Fr. Bill is yet another reminder that context is king: this author is a Hispanic borderline-Communist Boomer. So he’s pro-war but reminds us that “we are to trust God, not weaponry” even though Jesus instructed his disciples to carry a sword. In today’s lingo this might be “pack some heat, bros. Don’t let anyone take away your AR-15”
So we get a nice history lesson & a sermon against the sin of “reviling” in a sermon which clearly characterized Mr. Trump as a willing vessel of Satan.

Mr. Trump was discipled for years by Rush on hate radio. This is why he understood what was on the minds of so many Americans tired of being shafted and having a country that prioritizes other nations first.
“America First” was a polemic against preacher’s kid syndrome the whole country fell into. We have Americans living on the streets–but politicians would make sure we were doing more for foreigners. Our veterans lived on park benches in disgrace while “refugees” were put up in government housing, fed, clothed, all needs provided for including job training, allowance and hiring preference.

Trump said why can’t their own countries do something for them, and we would take care of our own people first? We are still a charitable people.
Mr. Trump told other nations that their policies should be to place their own interests first. We see Scandinavian & European nations flooded with “refugees” and their countries want to treat them like Prodigal Sons even though some of them are only there to loot, burn everything down and rape their women and beat their elderly.
There is a colonization taking place on such a wide scale that it is easily described as a Third World War: except this time invaded nations are expected to provide generous hospitality & punish their people if they report the crimes taking place.

Why are Americans disposable Americans? Mr. Trump is known for asking, “What about Americans? Why can’t they be the Dreamers?”
Yes, Mr. Trump can be abrasive but politeness has become the “walk on me” signal. Trump taught people to rise up & say “shut up, faggot”, “stupid bitch” & other little jolts that shut down the other side that’s used to acting out the worst of sociopathy & getting away with it via magic formula of polite veneer.

I’m sure he’d complain I’m not hot looking enough & should be deported for that reason alone. He’s the fattest POTUS ever so I don’t want him attracted to me. Cultish, rude, baby Christian but least likely to sacrifice to Molech, Amen!

As Americans we are to trust in the peaceful transition of power because we are not ruled by a personality but rather people who are sworn oaths to uphold the US Constitution. Trump seemed sincere about that, while Biden made his platform that he will not uphold the US Constitution.