This Day, October 26, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z”L

This Day, October 26, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z”L

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1235: King Andrew II of Hungary passed away. During the reign of King Andrew II (1205–1235) there were Jewish Chamberlains and mint-, salt-, and tax-officials. The nobles of the country, however, induced the king, in his Golden Bull (1222), to deprive the Jews of these high offices. When Andrew needed money in 1226, he farmed the royal revenues to Jews, which gave ground for much complaint. The pope (Pope Honorius III) thereupon excommunicated him, until, in 1233, he promised the papal ambassadors on oath that he would enforce the decrees of the Golden Bull directed against the Jews and the Saracens (by this time, the papacy had changed, and the Pope was now Pope Gregory IX; would cause both peoples to be distinguished from Christians by means of badges; and would forbid both Jews and Saracens to buy or to keep Christian slaves.

1407:  Mobs attacked the Jews in Cracow, Poland.  The so-called Cracow Accusations was one of the first libels in Poland. The Jews tried to defend themselves and were forced to take refuge in the Church of St. Anne which was surrounded and then set afire. Any children left alive were forcibly baptized.

1431: In Ferrara to Nicolò III and Ricciarda da Saluzzo gave birth to Ercole I d’Este, the Duke of Ferrara around whose court the life Abraham ben Mordecai Farissol, “the Jewish-Italian geographer, cosmographer scribe and polemicist” revolved.

1496: An edict expelling the Jews was signed in Naples.

1520: The coronation of Charles V as King of Germany, to whom the Jews of Speyer complained that they were mistreated and denied their given rights. This included beatings, tortures and killings, imprisonment, robbery, expulsion, closing of schools and synagogues, payment of tolls and duties and the denial of the right to appeal to the imperial or other courts” which led him “to renew and confirm the Jews’ charter” took place today.

1631: Birthdate of Cardinal Leopold Karl von Kollonitsch who advised the King to repopulate Hungary with Catholic Jews from Germany and who “held that the Jews could not be exterminated at once but must be weeded out by degrees as bad coin is gradually withdrawn from circulation.  To that end he called for the enforcement of the decree by the Diet of Pressburg, “imposing double taxation on the Jews” and deny them right to “engage in agriculture” or “to own any real estate.”

1689: General Piccolomini of Austria burned down Skopje in Macedonia to prevent the spread of cholera. Skopje was part of the Ottoman Empire and it was one of the towns where Jews fleeing from Spain after 1492 found refuge and were able to prosper in the fields of trade, finance and medicine.  In the 21st century, most of the handful of Macedonian Jews lives in Skopje, the country’s capital.

1714: Emperor Charles VI approved an arrangement previously “confirmed by Joseph I that protected the Jews against any infringements of their rights on the Part of the Council of Worms.

1791: Rachel Gratz, and York, PA native Solomon Etting, the parents of Rebecca Etting were married today.

1794: In Hilltown, Bucks County, PA, Mary Vastine and Josiah Lunn, the son of Alice and Joseph Josiah Lunn, gave birth to Elizabeth Lunn who became Elizabeth Evans when she married David Evans, the mother of Mary and Robert Evans.

1798: In Kensington, Joseph Elias Montefiore, the London born son of Moses Vita-Haim Montefiore Medina and Esther Hannah Magood Montefiore and his wife Rachel Montefiore gave birth to Horatio Joseph Montefiore.

1803: Moses Mosely married Rosetta Samuel at the Great Synagogue today.

1819: Birthdate of Geffen native Simon van den Bergh, known as “The King of Margerine” who was the father of Samuel van den Bergh and whose philanthropies included providing aid to “poor, persecuted Jews…leaving Rotterdam for America.”

1819: On the Isle of Jutland, Aaron Goldschmidt and Leah Rothschild gave birth to the “distinguished Danish poet, novelist and journalist,” Professor Meyer Aaron Goldschmidt.

1825: The Erie Canal opens with passage from Albany, New York to Lake Erie. Eventually the canal would provide a water access to Buffalo, thus opening a water route that would stretch from the Atlantic Oceans to the all of the lands bordering on the Great Lakes.  This would create immeasurable commercial opportunities for all Americans, including the Jews.  It would lead to the creation of thriving Jewish communities in places like Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago.  Mordechai M. Noah, one of the most prominent Jews of the early 19th century was originally an opponent of the canal but changed his mind when he saw that successful development of the land along the Canal would help make his dream of Ararat, A City of Refuge for Jews, a reality.

1826: In New York, John Solomons and Julia Levy gave birth to Adolphus Simeon Solomons, the husband of Rachel Seixas Phillips who became “an influential Washingtonian with strong White House and Congressional connections.”

1828: In North Rhine-Westphalia, Abraham Bendix Weinberg, the German born son of Bendix Aron Weinberg and Sara Moses Weinberg and his second wife Hannchen Leffmann Weinberggave birth to Leffman Abraham Weinberg, the husband of Rosa Weinberg.

1829: One day after he had has passed away, Hyam Emanuel was buried today at the “Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.”

1829: Two days after he had passed away, Michael Solomon, the wife of husband of Hannah Solomon and father of Samuel Solomon was buried today at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.

1831: Morris Lee married Rachel Nathan at the New Synagogue today.

1833(12th of Cheshvan, 5594): Forty-six year old David Phillip (Feist) Schloss, the son of Jacob and Sprinz Schloss and the husband of Malchen Schloss passed away today at Frankfurt am Main.

1834(23rd of Tishrei, 5595): Simchat Torah

1836: John Wagg married Harriet Cohen at the Great Synagogue today.

1841: Birthdate of Viennese born German dramatist Jacob Bettelheim

1842: Henrik Wergeland who had rejected the anti-Semitic views of his father Nikolai, published his book Jødesagen i det norskeStorthing (“The Jewish issue in the Norwegian parliament”), which in addition to arguing for the cause also provides interesting insights into the workings of the parliament at the time

1844: Birthdate of American playwright and producer Edward “Ned” Harrigan the author and producer of “Mordecai Lyons” an 1882 drama which unlike some “Jew plays” is “serious and valuable” when it comes to portraying its Jewish characters.

1853: Dr. Raphall, a New York Rabbi, delivered an address about Russia at a meeting of the Young Men’s Literary Association. 

1853: Rebecca Cohen Hart, the New York born daughter of Catherine and Sampson Mears Isaaks and her husband Abraham Hart gave birth to Cornelia Rebecca Hart

1853: Following Dr. Raphall’s address to the Hebrew Young Men’s Literary Association, Mr. Mosely Lyon delivered an address describing the purpose of the organizations.

1854: Hermann Mayer Salomon Goldschmidt discovered Asteroid 32 Pomona.

1855: Birthdate of Richmond dramatist Sydney Rosenfeld, the “first editor of Puck,” “one of the main movers in the effort to secure a National Theatre for the United States” and husband of “Genie Holzmeyer Johnson” who was the author of several plays including “A Possible Case” and “The Club Friend” as well as several “operettas and musicals” including “The Lady or the Tiger” and “The Passing Show.”

1855: In Germany, David J. Meyerhardt and his wife gave birth Max Meyerhardt, the husband of Nettie Watson who came to the United States at the age of one, attended public schools in Nashville, TN and settled in Rome, GA where he served as city attorney and county attorney for Floyd County, GA  while contributing “prose and oety to the Jewish and secular press.”

1858: Albert Goldsmid was promoted to the rank of major-general in the British Army.  Born in 1794, the son of Benjamin Goldsmid, he entered the army in 1811 which gave him the opportunity to fight the French in Spain to serve at the Battle of Waterloo.

1858: The Personal Column published today reported that a “A Moldavian Jew, Israel Benjamin SRAEL, is preparing for a journey through Afghanistan and China. Since 1845, he has gone over the Eastern countries of Europe, as well as Egypt, Palestine, Persia, the Regencies of Tripoli and Tunis, Algeria, and Morocco. The Geographical Society of Berlin have charged him to solve several geographical and ethnographical questions. He has just published Eight Years Travel in Asia and Africa by Israel Benjamin

1859:  Bernhard Bettmann who had “established a men’s clothing business in 1856 at Cincinnati, Ohio married Tillie Wald of New York City with whom he had seven children.

