NAR C. Peter Wagner teaching its key doctrine of Dominionism

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  • Troy Day
    Reply March 12, 2018

    Troy Day

    So this is the message conference and point when Wagner proceeds with dominion theology. Largely pre-mil theology has been employed by NAR prior, mainly because of the association with AG churches – and by association here is meant NAR theology allowed and proponed among AG churches via books, tapes and manuals. Now, however, NAR is stepping into producing apostles which are not well received in our AG churches. This creates a conflict in theology and praxis. This conflict Wagner resolves through stepping into straight DOMINION theology using materials from
    – Garry North with the fake PhD
    – Rousas Rushdoony and his ‎Christian Reconstructionism‎
    – Greg Bahnsen – whose contribution I have never been able to figure out, except for riding the wave of the presuppositional method of Van Til
    All elements of this move were promoted largely via CBN and Pat Robertson network

  • Dan Irving
    Reply March 12, 2018

    Dan Irving

    Wagner’s/NAR’s/Wimber’s/Clark’s, etc. etc. anti-Pentecostal pneumatology should have caused the AG to slam the door abruptly upon it at the very outset. But the AG was apparently not sufficiently steadfast in the Pentecostal truth entrusted to it. Now, we have a real mess.

  • Troy Day
    Reply March 14, 2018

    Troy Day

    lam the door they did but opened for Bentley, Brown etc

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