Is our brand of Christianity changing?

Is our brand of Christianity changing?
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The anti-WOF posts got me to thinking…..By the way, this is not pro or anti WOF though I do adhere to some of those beliefs which by the way really are beliefs passed on to them from the previous generation of pentecostals….

1) Several have argued about using OT references and applying it to today such as Deut 28. If this is true, the greatest ruse is perpetrated each week under the guise of tithing.

2) The modern church meeting in buildings seems to more resemble the OT temple. Again, keep those tithes going to keep the temple…ahem…the church building and salaries going…..

3) Many here that post are Pentecostal. But, some say women are to keep silent in church while others play the culture card. Do we play the culture card with passages we don’t like?

4) What is the initial evidence of the baptism? Some here disagree.

5) I remember some posters a long time ago believed Charles Stanley and OSAS people will split wide open. Really? If this is such a great gift, why didn’t Billy Graham have it?

6) Then there’s oneness and trinitarians…..who’s got the right formula for baptizing? I know it’s not an issue here but….if you don’t say in Jesus name….still unsaved….

7) Billy Graham seemed to be open to the notion that other faiths were “of the same fold” as us…

8) there’s divorce. How many views do we have here on the issue? i remember reading posters and pastors saying that staying in the second marriage is perpetual adultery…

9) Some good Godly people that I know are embracing gay marriage and you can still be saved as a gay person

10) We are opposed to abortion at conception but finding solid references saying the spirit of man enters at conception seems elusive. Therefore, many in the church are pro-choice up to 4 weeks…


  • Troy Day
    Reply July 7, 2019

    Troy Day

    sure thing Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Link Hudson

  • Troy Day
    Reply August 26, 2019

    Troy Day

    sounds like a dumb question BUT IS IT? Philip Williams has reported on several non-Pentecostal issues already

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