1860: In Sweden, Jews, who up until now were only permitted to own property in urban areas, were granted the “right to acquire real estate in rural communities.”

1861: During the American Civil War, the 9th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment was mustered into service as part of the United States under the command of Colonel Frederick C. Salomon.  When Salomon was appointed Brigadier General, he brother Charles became the Colonel commanding the regiment.  This may have made the 9th Wisconsin the only unit on either side of the conflict to be commanded successively by two brothers who were Jewish.

1862: Birthdate of Justine Dreyfus Levy who would be buried in Natchitoches, LA in 1917.

1863: In Philadelphia, PA, Marx B. and Henrietta T. Loeb gave birth to Blanche Loeb who became Blanche Langsdorf when she married Jacob Loeb Langsdorft with whom she had one child – Isadore Langsdorf.

1864:  Myer Isaacs sent a strongly worded letter to President Lincoln warning him against a deal that he allegedly made with a group of New York Jews who, presenting themselves as leaders of the community, had promised to deliver the “Jewish vote” for him. This letter is one of the germinal documents of early Jewish participation in the American political process.


Your  Excellency,

As a firm and earnest Union man, I deem it my duty to add a word … with reference to a recent “visitation” on the part of persons claiming to represent the Israelites of New York or the United States and pledging the “Jewish vote” to your support, and, I am informed, succeeding in a deception that resulted to their pecuniary profit.

Having peculiar facilities for obtaining information as to the Israelites of the United States, from my eight years’ connection with the Jewish paper of this city and my position as Secretary of their central organization, the “Board of Delegates” . . . I feel authorized to caution you, Sir, against any such representations as those understood to have been made.

There are a large number of faithful Unionists among our prominent coreligionists — but there are also supporters of the opposition, and indeed the Israelites are not as a body, distinctly Union or democratic in their politics … the Jews as a body have no politics.

Therefore, Sir, I am pained and surprised to find that you had been imposed upon by irresponsible men … such acts are discountenanced and condemned most cordially by the community of American Israelites …

There is no “Jewish vote” — if there were, it could not be bought. As a body of intelligent men, we are advocates of the cherished principles of liberty and justice, and must inevitably support and advocate those who are the exponents of such a platform — “liberty and union, now and forever.”

Pardon the liberty I take in thus trespassing on your attention, but I pray that you will attribute it to the sole motive I have, that of undeceiving you and assuring you that there is no necessity for “pledging” the Jewish vote which does not exist — but at the same time that the majority of Israelite citizens must concur in the attachment for the Union and a determination to leave no means untried to maintain its honor and integrity.

Yours most Respectfully,
Myer S. Isaacs

1864: In France, Clara and Lazar Schorstein gave birth to Therese Alice Shorstein, the first wife of Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore, the “youngest son of Nathaniel Montefiore and Emma Goldsmid who was a founder of “Anglo-Liberal Judaism” and the “anti-Zionist League of British Jews” who endowed the Therese Montefiore Memorial in her memory two years after he death in 1889.

1865: In Philadelphia, PA, “mining magnate Meyer Guggenheim” and his wife Barbara Meyers gave birth to their fifth son Benjamin Guggenheim whose marriage to Florette  Seligman would unite to of America’s wealthiest Jewish families and whose death at age 46 aboard the RMS Titanic was an unexpected tragedy.

1869: Austen Henry Layard, the archeologist who excavated Nimrud and Niniveh as described in Discoveries at Nineveh completed his service as First Commissioner of Works in the government of Prime Minster Gladstone.

1870: In Louisville, KY, Frances and Lambert N. Goldsmith gave birth to Ida Goldsmith who became Ida Morris when she married Herman Morris with she had had one children, Charles W. Morris.

1872: In Brooklyn, banker Joseph S. Taussig and the former Mary L. Cuno gave birth to Frederick Joseph Taussign, the St. Louis educated graduate of Harvard and Washington University Medical School who developed a specialty in gynecology, served as a “professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology” at Washington University and married Florence Gottschalk.

1872: It was reported today that the Jews of Rumania want to immigrate to the United States en masse. They have written to the Interior Department to see if they can acquire a large enough section of public lands to meet the needs of a large colony. Current laws preclude the granting of their request.

1873: In Wabash, IN, founding of the Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society whose members included Mrs. Sam Simon, Mrs. Ollie Hyman and Mrs. Louis Bockman and which “meets on alternate Wednesdays.”

1876: In Kovno, Lithuania, Leopold and Matilda Marver Enelow gave birth to Hyman Gerson Enelow a graduate of the University of Cincinnati who was ordained by Rabbi Isaac M. Wise in 1898 who served several congregations including Temple Israel in Paducah, Congregation Adath Israel and Temple Emanu-El in New York City. (Some sources show 1877 as DOB)

1877: In Philadelphia, PA, Florence LIveright, the daughter of Abraham and Reccah Kahn and Simon Liveright gave birth to Arthur K. Liveright

1877: In Dallas, TX, Philip and Cornelia Mandelabum Singer gave birth to Eli Sanger, the husband of Claudia Meador Sanger.

1881(3rd of Cheshvan, 5642) Eighty-six year old Austrian Talmudist Aaron Kornfeld passed away today at his home town of Goltsch-Jenikau Bohemia.

1881: In Charleston, SC, at Congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim on Hasell Street, Rabbi David Levy officiated at the marriage of Henry J. Harby of Sumter, SC to “Adeline Wineman, the only daughter of L.G. Emanuel of Georgetown, SC.”

1881: The Gunfight at the OK Corral takes placed in Tombstone, Arizona.  The most famous participant in the fight is Marshall Wyatt Earp. Earp was not Jewish but his last wife Josie was.  When Earp died she had his remains buried in the Marcus family plot in a Jewish cemetery in Coloma, California.  When Josie died, she was buried next to him.  The man with the star lies under the star – of David that is.

1882: “Mordecai Lyons” was performed tonight before a very large crowd at Theatre Comique in New York City.

1883: The Paris Figaro contained a detailed account of the duel between Hungarian attorney Dr. Jules Rosenberg and Count Battyany over the affections that the former had displayed for Mlle. Hona de Schossberger, the daughter of a Jewish family whose patriarch sought to marry his daughter off to a Hungarian nobeleman.

1882: The Troy (NY) Times reported that Harris Udovitch , who has been jailed on charges of assaulting Mrs. Louis Cohen claims that she was injured inadvertently during a fracas between him and Mr. Cohen over the latter’s refusal “to sell his cred with…for $150.”

1883: It was reported today that when Sir Moses Montefiore celebrated his 99th birthday two days ago he was hailed as “the most celebrated Hebrew now living England” and the most celebrated Hebrew of our generation with the exception of Benjamin Disraeli. “He is more than an ornament to the Jewish race; he is an ornament to mankind…”

1884: The Montefiore Centenary as described in a book by Haim Gudella of the same name published in 1885 began today.

1884: Today is the first of two days during which service are scheduled to “be held in synagogues all over Europe all over in honor of the centenary” of Moses Montefiore.

1884:  It was reported today that “Sir Moses Montefiore received hundreds of telegrams congratulating him” on reaching his 100th birthday “from all parts of world” including a large number from the United States.

1884: In Rochester, NY, Rabbi Max Landsberg and Rev. N.M. Mann of the Unitarian church spoke at Temple Berith Kodesh during services marking the centennial celebration of the birth of Sir. Moses Montefiore.

1884: In Rochester, NY, Etz Chayim Synagogue hosted services marking the centennial celebration of the birth of Sir. Moses Montefiore during which “E.S. Ettenheimer read a sketch of Montefiore’s life,” Sarah Rothschild read an original poem and Rabbi Max Moll delivered a closing oration.

1884: In Petersburg, VA, “Jews and Gentiles united in celebrating the one hundredth birthday of Sir Moses Montefiore” at the city’s synagogue where “a special prayer for the long preservation of the life of the great philanthropist was offered by Rabbi Freudenthal” after which “a collection was taken up for the poor of the city.”

1884: In Washington, DC, “the orthodox and liberal congregation held joint exercise” attended by many Christians, honoring Sir Moses Montefiore.

