31 Oct 2022

31 Oct 2022

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Warnock, Warnock, Who’s There?

Barack Obama’s warm relationship with Palestinians is perhaps not so well-known, but it is there. His early life influences, from men like Frank Marshall Davis, shaped who he is—a Marxist.

As a “community organizer in Chicago, Obama was close to various Palestinian activists. This and other things informed his view of Jews and Israel. Upon becoming president, he worked hard to destabilize further the Middle East and his 2009 speech in Cairo was shocking in its reaching-out to Muslim radicals, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ruthie Blum’s terrific book, To Hell in a Handbasket, outlines Obama’s treachery, beginning with his help in the ouster of Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak. No one is arguing that Mubarak (who took over for the slain Anwar Sadat in 1982) was a benevolent peacenik. But he was infinitely better than the beast that followed him for a short time, Brotherhood  member Muhammad Morsi. Note what Blum wrote about Obama’s involvement:

“Since the US president had contributed to this turn of events, he was pleased, finally, to be able to be able to say something positive about the goings-on in Egypt. For the duration of the nearly three weeks of demonstrations that had been taking place at Tahrir Square, his administration had been sending harsh messages to Mubarak, warning him not to quell the rebellion, and threatening to cut off aid if he used force or other measures to do so.”

Importantly, Obama had also been influenced by religious radicals like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the blasphemous leftist that pastored a United Church of Christ congregation where the Obamas attended for years.

Which brings us to Georgia Senator (Rev.) Raphael Warnock, now locked in a tight race with Hershel Walker. Among Warnock’s radical leftist views, he said this in a sermon:

“Black lives matter, Palestinian lives matter! We need a Pentecostal moment.”

There you have it. For years in Washington, Democrat lawmakers worked behind the scenes to undermine Israel. Now they are doing it out in the open, including in churches!

Note, too, that Dems always decry Republicans that mention politics from the pulpit. In fact, that criticism has achieved its goal of silencing many evangelical pastors.

Dem candidates like Stacey Abrams and Warnock though use churches as props to spew their political hate.

If you are a voter in Georgia, your vote in a few days might be the difference between a radical, Israel-hating activist continuing in his destructive role in the Senate, or a voice of reason.

Israel has many, many enemies. Many of them are in our midst.




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