40 False Beliefs of the Church Today

40 False Beliefs of the Church Today
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1. That Christianity is a religion and social status, rather than a personal life of holiness and relationship with God.
2. That Christians need standards and rules other than the Bible in order to live a Christian life.
3. That the divinely inspired text of the Bible needs human additions and alterations.
4. That the practices described by the Bible are not for today, as if the Bible is wrong.
5. That Christianity is religion for the weak.
6. That governments and countries are responsible for the growth and prosperity of the church.
7. That we must accept the world in order that the world accepts us.
8. That Postmodernity is Biblical teaching.
9. That the evolution theory is compatible with the Biblical teaching of the Creation.
10. That God needs our strategies, offices, plans and training based on the principles of the contemporary marketing and management in order to lead His Church like His strength has vanished.
11. That the church is successful only because of our personal participation.
12. That the personal works of righteousness are more important than the works of faith which the Word requires from us.
13. That life without sin is not possible.
14. That man has no free will, but is a subject of predetermined choice.
15. That once saved, a person is always saved regardless of the lifetime between his/her salvation and death.
16. That the Trinity is a composite of three different persons, and is not trinitarian nor monotheistic.
17. That Jesus Christ becomes the Son of God only after the incarnation.
18. That the leadership of the Holy Spirit is not needed in the church any longer.
19. That there is baptism of the Holy Spirit without speaking in other tongues.
20. That the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be practiced without a life of holiness.
21. That there is Biblical preaching without confirmation from the Holy Spirit with gifts and miracles.
22. That only elected men can preach the Gospel, as if the preaching of the Gospel is not an obligation of every believer.
23. That the Revival in the church is for a particular period of time and not a personal responsibility for every believer to live a life of revival.
24. That only because the Church does not operate under the anointing given to it, the gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased to exist.
25. That only because we do not have personal discipline to pray and fast until God answers our prayers, He cannot do miracles as He has done before.
26. That because some prosperity teachings have over exaggerated some doctrines God does not supply needs any longer.
27. That one can change the spiritual laws and reap without having sowed.
28. That it is more blessed to receive than to give.
29. That to show mercy is an act of weakness.
30. That the minorities in the church, which form its ethnic variety, are its worst part.
31. That you can be a part of the Church without being part of the Spiritual Warfare.
32. That you can be victorious without Christ, without his sacrifice on the cross and without the power of his blood.
33. That when you are personally upset with certain people you have the right to simply leave the church.
34. That not going to church as an act of protest is an acceptable form of Christian behavior.
35. That cell groups without leadership and accountability are the apostolic model for the church.
36. That there are two kinds of Christians – layman and clergy, and that the Church must be without structure and hierarchy.
37. That there is no Rapture of the Church.
38. That the Rapture and the Second Coming are the same event.
39. That the Rapture is not before the Tribulation.
40. That the unrighteous and the ones who evidently live a life of sin will participate in the rapture of the Church and will be resurrected with the righteous dead.


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    Rick Ferguson

    38 of these are great ?

    • Reply September 2, 2019

      Varnel Watson

      give us the other 2

  • Reply August 9, 2020

    Isara Mo

    Why 40 only?..not 400?..

  • Reply August 9, 2020

    Michael Marquez

    Good word brother Troy!

  • Reply August 10, 2020

    RichardAnna Boyce

    THE FORTY THINGS RECEIVED AT SALVATION which cannot be undone; and therefore once saved always saved, and once a son always a son.
    1. Imputed Righteousness 21. Unseen Assets
    2. Justification 22. Judgement of Sins
    3. Regeneration 23. Royal Adoption
    4. A Human Spirit connecting with Holy Spirit 24. Eternal Relationship to God
    5. Imputed Everlasting Life 25. We are on the Rock Jesus Christ
    6. Baptism of the Holy Spirit 26. We are a Gift to Christ
    7. Propitiation 27. Royal Priesthood
    8. Reconciliation 28. We are a Chosen Generation
    9. Redemption 29. Access to God
    10. Forgiveness 30. We Are Under God’s Care
    11. Removal of Condemnation 31. We are His Inheritance
    12. Removal of Domination of the Old Sin Nature 32. We Inherit Christ’s Eternal Future
    13. Removal of Satan’s Power 33. We have a Heavenly Partnership and Association
    14. Freedom From the Penalty of the Mosaic Law 34. We Become Heavenly Citizens
    15. Identification with Jesus Christ 35. We Become Members of the Royal Family of God
    16. Indwelling of God the Father 36. We are Light in the Lord
    17. Indwelling of Jesus Christ 37. We are United to the Trinity
    18. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit 38. We are Glorified
    19. Sealing of Your Salvation 39. We are Complete in Him
    20. Circumcision of the Soul 40. We Receive a Guardian Angel
    At the moment of salvation, every believer in Jesus Christ receives 40 things from God. Of the 40 things, 39 of them are permanent and can never be removed from the believer – even by God himself! The only temporary thing is the Filling of the Holy Spirit which we lose due to our own free will to act against God. We can repeatedly gain the Filling of the Spirit following confession of our known sins to the Father.

    • Reply August 10, 2020

      Troy Day

      irrelevant spam – why troll this post?

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