1884: In Cincinnati, Ohio, “the Hebrew Congregations assembled in the Mound Street Temple this afternoon to celebrate the birthday of Sir Moses Montefiore” followed by an evening celebration sponsored “by the Jewish fraternities at the Allemonia Club..”

1884: In Memphis, TN, Rabbi Samfield spoke at the services held to honor Sir Moses Montefiore on his one hundredth birthday.

1884: In Wilkes-Barre, PA, Rabbi David Stern “delivered an eloquent address” at the centennial celebration of the birth of Sir Moses Montefiore.

1884: In a second day of celebration, Baltimore’s Hanover Street Synagogue was the scene of special ceremonies marking the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Sir Moses Montefiore.

1884: “An Anglican Bishop For Jerusalem” published today described the failure of efforts to convert “Jews and Turks” living in Palestine.  The Church Missionary Society has spent more than £120,000 pounds in the last 33 years and “as can be proven from their own papers” has “never made a convert…”

1884: “The Czar’s Views of Justice” published today describes efforts to ameliorate the sentences imposed on those who took part in the anti-Jewish riots at Novogrod. In what appears to be the first decision of its kind, the Czar “has at least to some extent taken sides with the oppressed Jew” by refusing to show any leniency and expressing his determination “to take measures to prevent these bloody excesses.”

1884: It was reported today that “the chief rabbi at Naples” has been “rebuked by ultra-orthodox Jews for shortening the fast on the recent Day of Atonement” as a measure to avoid the cholera outbreak plaguing the city. The precaution must have been “a good one since not a single Jews has yet died of the disease. [Editor’s note – Fourteen thousand peopled died from Cholera in Naples in 1884.]

1884: It was reported today no Jews have died of cholera at Toulon, but five Jews died of the disease at Marseilles.

1884: It was reported today that “the reports of Sarah Bernhardt’s illness have been greatly exaggerated” and she will be able to perform in Sardou’s new play, “Theodroa” which is opening at the Porte Saint Martin Theatre.

1884: “Pereira, the Teacher of Deaf Mutes” published today traced the career of Jacob Rodrigues Pereira, the Portuguese born Sephardic French Jew whose first student was his sister who was born with the ability to speak or hear

1884: “Every pew was filled to over-flowing” and the galleries were completely filled as Temple Emanu-El held services to mark the one hundredth birthday of Sir Moses Montefiore.

1884: “Every seat…was occupied at Shearith Israel, the oldest synagogue in New York, when services honoring Sir Moses Montefiore began at three o’clock this afternoon.

1884: According to the dedicatory plaque, on this day “The Israelites of the City of New York” dedicated the Home for Chronic Invalids in honor of the centennial celebration of the birth of Sir Moses Montefiore

1885: The Patrick Divver Hebrew Association of the Sixth Ward held its annual ball today. (Divver who was Irish Catholic, was a Tammany Hall politician who understood the value of the Jewish vote)

1886: President M. Warley Platzek is scheduled to present an outline of the accomplishments of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association when it meets this evening.

1886: In New York, founding of the Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society of Green point which “meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month except in July and August.”

1886: Samuel S. Cox, the U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire delivered an address to the Young Men’s Hebrew Association “on the condition of the Hebrews in the Orient.

1887: Three days after he had passed away, Baron Herman de Stern, the husband of the former Julia Goldsmid, was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1887: Rebecca Wolf, “the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Simon Wolff of Ridgeville, SC married Aaron David at his parent’s home in Columbia, SC.

1888: Birthdate of Sokollko native Herman Max Cohen, who in 1891 came to the United States where he earned an M.A. from Columbia and was ordained at Jewish Theological Seminary after which he served as the rabbi of several congregations including Beth Shalom in Kansas City, MO starting in 1919 where helped the growing congregation to build and dedicate a new facility with seats for 1,200 which the “Kansas City Star and Architectural League of Kansas City praised for its beauty and architectural detail”

1889: It was reported today that August Belmont has contributed $50,000 to New York City’s World’s Fair Fund and that Kuhn, Loeb & Co has contributed $60,000 to the same fund.

1889: It was reported today that that the Order of B’nai B’rith will take part in the upcoming Educational Fair being sponsored by the Jews of New York City.

1889: It was reported today that a dinner is going to be held in honor of Sir Julian Goldsmid during his visit to New York City.

1890: Rabbi Kaufman Kohler will conduct funeral services this morning for Joseph Rosenthal the New York merchant born in Bavaria in 1816 who came to the United States in 1845 where he has operated the dry goods firm of J. Rosenthal & Co. for the last forty-five years.

1890: “In the New York Clubs” published today provides a snapshot of the exclusive private clubs including the five whose members are primarily Jewish — Harmonie, Progress, Fidelio, Metropolitan and Fredundschatt.

1890: In Philadelphia, PA, eighteen year old Roman Catholic Annie Eichert married Morris Stein who was Jewish – a union that Father Henry Dressman would try and put an end to when he told the family that she had to leave her husband because of his religion.

1890: It was reported today that Oscar Hammerstein’s “bold undertaking to establish grand opera in English permanently in New York City seems destined to succeed.”

1891: “An Indictment Russia” published today described events in the career of Jewish businessman Samuel Polyakov as well as their mistreatment at the hands of “the infamous” Count Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev.

1892: The Ladies’ Uptown Aid Society gave $50 to the Hebrew Orphan Asylum “in commemoration of the Columbian anniversary” and presented “a gold medal to Colonel Martin Cohen the leader of the Military Bond.”

1892: In Charleston, SC, Rabbi David Levy officiated at the wedding of Charles Levin of Georgetown, SC and Estell Rothstein.

1892: “No Belgian Jews Wanted” published today described the demand by the Russian Government that Belgian passports to be used by those wishing to visit Russia show their religion which would mean that Belgian Jews will either be denied admission or “treated to many indignities if they visit Russia.”  The Belgians have not responded since failure to comply will close Russia to Belgian businessmen.

1893: Birthdate of New York native Samuel Hamilton Kaufman, the NYU School of Law graduate and “a judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York” who presided over “the first trial of Alger Hiss for perjury.

1894: Plans were announced for the upcoming meeting of the United Hebrew Charities in New York City.

1894: According to a list published today, the Hebrew Orphan Asylum received $79,000 from the Board of Estimates and Apportionment in 1894 and is asking for $80,000 in 1895 while the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York Orphan Asylum received $82,000 in 1894 and is asking for $85,000 in 1895.

 1894: In Newark, NJ, “a double force” of policemen under the command of Captain Bergen are standing guard at the non-union hat factory of J.L. Kreidel which has been surrounded by “a mob” of angry Polish and Russian Jewish “hatters” who have been fired by Kreidel’s nephew.

1894: Count George Leo of Caprivi who defended the Jews against the attacks of the

Anti-Semites led by, among othesr Herr Zimmerman, completed his service as Chancellor of Germany.

1897(30thof Tishrei, 5658): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1897(30thof Tishrei, 5658): Forty-nine year old Rachel Nelson, the wife of Barnet Nelson and the daughter of Mrs. Isaac Bernstein passed away today in London.

1898: A Zionist Delegation led by Theodor Herzl arrives in the port of Yaffo (Jaffa). They visit Mikveh Israeland Rishon LeZion.

1898: Wisconsin native Louis C. Wolf was promoted to the rank of 1stLieutenant today.

1898: After visiting Nes Zionah, Rehovot and Herzl returns to Yaffo where he met with Reverend William Hechler.  William Hechler formed a committee of Christian Zionists to help move Russian Jewish refugees to Palestine after a series of pogroms. In 1884, Hechler wrote a pamphlet called “The Restoration of Jews to Palestine According to the Prophets.” A few years later, he befriended Theodor Herzl after reading Herzl’s book The Jewish State and joined Herzl to drum up support for Zionism. Hechler even arranged a meeting between Herzl and Kaiser Wilhelm II to discuss Herzl’s proposal to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. The two men remained close friends up until Herzl’s death in 1904.

1899: In Cincinnati, Alexander T. “Alex” Pappenheimer, the son of Marie and Leopold Pappenheimer and his wife Pauline Pappenheimer gave birth to Louis Pappenheimer the husband of Margaret Camille Pappenheimer.

