What is salvation?

What is salvation?
How do I get saved?
A non believer may ask you these two questions. How will you respond as a seasoned believer?
I know some will say to be saved is to be born again…(?????)
Others might come up with the usual sucker punch..”To be saved is to accept(make) Jesus Christ as Lord Saviour of your life”.
Still the more” knowledgeable” will come with a theory of how God was so wrathful when Adam sinned that He had to devise an own ” plan” to ” quench, ” this wrath by crucifying His one and only begotten Son.. to kind of deliver ” SACRIFICE” to redeem mankind.
Some like me who don’t know much about the real details of salvation might say “Salvation is simply Gods love for us…sinning humanity…”
Do you think any of the above ” explanations” will help a non believer understand what salvation is and how to be saved?
Lets share your understanding of salvation plse..


Part of the struggle with Salvation is that we have a church that has been taught and a ministry that generally believes confessional salvation. What these Teach is that if you say a prayer with the preacher then you’re saved. Others teach that you dont need to do anything. I have to say I am afraid of these dogmas. Jesus said something quite different. He said you must be born of the water and the Spirit. That is why he came. Water and Spirit are the power to Salvation. Do nothing, confess whatever and you have applied no power of Salvation.

So what exactly does Pentecostal Theology say about salvation?

I was United Pentecostal for 10 years. They believed that it was all about speaking in tongues. But just like the Southern Baptists they mocked they believed that everyone sins and we are saved only by believing that the blood of Jesus covers our ongoing sins.

When people say “salvation is progressive” what do they mean?

Jesus said “you must be born again.” A new creature. It’s a miracle of a new heart. By faith in Jesus Christ. That’s salvation right? When your sins are washed away and you pass from death to life. There’s dead in sin and dead to sin, big difference. The saved man is dead to sin and alive to God right?
The only one I know that was almost saved was Agrippa but he’s dead now. Twice dead.
Hope you don’t mind me asking Mrs Smock. If anybody knows salvation it’s you and I trust you. Any help?


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