We Will Sing and Preach Holiness!

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Mike Evans | PentecostalTheology.com

We Will Sing and Preach Holiness

When first I heard of holiness I tho’t it must be right;
It seemed to fit the Bible, And be the Christian’s light.
I heard the people singing, And testifying too;
They seemed to love their Savior, As Christians ought to do.

I went to a camp-meeting, And heard them preach and sing; They surely preached the Bible, And made the welkin ring.
It made me think of heaven, The Christian’s home on high, Where they will live forever, And never, never, die.

I little thought of joining, I said I could not stand,
To be among that people, That’s called the “holy band.”
The world looked down upon them, And said they were so rash,
They often spoke against them, And said they were but trash.

But as I went to hear them, And saw the way they did,
I saw they had a treasure, From worldy people hid.
They seemed to be so happy, And filled with Christian love; When people talked about them, They only looked above.

My heart begins to hunger, And thirst and burn within;
I wanted full salvation, A freedom from all sin.
I went to God for holiness, And called upon His name;
He cleansed my heart completely, And filled it with the same.

And now I’m one who bears that name, That happy, holy band;
I’ve crossed the river Jordan, And in the Canaan land.
The atmosphere is pleasant, And fruit of every kind,
When you reach heaven’s portals, I’ll not be far behind.

Song Chorus:
We’ll sing and we’ll preach,
We’ll preach the way of holiness so true,
We’ll sing and we’ll preach,
Till our precious, loving Savior’s face we view.


  • Reply July 21, 2017

    Melvin Harter

    I heard it sung this way.

    When I heard of holiness (Pentecost) I thought it was a shame. That such a crowd of people should live up Jesus’ name. They said they taught the Bible, and I did not want to doubt, so I went down to see them and hear them sing and shout.

    Oh, it’s real, it’s real, I know it’s real. It’s the Pentecostal blessing, and I know, I know it’s real.

  • Reply July 21, 2017

    Varnel Watson


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