1900: In Hellenthal, Germany, Bernhard Rothschild, the German born so of Sibilla Rothschild and his wife Henreitte gave birth to Martin Rothschild

1901(13th of Cheshvan, 5662): Lech-Lecha read for the first time during the Presidency of Teddy Roosevelt.

1902: Feminist, Suffragette and Social Activist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton passed away. She helped to create The Women’s Bible “a collection of essays by a committee of women intellectuals on passages of the Judeo-Christian scriptures that discuss women.” “Stanton and her contributors highlighted and heightened the role of the women” putting “particular emphasis on Miriam’s role in the quest for Jewish freedom, for instance” and “the important work of Deborah the judge.” At the same time she wrote, “We found nothing grand in the history of the Jews nor in the morals inculcated in the Pentateuch…. I know of no other books that     so fully teach the subjection and degradation of woman.”

1902: It was reported today that “The Russian Minister of Finance has forbidden” the buying and selling of “shares of the Jewish Colonial Trust” one of whose purposes is to “purchase land in Palestine.”

1903: Twenty-three year old Laura Hirschfeld, the daughter of Leopold Hirschfeld and Pauline Heilbronner married Siegfried Kurz and became Laura Kurz, the mother of Rudolph Kurz and a victim of the Nazis when died in the Riga Ghetto after being deported there in 1941.

1904: Birthdate of New York City native Harvey Schwamm who pursued a career in “banking and finance” and served as president of the American Trust Company while raised two children with his wife, the former Lillian Tverskoi” whom he married in 1924.

1904: “The Russian State’s Attorney is practically making the victims of the massacre at Gomel in the trial resulting from that massacre” which had begun on October 24 by claiming that the Christians rioters had been intimated by Jews who had taken self-defense measures following the Kishineff massacre.

1905; Norway becomes independent from Sweden. According to the census conducted at the turn of the century, there were 642 Jewish residents in a population totaling just over 2 million. In 1814, when control of Norway shifted from Denmark to Sweden, the Norwegians adopted “The Constitution of 1814 that contained “The Jew Clause” in the Constitution of 1814 which stated “No person of the Jewish creed may enter Norway, far less settle down there”.  The clause was repealed in 1851 which opened a trickle of Jewish immigration to Norwaywhile it was still part of Sweden.  In one of those quirks of history, the man most responsible for the repeal of the Jew Clause was the son of the man who led the fight to have included in the Constitution.

1905: In Melsungen, Hessen, Germany, Flora and Isaac Alfred Speier gave birth to Leo Speyer who was murdered at Auschwitz.

1906: Antoine Louis Targe who helped to clear Captain Dreyfus began serving as the Private Secretary to fellow Dreyfusard George Picquart.

1907: Twenty-two people were convicted today “for fomenting the pogrom at Nicolaief in October, 1903, a crime for which they were later pardoned.

1907: The Tennessee Volunteers coached by Izzy Levene continued their winning ways today defeating Maryville College bringing their record to 4 and 1.

1908(1st of Cheshvan 5669) Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1908: It was reported today that Rabbi S. Stephen Wise had asserted in his Sunday sermon that “a Jewish organization is not needed to maintain Jewish rights” because “we have no especial Jewish rights to safeguard and to conserve” and only “insist that there be no violation of the American spirit of fair play and justice.

1908: At political rally in Brooklyn, William H. Taft, the Republican Party candidate for President, took issue with Samuel Gomper’s assertion that he will deliver the vote of labor for William Jennings Bryan.

1909: The new ballroom of the Hotel Astor is the scene of an event celebrating the 25thanniversary of the founding of the Montefiore Home Gifts aggregating $101,500 were announced tonight as the birthday presents to the Montifore Home where . B.J. Greenhut, announces that gifts totaling $101,500 have been donated to support the institution. Greenhut, Chairman of the committee sponsoring the event, said that although he had not been authorized to make public the amount of the gifts and the names of the generous friends, he felt the occasion demanded it. The audience broke into applause when it was announced that J.H. Schiff had donated $50,000 to this worthy cause.

1910(23rd of Tishrei, 5671): Simchat Torah

1910: The sanity hearing for Anna Volinsky, who had had told Directors of the Montefiore Home that Mandel Kaufman had illegally been receiving “one half of the contributions of new patrons of the home and one quarter of the dues she had collected from old subscribers” was scheduled to continue today.

1911:  Birthdate of Minneapolis native Sidney ‘Sid” Gillman the Ohio State University football player who went to a successful college and NFL coaching career.

1911: The Daily News reported that the Orthodox Jews in Batavia, NY “purchased a house at 232 Liberty Street to use as a synagogue.

1911: By an order of the Governor all Jews in the Russian Provinceof Ekaterinoslaff are subject to expulsion with some minor exceptions.

1912: As a result of the First Balkan War, Thessalonikibecomes part of modern day Greece. The leaders of the Jewish Community are immediately received by King George I and the Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos who promised to respect the rights of the community and offered full equality in the eyes of the Law.

1912:  Birthdate of movie director Don Siegel, the native of Chicago who directed Clint Eastwood in several of his finest films.

1913: During the First Balkan War, Bulgarian forces begin bombarding the city of Adrianople in what will become the Siege of Adrianople which would last until March of 1914.  Three thousand of the city’s Jews sought shelter in the local schools while another 9,200 were left with no place to go.

1913: Louis Marshall denied tonight that he would have any involvement Governor William Sulzer’s planned appeal of the decision of the High Court of Impeachment. Marshall, a prominent lawyer and leader of the Jewish Community, had reluctantly agree to represent the embattled governor.

1913: Rabbi Rudolph I. Coffee expressed his displeasure over the support that many New York rabbis had given to Governor Sulzer during his recent impeachment trial.  Coffee felt that there involvement in this partisan political issue compromised their roles as spiritual leaders of the Jewish people especially when one considers the sleazy nature of the Tammany and anti-Tammany forces.  Coffee, the rabbi at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, has been visiting the city during the trial. He ended his comments by saying that “these Rabbis have hurt their religion and they certainly do not each nor practice its ideals.”

1913: Temple Sinai (First Hebrew Congregation of Oakland) broke ground at 28th and Webster on its new building which was completed in 1914.

1914: Twenty four year old Louis Weinstein “a British subject from Cape Town” arrived in New York today aboard the SS Voltaire “without funds” which resulted in him becoming a charge of the HIAS.

1914: “Brandeis Speaks on Zionism” published today described a speech by the Boston lawyer who said that Zionist movement “must be considered by the Jews of American not only from the point of view of their own platform but from that of the needs born of the war” which meant that Palestine could a welcome refuge to the Jews of Eastern Europe “relieving in part the inevitable heavy immigration that otherwise must flow from the devastated battlefield countries to the United States.”

1915: The R.II “a large three-bay biplane” which was a prototype bomber built by Siemens, “a leading corporate participant in Hitler’s “death through work program;” with slave labor factories at the following death camps: Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Flossenberg, Gross Rosen, Mauthausen, Neuengamme, Ravensbruck, & Sachsenhausen” was flown for the first time today.

1916: After reading the report of his Adjutant General that while there while statements had been that Christians were preferred as members of the National Guard and some of those connected with recruitment had admitted to “a distinct bias against Jewish applicants” “the evidence does not show a general prevalence of discrimination” when it comes to recruiting Jewish members of the  National Guard, Government Whitman issued additional orders stating that “no applicant shall be rejected on account of his race or religion” and that “it shall be the duty of officers charged with making enlistments to see that their subordinates are free from such bias or prejudice…”

1916: In New York City, Hipolit and Anna Firko gave birth to Vivian Firko who gained fame as the Clarence Derwent Award winning actress Vivian Nathan, the wife of Nathan Schwalb.

1916: “Maurice Simmons, Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the Good Name of Immigrant Peoples released a statement in answer to the findings of Adjutant General Louis W. Stotesbury that Jews are not discriminated against” when trying to enlist in the National Guard that took issue with the outcome because the complaint was not that there was a “general prevalence of discrimination against Jews” but that the prejudice “existed in certain units.”

1916: Ten days after the Brownsville Clinic opened Fania Mindell was among those arrested by undercover agents because they are providing education about, and distributing, birth control materials.

