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Peter A Vandever | PentecostalTheology.com


The problem is we think that other things in ministry are more important and because we think like that, we think the world will see our worship services as important as well. This simply is not true. The lost could care less how pretty your pulpit looks, preacher.

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 3:27 PM]
Street evangelism is only an initial step. As is revivalism. What follows after them is essentially the make it or break it of a Kingdom church

John Conger [11/30/2015 4:42 PM]
Everyone should be able to give an answer for their faith and speak for Jesus but not everyone is an evangelist just like not everyone is called to pastor or teach. Early evangelists didn’t go church to church preaching to the saints.

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 4:44 PM]
Peter A Vandever means a more aggressive evangelism which MUST go with a more aggressive discipleship within the church

John Conger [11/30/2015 4:45 PM]
Agree 100%

Peter A Vandever [11/30/2015 4:58 PM]
I did not say anything about discpleship in the article!

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:01 PM]
Jesus did!

John Conger [11/30/2015 5:07 PM]
To an extent that’s true. But this is usually said by those who have a heart for it and expect everyone else to also and try to use condemnation to achieve it. Should everyone pastor? ” And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; ”

Peter A Vandever [11/30/2015 5:12 PM]
Being an Evangelist and doing street evangelism are two different matters. I am not an intercessor so I dont have to pray?

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:15 PM]
exactly – “I am not a teacher, so I dont have to disciple”? There is a ongoing danger in bringing people to salvation and never disciple them. One revival is hardly enough for both. Second century apologetic quickly figured it out on their own. Jesus sure spent most of his time in ministry on discipling the multitudes

Peter A Vandever [11/30/2015 5:20 PM]
Discplineship has become brianwashing in the modern church

John Conger [11/30/2015 5:25 PM]
Everyone should evangelize their world, and at least put those converts in touch with someone who could disciple

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:38 PM]
Granted Peter A Vandever b/c you’ve only seen the hillsong, church marketing model and that type of hyper-charismatic revivals. There have been other revivals around the world lately. Post-communist Europe experienced an authentic Azusa street type revival in the early 90s. People transformed by the pure power of God without much skillful preaching or pre-planned revivalist strategy. But there was also limited discipleship – 1 out of 10 of those saved during the 90s Europe revivals are not back in the world. So much for once-saved–eternally-eternally-secured Charles Page

Peter A Vandever [11/30/2015 5:41 PM]
Funny what you call “hyper-charismatic” is closer to Azusa Street than most Pentecostals. They are not ones telling people to speak in tongues in a side room!

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 5:42 PM]
Not too sure you’ve read my point, but still discipleship is ordered in the Bible. And yes, discipleship includes holiness sanctification

Robert Borders [11/30/2015 9:48 PM]
Love your post. When I was a student at Lee College in Cleveland, TN in the middle 1970’s we had Pentecostal churches all over the county yet Bradley County had the most poverty and highest juvenile crime rate in the state of TN largely because the pastors and churches were focused on having meetings but not invested in ministering in the community. I remember only a couple of professors at Lee and students involved with PFC as rare exceptions. On a positive note, several of the early Teen Challenge staff came from Lee College.

Peter A Vandever [11/30/2015 9:49 PM]
and they was so legalistic no one had anything to wear to church until someone invented Goodwill!!!!

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