What is meant by the term “full gospel” in Pentecostal Theology?

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What is meant by the term “full gospel”? Anyone know the answer? I don’t and that is why I’m asking!

Michael Moore [09/13/2015 6:26 PM]
they claim ther preaching the full gospel

Charles Page [09/13/2015 6:27 PM]
well, don’t we all!!!

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 6:34 PM]
The term was used prominently by the pioneers of the Church of the Foresquare Gospel, to signify their belief that “tongues” is an integral part of the gospel message.

Charles Page [09/13/2015 6:51 PM]
I always heard it used by the Full Gospel Business Men’s Association – never understood their meaning.

Greg Grant [09/13/2015 6:52 PM]
Henry is correct. Baptism in the Spirit with the evidence of tongues was one of the “four squares.”

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 6:54 PM]
I think the FGBMA was associated with the COTFSG.

Nick Tavani [09/13/2015 6:57 PM]
This is helpful. http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/top/holyspirit_articledisplay.cfm?targetBay=1b574def-b227-4617-bfc7-a02cdb926902&ModID=2&Process=DisplayArticle&RSS_RSSContentID=26057&RSS_OriginatingChannelID=1170&RSS_OriginatingRSSFeedID=4486&RSS_Source=

David John Maxfield [09/13/2015 7:00 PM]
sin > repentance > salvation by grace through faith > righteous before God. this is the full Gospel summarised (obviously there is a lot more depth to detail) and leaving any of these out is not preaching the full gospel.

Charles Page [09/13/2015 7:02 PM]
SALVATION by grace w/o any human rigor!!!

David John Maxfield [09/13/2015 7:05 PM]
Well the scripture says that we are saved by Grace through faith. So the human element it that we must be found in faith of Jesus Christ.

John 3 : 16 “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

So our faith in the saviour is paramount to receiving the salvation of God given to us by his grace 🙂

Charles Page [09/13/2015 7:08 PM]
I believe in an eternal salvation apart from any human means/activity/rigor

David John Maxfield [09/13/2015 7:11 PM]
so thats universalism???

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 7:22 PM]
No, it’s monergism.

Charles Page [09/13/2015 7:26 PM]
PTL!!! Lawd ha murcy! I’m gonna hav ta shout!!!

Charles Page [09/13/2015 7:26 PM]
step aside brethren I don’t want to kick ya!

Charles Page [09/13/2015 7:35 PM]
monergism vs synergism

Yadavally Yesudass [09/13/2015 10:04 PM]
As far as my understanding goes there is no such a thing as full gospel or half gospel. The people who hold on to the full gospel have no gospel at all. it is their own gospel. I consider it heresy and it is not in the bible. Therefore, we all should follow the final authority the bible. Hold on to the Bible and Back to Bible Basics.

Miracles Church [09/13/2015 10:18 PM]
Ask God

Chris Cannon [09/13/2015 11:04 PM]
Mark 16: 15-20 outlines and defines Full Gospel

William Hooks [09/13/2015 11:36 PM]
Yeah it is the complete Word of God. Not a bias or partial look at the scriptures, but taking account for every God breathed Word. The Gospel in short is the finished work of Christ on the cross that brings man to repentance and expectance. The only way to the Father is through Christ and the spirit leadeth. The will of God is to proclaim the truth, though not saved by works, it is the fruit of his faith.

William Hooks [09/13/2015 11:37 PM]
This is the full gospel. ?

Nick Tavani [09/13/2015 11:41 PM]
The Holy Spirit is crucial in the life of the believer and it is this that undergirds full Gospel preaching and living.

William Hooks [09/13/2015 11:46 PM]
Amen along with the understanding of the Finished work of Christ. No man could have faith had truth not been told to him.

John Kissinger [09/14/2015 1:37 AM]
This was discussed earlier in connection with the development of holiness/healing doctrine…

Christopher Hart [09/14/2015 2:07 AM]
Full Gospel was a moniker used by many to express their belief in a subsequent experience of the fullness of the Spirit and of continuationism with regard to demonstrative spiritual gifts (i.e., tongues, prophecies, healings, & miracles).

Christopher Hart [09/14/2015 2:07 AM]
FYI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Gospel

John Kissinger [09/14/2015 1:29 PM]
W. Faupel defined Full Gospel within the doctrinal themes of:
1) justification by faith in Christ;
2) sanctification as a second definite work of grace;
3) healing of the body through the atoning work of Christ;
4) the pre-millennial return of Christ; and
5) the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking of unknown tongues. http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/what-is-a-full-gospel/

Salvatore Tropea Sr [09/14/2015 6:03 PM]
Growing up in the Pentecostal Church we were called a cult and even demon possessed by some fundamentalist brethren who believed signs and wonders ceased with the completion of the Biblical Cannon. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the Lord baptized many in the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues at Azusa Street as the early church did on the Day of Pentecost. In 1914 the A/G was incorporated and taught that the Full Gospel provided Salvation, Sanctification, Healing, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues and The gifts of the Holy Spirit. Peter in Acts 2:39 declared at the outpouring: “For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” Thank God for He does not change and His gifts are without repentence and how incredible to think the endtime Church could survive without the full armour of God any more than the early Church could!

Timothy Carter [09/14/2015 7:22 PM]
Charles Page your question, as you can see by now, is going to get as many different answers as their are people. FULL GOSPEL is actually a denomination.

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  • Reply May 10, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    The term “Full Gospel” comes from this verse:
    Rom 15:19
    “Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; SO THAT from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I HAVE FULLY PREACHED THE GOSPEL of Christ.”

    Therefore, the term “Full Gospel” pulls the meaning from this verse that if Paul had NOT preached the gospel accompanied by signs and wonders, then he WOULD NOT have fully preached it.

    Thus, when the “Full Gospel” is preached, it is accompanied by signs and wonders.

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