1917(10th of Cheshvan, 5678): J.H. Valentine, the  rabbi of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in Manchester who preferred to be called “Reverend” and who was tireless worker for the Anglicization of Jewish immigrants from Russia as can be seen by his statement “The Manchester Working Men’s Club” would not be a “place for dry sermons and must history” but would instead “raise the tone of our poor brethren by instilling into them habits of industry, thrift, education them in the language and customs of the country whiter they come have come to seek an asylum” passed away today in Manchester.

1917: In England, The Times “published a leading article attacking” the government for its repeated delays in issuing a statement support the Zionist cause. Ironically, the delay was caused, in part, by the concern among some English Jews that support for Zionism would call into question their loyalty to the Crown.

1917: In Kostroma, “The Black Hundreds accused Jews of speculation” which was the justification for the looting of Jewish shops by those looking for food.

1917: In Poltava and Oryol, the militia and other “local organizations” put down attacks on Jews accused of speculating that raised the cost of food.

1917(10th of Cheshvan, 5678): Eight Jews were killed and another twenty were wounded “in an outbreak of anti-Jewish violence” at Pereyaslav.

1918(20th of Cheshvan, 5679): Parashat Vayera

1918(20th of Cheshvan, 5679: Today during WW I, 23 year old Sergeant William Sawelson,  a Sergeant, Company M, 312th Infantry, 78th Division, AEF, United States Army “upon his own initiative, left shelter, crawled through heavy machine gun fire to a wound man lay, gave him what water he had in his own canteen and went back to the shell hole in which he had been lying, obtained more water and was killed by a machine gun bullet while returning to aid is wounded comrade. (Editor’s Note – he was posthumously awarded “the Medal of Honor for valor in combat.)

1919: In Philadelphia, Solomon and Dora (Levin) Pressman gave birth to Jacob “Jack” Pressman the graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Jewish Theological Seminary who “served as the rabbi of Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles for 35 years and who was “a co-founder of the American Jewish University in Bel-Air

1920: It was reported today that Professor Chaim Weizmann has “said the Zionist executive body was negotiating with the British Government for the acquisition of some state ground in Palestine and had plans for the cultivation of vast areas of soil which were at present barren wastes.”

1921: “The Wandering Jew,” a play “based on the ancient legend of the Wandering Jew” produced by David Belasco and A.L. Erlanger opened tonight at the Knickerbocker Theatre.

1922: Judge Bernard A. Rosenblatt, the accredited representative for Tel Aviv in the United States announced that “Harvey Fisk & Sons, Inc have been appointed commercial and fiscal agency in the United States for Tel Aviv, the modern section of Jaffa which is the principal port of Palestine.”  The announcement is important to commercial interests in the United States since Jaffa has become the principal port in Asia Minor following the destruction of Smyrna.

1923(16th of Cheshvan, 5684): Rabi A.L. Zachs passed away today in Brooklyn.

1923: As the Klan grew stronger and more violent as could be seen by blind-fold whipping administered to Philip Rothblum in March of 1922, a headline in today’s Dallas News reported that “Klan Day at the Fair: Great Throngs Participate in Colorful Klan Initiation at the Fair Park”

1924: The Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies is scheduled to begin a campaign today to raise $1,250,000 which is part of “the drive to defray the deficit on a $3,645,000 budged used for the maintenance of 91 philanthropic institutions” in New York City.

1925: “Lax conduct and immodest dressing of women were denounced today at the final session of the Union of Jewish Orthodox Congregations at the Jewish Centre, 131 West Eighty-fifth Street, when adopted a resolution urging Jewish women to abide by their religious code and while attending synagogue “to be attired in such manner as not to conflict with the holiness of the place.”

1926: In Paris, France, the trial of Sholom Schwartzbard comes to an end. A jury of 12 petit-bourgeois Parisians acquitted the Ukrainian-born Jewish immigrant and anarchist of the charge of murder for shooting to death former Ukrainian president Symon Petliura.

1926: Birthdate of Shoredtich (section of East End, London) native Lou Meyers who served with the Royal Marines during WW II, Machel in Iserael from 1948 to 1950 and in Korea from 1950 to 1952.

1927(30th of Tishrei, 5688): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1927(30th of Tishrei, 5688): Seventy-seven year old Frederick de Sola Medndes, the Jamaican born son of of Rabbi Abraham Pereira Mendes, grandson of Rabbi David Aaron de Sola, great-grandson of Haham Raphael Meldola and brother of Rabbi Henry Pereira Mendes who served as the Rabbi at New York’s West End Synagogue for over forty years after having begun his career at the Great St. Helen’s Synagogue in London, passed away today.

1928: “Suzy Saxophone” a French-German silent film featuring Herman Picha and filmed by cinematographer Otto Heller was released today.

1929(22nd of Tishrei, 5690): Shimini Atzeret and Shabbat

1929(22nd of Tishrei, 5690): Sixty-three year old Abraham Mortiz “Aby” Warburg, a member of the famed German banking family who turned his back on the family business and alternate plans to enter the rabbinate to become a leader in the field of art history passed away today in his home town of Hambrug.

1930(4th of Cheshvan, 5691): Ninety year old Waldemar Mordecai Wolff Haffkine the Russian born bacteriologist who developed “vaccines used against cholera and bubonic plague” and who not only refused to convert to advance his career but was active in Jewish affairs, passed away today.

1931: In Manhattan, Romanian Jewish immigrants gave birth to their second child Larry Lieber, the “American comic book artist and writer” who was nine years younger than his brother “Stanley Martin Lieber, later best known as Marvel Comics editor and impresario Stan Lee.”

1931(15th of Cheshvan, 5692): Sixty-nine year old George Washington Ochs-Oaks the son of Bertha and Julius Ochs a member of the Ochs family of New York Times whose varied career included serving as newspaper reporter, a member of the New York National Guard during WW I and may of Chattanooga, TN passed away today.

1932: The Canada Dry Program, starring Jack Benny was broadcast for the last time on the NBC Blue Network

1932: “Scampolo,” a comedy film produced by Lothat Stark who would be forced to seek refuge in Copenhagen when the Nazis come to power, with a script by Max Kolpe, Felix Salten and Billy Wilder and music by Artur Guttman and Franz Waxman was released today in Germany by Bavaria Film.

1933: While “both the Arab Executive and the polices are completing arrangements for tomorrow’s mass protest “ against Jewish immigration “the district commissioner of Jaffa and Jerusalem warned newspaper editors today against agitation or issuing special editions, threatening to invoke the press laws against all transgressors.”

1934: Featherweight Harry Blitman fought his 77th and final bout today in Philadelphia.

1935(29th of Tishrei, 5696): Parashat Bereshit

1935: In Berlin, “the Propaganda Ministry said today that all Jewish names would be eliminated from future war memorials but that those already erected would not be touched.

1935: The body of gangster Arthur (Dutch Schultz) Flegenheimer whose wife was Catholic and whose mother Mrs. Emma Neu Flegenheimer is an Orthodox Jew remained unclaimed today.

1936: Birthdate of Deborah Tobias Portiz, the Brooklyn native who was the first woman to serve as the Attorney General of New Jersey and the first Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

1936: The Church of England issued its “first pronouncement on the agitation by Sir Oswald Mosley’s Fascist movement” today “branding the recent East End disturbances as ‘monstrous’” while the London Diocesan Conference adopted a resolution “urging Christians not to tolerate anti-Semitisms.”

1936: As part of the efforts of the Nazi regime’s “efforts to enforce its discriminator laws against Jews in other countries as well as in Germany,” “The Juridical Weekly” announced that the foreign department of the National Socialist Association “has established a world register of ‘Aryan’ lawyers abroad” who “are fitted to represent German interests abroad” while issuing a warning to “all Germans against employing Jewish lawyers in other countries.

1937: Alexander Korda, British film producer, arrived in New York today on the French liner-Ile de France so he could continue negotiations for the purchase of control of the United Artists Distributing Corporation.

1938: “The Gestapo was ordered to arrest and deport all Polish Jews living in Germany immediately resulting in the arrest of 12,000 Polish Jews who were “stripped of their property and herded aboard trains headed for Poland.”

1939: The Nazis prohibited Sh’chita in Polandsupposedly on humanitarian grounds.

