1st Seal of Revelation comes from or is quoting Psalms…

1st Seal of Revelation comes from or is quoting Psalms…

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Christopher Campbell | PentecostalTheology.com


1st Seal of Revelation comes from or is quoting Psalms 45!

1st Seal – “White Horse” Biblical Interpretation & Pictures

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Over 95% of the Book of Revelation is Directly Quoting from the Torah (1st 5 Books of the Bible) & Biblical Prophets…Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel etc.
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Genesis 40:8, 2 Peter 1:19-20, Revelation 10:7, Matthew 24:45-47
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Revelation 1:3,2:7, 21:7, 22:7, 14
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  • Reply April 11, 2018

    Jo Kelly

    The Revelation 6 white horse rider has a bow, but with no arrows, as he is an imitation, symbolic, and not to be confused with the Rev. 19 rider. The 19 rider is our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Rev. 6 rider begins a serious of terrible events when Jesus releases the first seal in heaven. The Rev. 19 rider comes to make the series of terrible events cease.

    Jesus Christ comes back to end the battle of Armageddon, end the trodding down of Jerusalem by Gentiles, to reconcile the Jews, make an end to sin, and to bring in peace and the Millennial kingdom, etc., (Rev. 9: 24 gives all purposes of the seventy weeks of years-490.)

    Peace is taken (from) the earth under the seals, by power given. We know Jesus left peace with His disciples. He is the Prince of Peace. Our Lord Jesus is never symbolized by a bow without arrows, or by a bow, but by a sword. A bow is symbolized usually with evil designs and conquest. He is seen with symbolic arrows.

    The enemy is the one giving Antichrist his one earthly crown. Jesus is crowned with many crowns, already, as in Revelation 19. The first horse rider, the Antichrist, becomes very strong, but not by his own power. Reference Dan. 9: 24 and other Scriptures. The dragon empowers him.

    The Antichrist is the only one in the Scriptures portrayed as “conquering or going forth to conquer” in this specific time frame of the end. Jesus Christ has already conquered and has the victory.

    It takes the first white horse rider several of the weeks of seven years to get power over the future ten kingdoms, (3-/12) years. Jesus has all power over all. In the middle of the last week, the kingdoms submit to the Antichrist. When Jesus opened the first seal, the first rider on a white horse goes forth. Next we see the Lamb, who is (Jesus), still in heaven, opening the other three seals, in sequence, releasing the other three riders and their horses on earth. Jesus does not send himself forth as a white horse rider at this time, or symbolic. He is still in heaven.

    The beautiful Psalms 45: 1-5, reveal a picture of two kings, the earthly king, Solomon, as majestic, but verses 6 and 7 exalt the Messiah, our King of all Kings. Verses 8-10 describe King Solomon (of verse 1-5) once again, the main subject of the Psalms.

    We see two kings described here, one earthly and one heavenly who is coming again. Solomon triumphed and had peace over all enemies, round about, for 40 years. His right hand taught him terrible thins. This is a beautiful song of loves. Solomon was known in all generations as a wise man, a king, etc.

    Jo Ann Kelly -2018

  • Reply April 11, 2018

    Jo Kelly

    Typo……Daniel 9: 24, not Rev. 9: 24 in 3rd paragraph.

  • Reply April 11, 2018

    Christopher Campbell

    Jo Kelly Do you celebrate Pagan Easter?
    Do you celebrate Pagan Christmas?
    Do you keep the 7 Feasts everyone in the Bible Celebrated?
    Do you support the satanic state of Israel?
    Do you think the Star of David is a symbol of YHWH even though it is not in the bible?
    You have been taught multiple satanic doctrine all stamped with the name of Jesus. Your Antichrist is my messiah!
    Have you done your research like a Borean?

  • Reply April 11, 2018

    Jo Kelly

    Christopher Campbell….
    Please be advised, these replies I have just copied of yours,(for records) and to show my husband are all very serious changes a, are slanderous in content, and considered as libel, in the Annotated Code books of the law and Courts in most all states. You are claiming I am a false teacher, serve an Antichrist Spirit, am being led into paganism from my Bible studies, and you published such to be a truthful statement made by you, as if fact! This is why I considered you had been hacked by someone. I am well aware of the serious consequences for those who do such as you have, if the one mentioned or questioned proceeds with charges, as I formally worked in legal work before I retired. Can you explain if this is your personal list of questions asked of ALL members before joining this group? Then, you accuse of lying, also?

  • Reply October 10, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    should be examined in the light Syria Neil Steven Lawrence

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