William DeArteaga : Praying the News

William DeArteaga | PentecostalTheology.com

This is my article on “Praying the News.’ It was inspired by the Rev Frank Laubach’s idea of praying While waiting on lines or other public places The link is to Pneuma Review, a wonderful Pentecostal/charismatic e-journal. I check it out almost daily for its great articles, and reviews. The editor, Raul Monk, a very godly man and wonderful friend, has gathered together a stable of great writers and scholars, but also accepts submissions from persons just beginning on their writing.

The “news” is by its nature, mostly negative. An airliner that makes it to its destination is not news, but one that falls out of the sky is. The national TV networks try to include positive news stories such as “the person of the week” segment on…


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