1939: The Nazis abolished its military government in Poland.  It is replaced by the Military Generalgouvernment under the command of Hans Frank. In his first speech he announced that “there will be no room for . . . Jewish exploiters in a territory under German sovereignty.”

1939: The Labor Department of the Generalgouvernement of Occupied Poland issues the Arbeitspflicht (Work obligation) decree, which makes slave labor mandatory for all Polish men and women over the age of 14 and under age 60.

1939: Birthdate of University of Iowa Economics Professor Michael Balch.

1939: Following a plan devised by Adolf Eichmann, the Nazis deport and “resettle” some 78,000 Jews to a “reservation” located in the Lublin-Nisko region of southeast Poland in a three and half month period ending in the middle of February, 1940.  The project is temporarily suspended when rolling rail stock is needed for German military campaigns against the Low Countries.

1940(24th of Tishrei, 5701): Parashat Bereshit

1940: Five hundreds Jewish refugees, “including 124 women and nine children” whose Bulgarian steamer Pentcho foundered on rocks in the Aegean Sea yesterday, are still being sheltered on Italian islands after the Rumanian, Turkish and Greek authorities refused to grant them permission to land.

1940: It was announced today that Lt. Gen. Sir Archibald Wavell, the commander of Britain’s Middle East Forces, “who commanded troops in Palestine in 1937” has been promoted to the rank of “full general.”

1941: “The Hebrew Principals Association observed its 30th anniversary” tonight “with a dinner at the Hotel Newton” which “honored Israel Konovitz, retiring president and Harry Handler, vice president” who were founders of the association.

1941: After the Odessa Action which started on October 23 and ended on October 25 leaving 20,000 murdered Jews, another 10,000 more were sent to various concentration camps from that City.

1941: Cardinal Emmanuel Célestin Suhard, the Archbishop of Paris “addressed a dispatch to Hitler” in an attempt “to save hostages in Nantes and Châteaubriant.


1941: Germans inform Jews of Kalisz, Poland, that elderly Jews in convalescent homes are to be moved to another home the next day

1942: Nineteen year old warehouse worker Simon Levinson was arrested today in Oslo, a month before he was deported on the Donau which took him Auschwitz where he was murdered in 1943


1942: Birthdate of The Rev. Lawrence Boadt, a Roman Catholic priest, publisher and Bible scholar who used his study of the Old Testament as a vehicle for promoting understanding between Christians and Jews,

1942: In Oszmiana, Poland, 400 Jews were deported. To save the remaining 600, the head of the ghetto decided to send only the old so to make up the quota.

1943: At the Janowska camp in Lvov, the Nazis continued to shoot Jews and burn them on pyres. After the mothers and children would undress, the Germans would swing small children, smashing their heads into trees until they died. All this was done in front of the mothers who themselves would be beaten, hung or shot.

1943: Seventy-nine year old Sir Marc Aurel Stein, the Budapest born Jew who became a Lutheran to advance his career as an archaeologist passed away today in Kabul while on the last of his many expeditions to Central Asia.

1943: Three thousand Jews are deported from Kovno, Lithuania, to the slave-labor camp at Klooga, Estonia.

1944(9th of Cheshvan, 5705): Sixty-five-year old Russian born Jersey City, NJ tobacco dealer, the husband of Sarah Jacobs and the father of Maurice, Allen, Samuel and Charles suffered a fatal heart attack today.

1944: “Ira Hisrchman, the department store executive and philanthropist who recently returned from turkey where he was a representative of the War Refugee Board declared” tonight at a dinner of the Metropolitan Zionist Fund in the Waldorf-Astoria that “it was only through the intercession of the United States Government that the rescue of thousands of Jews from the Balkans was effected.

1945: “Fallen Angel” directed and produced by Otto Preminger and with music by David Raskin was released in the United States today.

1946(1st of Cheshvan, 5707): Parashat Noach; Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1946: Kurt Daluege, former SS-Obergruppenführer and deputy Reichsprotektorof Bohemiaand Moravia, is hanged in Prague, Czechoslovakia, after being convicted of war crimes.

1946: “A Jewish agency spokesman said today the inner Zionist Council would call on Palestine Jews…to take certain specified measures in cooperation with the Government against the use of violence…” The move was part of bargain to gain the release of 700 Jews who have been held by the British without charges or trial since last June.  Among those who would be released is Moshe Shertok, head of the Jewish Agency’s political department.”  The deal would also allow Moshe Sneh head of the Haganah and David Ben-Gurion to return to Palestine from France where they have endured a self-imposed exile in an attempt to avoid imprisonment by the British.

1946: Holocaust survivor and future French political leader Simone Annie Liline Jacob became Simone Veil when she married Antoine Veil whom she met while study law at the University of Paris.

1947: In Washington, DC dedication of the Oscar S. Straus Memorial which “commemorates the accomplishments” of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of Commerce and Labor and “the first Jew to serve in the cabinet of a U.S President.”,_Justice_-_Washington,_D.C..jpg

1947: The British ended their occupation of Iraq.  The British departure made it possible for the Arab population to move against the Jews of Iraq.  The situation would only grow worse once the Israelis defeated the Arab Armies, including the Iraqis the following year.  However, the violence against the Jews began before the UN partition and before there was a state Israel.

1947: Arabian King Ibn Saud warned President Harry Truman that American support of partition of Palestine was an unfriendly and useless act.  “The Arabs will isolate such a state from the world and lay siege to it until it dies by famine.”

1947: The day before the Hollywood 10 began testifying, the anti-HUAC celebrities aired the first of a two-part national broadcast called “Hollywood Fights Back!,” co-written by Norman Corwin and Robert Presnell Jr., and featuring Garland, Kelly, Bacall, “Bogie,” Robinson, Lancaster, Henreid, John Beal and William Holden. HUAC’s investigation into the Communist influence in the film business was tainted in many ways including a predilection for anti-Semitism.

1948(23rd of Tishrei, 5709): Simchat Torah

1948(23rd of Tishrei, 5709: Shumel Aharon Fumkin, the son of Leib Fumkin and Sheina Hodess and father of Haim Yakov Frumkin, passed away today on London.

1948: “The Return of October” a comedy directed by Joseph H. Lewis and script co-authored by Melvin Frank was released in the United States today.

1948: Today, “in a public ceremony at naval headquarters in Haifa Prime Minister David Ben Gurion appointed Kvarnit Shulman to the postial of commander in chief of the Israeli Naval Service” which meant that the twenty-six and half year old former U.S. Navy Lieutenant “could not assume the title of Aluf or admiral.”

1949: “The Conference on the Church and the Jewish People called on Protestant churches today to denounce anti-Semitism, and recommended that Jews be included in evangelistic work of Christian missions and parishes.”

1949: “Abe Stark, Republican-Liberal-City Fusion candidate for Borough President of Brooklyn, charged today that his Democratic opponent, Borough President John Cashmore, had injected the religious issue into the Brooklyn campaign and was seeking to ride back into office on “the coat tails” of former Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, Democratic-Liberal candidate for United States Senator.

1949: Today, Eliahu Elath, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, presented “an Ark of Silver and copper” to President Truman which will the Torah that President Chaim Weizman  had presented to his American counterpart when he was in the United States last May.

1950: Sixty-one year old Miguel Mariano Gómez who as President of Cuba in 1936 negotiated with Congressman William I Sirovich about the possibility of “Cuba opening her doors to at least 100,000 persecuted German Jews” passed away today.

1951: “The Blue Veil” a dramatic film directed by Curtis Bernhardt with a screenplay by Norman Corwin and music by Franz Waxman which had premiered in September was released in the United States today by RKO.

1951: Emanuel “Manny” Shinwell, Baron Shinwell completed his service Minister of Defense when the Labor Party was defeated in the “snap election” of 1951.

1951: Winston Churchill “became Prime Minister for the second time.” Chaim Weizmann, the first President of Israel, sends a message of genuine congratulations.  In his reply, Churchill refers to the Zionist leader as “my old friend.”

1951: Esta Greenberg and Jack Schnabel gave birth to American artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel in Brooklyn.  He grew up in Brownsville, Texas.  Such a culture clash must have had an effect on his artistic creativity.

