Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Preaching

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Rick Wadholm Jr |


“Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Preaching” (edited by Lee Roy Martin) is now available. I have a chapter along with Frank Macchia, William K Kay, Chris Green, Leah Payne, and several others. This volume promises to contribute strongly to this burgeoning field of study.

Here is the blurb for it:

From the beginning of the movement until now Pentecostalism has relied heavily upon its preachers-preachers both old and young, male and female, ordained and lay, educated and uneducated. Although preaching has been an important aspect of Pentecostal life and practice, few works have been written on Pentecostal preaching, and fewer still have been written from an academic standpoint. This volume, though not claiming to be comprehensive, begins to meet the need for scholarly reflection upon this important topic.

In this multi-authored work, leading Pentecostal theologians come together to construct a contemporary model for the theology and practice of Pentecostal preaching. The writers take into account Pentecostalism’s history, theology, ethos, diversity, and global expressions as they offer a distinctive theological vision for Pentecostal preaching.

Chapters include the following: A Pentecostal Theology of the Call to Preach – Frank Macchia; Pentecostal Prophetic Preaching – Lee Roy Martin; The Ecclesial Dimension of Preaching – William Kay; The Spirit, Preaching, and the Approach of Jonathan Edwards – John Gordy; A New Testament Apologetic for Women Preachers – John Christopher Thomas; A Theological Apologetic for Women Preachers – Lisa Stephenson; African-American Women Preachers – Antoinette Alvarado; Latino Theology of Pentecostal Preaching – Angel Santiago-Vendrell; Transfiguring Preaching: Proclamation and Theosis – Chris E. W. Green; From Proclamation to Incarnation: Preaching, Worship, and Christoformation – Daniela C. Augustine; Bishop J.H. King and the Theology and Practice of Pentecostal Preaching – Tony Moon; Technology and Preaching – Leah Payne; Emerging Homiletics: A Pentecostal Response – Rick Wadholm; and Pentecostal Homiletic: A Convergence of History, Theology, and Worship – Joseph Byrd.

Written for pastors, students, and scholars, this work provides ample resources for anyone who wishes to examine the theology of Pentecostal preaching.

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