following is a documented compilation of 1,000 Athletes and Sports related incidences from March 2021 to 16th June 2022, each slide presented for 5 seconds. These are only the ones we hear about and which are sports related. The real numbers are unknown. There is a concerted and desperate effort by big tech and the mainstream media to ignore, hide, cover up, divert or straight up lie about what is going on.”

Democrat-induced food inflation set to continue into 2023, offering hard-pressed American families no relief 
The Democrat-induced inflationary cycle the country has been enduring for most of Joe Biden’s term, worsened by the party’s massive spending, poor monetary policies during the two years they controlled Congress under Biden, and insistence on keeping much of the country shut down during the pandemic, is only going to get worse, according to new data.

Is There A Way To Stop Inflation Without Crushing The Economy And Killing The Dollar? 
One of the most dishonest games being played in economics today is the attempt by various groups (political and financial) to deflect blame for the rise of inflation. The Biden White House and Democrats desperately want to blame Russia and the war in Ukraine, even though inflation was spiking long before the war ever started.

PfizerFiles – the true history of Pfizer’s repeated criminal behavior and destruction of human lives
Pfizer’s History of Fraud, Corruption, and Using Nigerian Children as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ How did Pfizer manage to rebrand itself as the savior of humanity?

To prevent bank-run panic, the FDIC is conspiring to blind Americans to the impending market collapse 
Deception is running rampant with regard to the current state of the financial system, which is poised for a monumental crash and collapse.

High Levels of Circulating Spike Protein Found in Myocarditis Patients Who Took mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine: Study
People who suffered from myocarditis after receiving an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine were found to have persistently higher levels of circulating spike protein compared to those who also received an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine but did not develop myocarditis, according to findings from a new study.

Blinded by the Lies — The U.S. Military is Relying on Ukrainian Intelligence
I have confirmed that the Defense Intelligence Agency is relying solely on Ukraine for the intelligence on Russian and Ukrainian casualties. In other words, if Ukraine tells its DIA liaison officer that Ukraine killed 400 Russians in its latest HIMARS strike then that is what DIA tells the U.S. General commanding EUCOM. This is more than troubling. This is dangerous.

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: The TRUTH About Collapsed NFL Player Damar Hamlin
Athletes suddenly collapsing is not normal…but it’s becoming way too common ever since Pfizer pushed out their rounds of bioweapon death-jabs. Damar Hamlin was another victim of these jabs, but he wasn’t the first, and he certainly won’t be the last.

Hundreds of American troops are in Ukraine
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has alleged that up to “hundreds” of American servicemen are deployed to Ukraine. Lavrov claimed that US soldiers, military advisers, and intelligence officers have long been direct participants in the conflict.

Ireland Under Attack: Hordes of Violent Migrants Brawl in Their Tax-Payer Luxury Hotel, Mass Stabbings, and Arrests
A vicious fight broke out between hordes of Algerians and Georgian migrants housed at a luxury hotel in Ireland on New Year’s Day. The brawl, which included over 20 migrants, led to several of them being stabbed. One victim was left with his finger hanging off.

Major Victory: Child Will Not Receive Covid ‘Vaccine’, Father Wins Legal Case Against Lawyer Ex-Wife
In a precedent-setting case, Ontario teacher Chris Daly took his ex-wife, a lawyer, to court over medical guardianship of their 8-year-old daughter and whether or not to have her injected with the Covid “vaccines.” Daly, a former pharmaceutical representative, did not want his little girl to receive the controversial mRNA gene therapy injections.

Despite the absence of evidence, governments want us to mask up again. Why?
All within the space of two weeks, governments and health authorities across the world are preparing the public to reintroduce their beloved covid measures. From France to India the message is the same: “wear masks.”  We’ve been here before.  We know the evidence is not on their side.

Major French Food Producer Shuts Down Production Over Energy Costs
Cofigeo, a group which owns several food companies in France, has shut down four of its eight factories over energy costs, amounting to 80 per cent of its total production.

Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Used Private Gov’t Jets To Attend Social Events While Regular Americans Had Their Flights Cancelled
Pete Buttigieg is the US Transportation Secretary to pretend president Joe Biden, and he is the wife to his gay husband, Chasten. Pete and Chasten love to travel to private social events, and because he is such a bad Transportation Secretary, he shuns public transportation in favor of riding on multimillion dollar private government jets.

Chair of German Ethics Councils says an investigation into Government’s covid response is “dangerous to democracy”
According to Alena Buyx, Chair of the German Ethics Council, anyone who advocates a fundamental review of covid policy, who demands personal and, if necessary, legal consequences, is an enemy of democracy.

Public school enrollment tanked by over 1 million students during pandemic
The U.S. public school system lost 1.4 million students from the fall of 2019 to the fall of 2020 and failed to return to pre-pandemic enrollment levels in 2021, according to Department of Education (DOE) data analyzed by The Wall Street Journal.

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