1954(29th of Tishrei, 5715): Eighty-eight year old Jennie Wallenstein Kohnstamm the oldest child of Esther Hellman Wallenstein, the founding president of the Hebrew Infant Asylum, passed away today.

1955: The last American occupation troops left Austria and Austria enacts laws of proclaiming permanent neutrality.  The American occupation had been a rather benign affair since the Austrians had been declared the first victim of Nazi aggression rather than a willing partner of the Third Reich.  Considering the number of Austrian Nazis, the number of Austrians who served in with the German military and the zeal with Austrian Nazis attacked and helped to exterminate the Jewish population, this was a total misreading of the situation. 

1955(10th of Cheshvan, 5716): “An Egyptian raid today against the small Israeli post at Be’erotaim resulted in the killing of one Israeli soldier and the capture of two others

1955: “A large force of Egyptian soldiers reinforced with artillery, armor and anti-aircraft cannon, took up positions on both sides of the demilitarized zone near Sabcha and Ras-Siram” with “elements of the Egyptian force penetrating one kilometer into Israeli territory and entrenching themselves near a strategic hill, code-named “Lilly” by the Israelis.”

1956: “The Opposite Sex” a romantic comedy produced by Joe Pasternak, with a screenplay by Fay and Michael Kanin and music by Nicholas Brodszky, Sammy Cahn, Ralph and George Stoll was released in the United States today.

1956: “The Brave One” directed by Irving Rapper and produced by Frank King who risked a lot by allowing one of those on the Blacklist to write the script was released today in the United States.

1956: “The 202nd Paratroopers Brigade, under the command of Ariel Sharon, is assigned to drop a paratrooper regiment in the Mitla Pass in Sinai and to lead the rest of the brigade forces via land to the landing zone in the Mitla Pass. Sharon is not aware that the task of his brigade is chiefly to deceive the Egyptian army (so it would seem as though IDF is carrying out a limited scope type of action) and to supply the pretext for the involvement of Britain and France.”

1957(1st of Cheshvan, 5718):  Dr. Gerty Theresa Cori, the first Jewish-American woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology passed away today at the age of 61.  An internationally known biochemist she and her husband Dr. Carl F. Cori and Dr. B.A. Houssay shared the 1947 Nobel Prize.

1958: Sixty-five year old architect László Hudec Hungary’s honorary consul in Shanghai during WW II who helped Jewish refugees from Europe by issuing them passports to ravel safely to Canada and the United States passed away today.

1959: “Burning Bright” produced by Lewis Freedman and Henry Weinstein was broadcast today as “The Play of the Week.”

1959:  Dr. Arthur Kornberg is awarded the Nobel Prize Physiology or Medicine 1959 for his discovery of “the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)” together with Dr. Severo Ochoa of New York University.

1960: “The 49th Cousin” starring Menasha Skulnik as “Isaac,” Marian Winters as “Tracy Lowe” and Eli Mintz as “Simon Lowe” opened on Broadway at the Ambassador Theatre.

1962: Today, Hal “Prince married Judy Chaplin, daughter of composer and musical director Saul Chaplin, and the mother of  Daisy Prince, a director, and Charles Prince, a conductor.

1963(8thof Cheshvan, 5724): Parashat Lech-Lecha

1963: “The New York Board of Rabbis has asked its 800 members in the metropolitan area to pay special tribute in their sermons today to the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York.”

1965: “The first Broadway performance of” Peter Shaffer’s “The Royal Hunt of the Sun” “took place at the ANTA Playhouse.”

1966(12thof Cheshvan, 5727): WW II Navy veteran and land developer Norman Lazarus, the lifelong Bayonne, NJ resident and President of the Mercury Construction Company who was the husband of Sylvia Grozansky Lazarus and the father of Mark, Steven and Michael Lazarus passed away today.

1967: “Wait Until Dark” a thriller starring Alan Arkin “as a violent criminal searching for drugs” was released in the United States by Warner Brothers-Seven Arts.

1967: A production of Lillian Hellman’s “Little Foxes” directed by “Mike Nichols, a third cousin twice removed of scientist Albert Einstein, through Nichols’ mother” opened today “at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in Lincoln Center.”

1970(26thof Tishrei, 5731): Sixty-nine year old Kiev native Louis “Kid” Kaplan the resident of Connecticut who also fought under the name of Benny Miller and “was the world featherweight champion in 1925 and 1926 passed away today.

1970: Sixty year old Louis Mundheim Gerstenfeld, the widow of Dr. Norman Gerstenfeld, the powerhouse Rabbi at Washington Hebrew Congregation passed away today.

1972:  Dutifully playing his part to ensure the re-election of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger declares “Peace is at hand” in Vietnam.  The November elections would come and go and the war would drag on.

1972: Birthdate of Iowa City native Jessica Sharzer, the multi-talented film creator who was awarded The Horror Writers Association Bram Stocker Award for Superior Achievement in a Screenplay in 2011.

1973(30th of Tishrei, 5734): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1973: Fire broke out in a store in Malverne, NY owned by Arthur Shilkret, the son of Nathaniel Shlkret, the creator the Genesis Suite.

1973: In violation of the ceasefire agreement, the Egyptian Third Army attempted to breakthrough surrounding Israeli; an attempt that was thwarted by the IDF and the IAF.

1973:  West German authorities arrested 4 Arabs armed with explosives.

1974: “Israel and the River Plate,” published today, C. L. Sulzberger writes from Herzliya that “it would probably astonish most people to know that Israel counts on Argentina as potentially the largest remaining source of Jewish immigration that can answer this dynamic little country’s constant clamor for more people.” To make things even better, the Argentinean Jewish community would provide an already-educated cadre of immigrants.

1975“A Talk With Amos Oz,” by Hebert Mitgang published today provides interesting insights into the life and thoughts of one Israel’s most prominent authors:

1975: As Arab states seek to recoup their losses from the Yom Kippur War, the Syrian Minister of Defense arrived in Budapest today.

1976: Yorkshire Television broadcast “Success” the fifth episode of “Dickens of London” with music by Monty Norman.

1978(25th of Tishrei, 5739): Alexander Gerschenkron a Russian-born American Jewish economic historian and professor at Harvard who was trained in the Austrian School of economics passed away. He is the grandfather of author Nicholas Dawidoff

1978(25th of Tishrei, 5739): Eighty-one year old William Jacob Mack, Sr. the son of Lydia and Millard William Mack, who was married to Henritte L. Segal before marrying Grace Bernice Mack passed away today in his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio.

1984: Birthdate of Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen.

1984: “Firstborn” a drama that marked the film debut of Corey Haim and co-starring Sarah Jessica Parker was released in the United States today.

1984: “Body Double” a mystery movie featuring Al Israel with a script by Robert J. Avrech, a graduate of Brooklyn’s Yeshiva of Flatbush was released today in the United States today.

1986(23rd of Tishrei, 5747): Simchat Torah

1988: NBC broadcast the first episode of “Tattingers” created by Bruce Paltrow and co-starring Jerry Stiller and Rob Morrow.

1989: In Great Britain, Nigel Lawson completed his term as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

1990(7th of Cheshvan, 5751: William Paley, the founder and CEOof CBS died of a heart attack at the age of 89. (As reported by Jeremy Gerard)

1992: In a case of “Jew versus Jew” Frank Rich reviews David Mamet’s “Oleanna.”

1992: Today, “President George H.W. Bush signed into law the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act” which made Zapruder’s film of the JFK assassination an official “assassination record” and the official property of the United States Government – a designation which the Zapruder contested claiming that it belonged to the family and demanding that it be returned to them.

1992: The Timesquoted Jewish born financier George Soros as saying: “Our total position by Black Wednesday had to be worth almost $10 billion. We planned to sell more than that. In fact, when Norman Lamont said just before the devaluation that he would borrow nearly $15 billion to defend sterling, we were amused because that was about how much we wanted to sell.”

1993(11thof Cheshvan, 5754): Eighty-five-year-old Yale Law School student and Yale School of Architecture graduate turned composer lyricist Harold Jacob Rome, the Hartford CT born son of Louis and Ida Aronson Rome and husband of Florence Miles whose career took after the premiere of Pins and Needles in 1936 and include I Can Get It for You Wholesale, the 1962 hit the marked the Broadway debut of Barbra Streisand passed away today.

1994: Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel and Prime Minister Abdel Salam Majali of Jordan signed a peace treaty in a ceremony attended by President Clinton.

1994: Dame Shirley Porter, “the daughter and heir of Sir Jack Cohen, the founder of Tesco supermarkets” completed her services as Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London.

1995:  Fathi Shikaki, a leader of the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad was assassinated while staying on the island of Malta.  It is claimed that Mossad agents were responsible for his death.

1997: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or on topics of special Jewish interesting including Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin, The Stolen Legacy of Anne Frank: Meyer Levin, Lillian Hellman, and the Staging of the ”Diary” by Ralph Melnick and Panther in the Basement by Amos Oz; translated by Nicholas de Lange.

1997: “Before Women Had Wings” a made for television movie for which Ellen Barkin won an Emmy was released in Canada today.

1998: Rededication of the Oscar Straus Memorial in Washington, DC.

1999: Eighty-eighty year old author and screenwriter Abraham Polonsky, one of the many victims of Hollywood’s Blacklist passed away today. (As reported by William Honan)

2000: Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for today’s bombing in the Gaza Strip.

2001(9th of Cheshvan, 5762): Ninety-six year old Laszlo Halasz, the Hungarian born musician who served as the first director of the New York City Opera in which capacity he mounted the first performance of “The Dybbuk,” a three act opera by David Tamkin. (As reported by Allan Kozinn)

2002: Following a suicide attack that killed 14 people, Israeli forces “supported by tanks and other armored vehicles” moved into Jenin in search of the terrorist cell response for this latest artoricyt.

2003: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or on topics of special Jewish interesting including And the Dead Shall Rise:  The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank by Steve Oney and Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life by Caroline Moorehead.

2004: Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco celebrates its 60th anniversary.

2004:Israel‘s parliament approved Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.

2005(23rd of Tishrei, 5766): Simchat Torah

2005: Jerry Reinsdorf’s Chicago White Sox won the World Series replacing Theo Epstein’s Red Sox at the top of the major league heap.

2005: Avram Grant announced his resignation as the coach of Israel’s national football team.

2005(23rd of Tishrei, 5766): A suicide bomber who had been relased from an Israeli prison a month ago, struck in Hadera wounding 55 and killing five — Michael Koifman, 68, of Hadera; Perahiya Makhlouf, 53, of Hadera;; Sabiha Nissim, 66, of moshav Ahituv; Jamil Mohammed Ka’adan, 48, of Baqa al-Gharbiyye; Ya’akov Rahmani, 68, of Hadera; Genia Poleis, 66, of Hadera and Larissa Grishchenko, 39, of Hadera

2006: A concert entitled “The Yiddish Voice of Love: Songs of Beyle Shaechnter-Gottesmanon ” is presented at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. 

2007: The New York Timesfeatured a review of World War IV: The Long Struggle against Islamofasacism by Norman Podhoretz.

2007: In the evening, five kassam rockets fired by the Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip landed in open fields south of Ashkelon and near Sderot.

2007: “Before the Devil Knowns You’re Dead” the last film directed by Sidney Lumet was released in the United States today.

2008: Rutgers University presents a lecture on the psychological effects of terrorism on Israelis entitled “Does the War End When the Shooting Stops?” by Zahava Solomon, director of the Adler Research Center for Child Welfare & Protection at Tel Aviv University.

2008: The Center for Jewish History presents Jewish Youth and Cultural Change:
A Conference on Rethinking American Jewish History which brings together historians, anthropologists, and scholars of culture in order to reflect on the ways in which young Jews experienced their lives as Jews and Americans over the past two centuries, and how communal and cultural change were reflected in anxieties about Jewish youth.

2008: The Washington Post features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or on topics of special Jewish interesting including My Father’s Paradise:A Son’s Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraqby Ariel Sabar, Hitler’s Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life by Timothy W. Ryback, and the paperback edition of Janet Malcolm’s dual biography of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, entitled Two Liveswhich is “a meditation on literature and morality, built around the disquieting fact that Stein and Toklas, both Jewish, remained in Europe throughout World War II without either hiding or being swept up in the Holocaust.”

2008: Kadima leader Tzipi Livni announced that her efforts to build a coalition government were unsuccessful, and recommended that early general elections be held. Livni made the announcement at a press conference held at the president’s residence in Jerusalem, Beit Hanassi, where she arrived at 5:30 meet with President Shimon Peres.

2009: The Center for Jewish History and The Center for Traditional Music and Dance present “Celebrating a Lifetime in Yiddish Song,”  conversation and performance featuring Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, America’s leading Yiddish poet and songwriter, who will be joined by her son Itzik Gottesman, Associate Editor of the Yiddish Forward.

2009: Steven D. Levitt (a professor of economics at the University of Chicago) and Stephen J. Dubner (a former writer and editor at the New York Times Magazine) discuss their new book, “SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance,” in a program at The Washington Post Conference Center.

2009: At The Hyman S. & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival Melvin Urofsky discusses “Louis D. Brandeis: A Life,” his biography of the Supreme Court Justice (which is the annual Bernard Wexler Lecture on Jewish History)

2009: An activist in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Eda Haredit community was conditionally released from prison today, a day after his arrest for allegedly spraying an ultra-Orthodox woman with tear gas in the capital’s Mea She’arim neighborhood. Yoel Kraus was arrested after the woman filed a police complaint.

2010: According to Sally Kohn “3 things Progressive and Tea Partiers can agree on are “ensuring clean elections,” “ending bailouts and subsidies for Big Business” and the abolition of “Corporate parenthood.”

2010: George Soros donated $1 million, the largest donation in the campaign, to the Drug Policy Alliance to fund Proposition 19 that would have legalized marijuana in the state of California if it had passed

2010: Sam Brylawski is scheduled to deliver a lecture styled Emile Berliner: Inventor of the Gramophone, Part II that is a follow up to an earlier lecture on the life of Jewish-German immigrant Emile Berlinerwho “emigrated as a young man from Hannover to Washington in 1870 and became famous internationally for his many inventions and business acumen.”

2010: The Historic 6th & I Synagogue is scheduled to host Challah & Chutney: An Indian Jewish cooking class where Shulie Madnick, an Indian Jewish food blogger, provides lessons in how to prepare a vegetarian Indian meal, traditional to the Jewish community of India.

2010: The annual trade show of the kosher food industry opened today at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J.

2011: A program featuring a discussion “Odessa: Genius and Death in a City of Dreams” by Charles Kings is scheduled to take place at the Hyman S & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival in Washington, D.C.

2011: Rabbi Nissan Antine, the Associate Rabbi and Director of Education at Beth Sholom Congregation, is scheduled to lead a class entitled Responsa of the Holocaust at the JCC of Greater Washington.

2011: The International Conference on the Life and Work of Israeli author Aharon Applefeld is scheduled to open at the University of Pennsylvania.

2011: Former Shin Bet security service director Yuval Diskin defended Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas today, saying that Abbas is against terrorism

2011: In excerpts of an interview released today from an upcoming interview on Sixty Minutes, the wife of the financial swindler Bernard Madoff claims that the couple attempted suicide by taking pills on Christmas Eve 2008 after his estimated $65 billion Ponzi scheme was exposed.  The attempt, which she described as “impulsive” left her “glad” that “we woke up.” 

2011: Three Grad rocket were fired from the Gaza Strip at the Ashdod and Bnei Aish areas shortly before midnight today.  .

2012(10th of Cheshvan, 5773): Fifty-one year old television producer and comedy writer Alan Kirschenbaum passed away today.,0,2908921.story

2012(10th of Cheshvan, 5773): Eight year old Arnold Greenberg, the founder of Snapple passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2012: Israeli Cellist Elad Kabilio is schedule to lead the musical accompaniment to tonight’s performance of the Ballet Next Ensemble at the Joyce Theatre.

2012: “The Other Son” a film about “two young men–one Israeli, the other Palestinian–who discover they were accidentally switched at birth and the complex repercussions facing them and their respective families” is scheduled to appear for the first time in selected theatres in the United States.

2012: The British government opposed the establishment of the Nuremberg war crimes tribunals at the end of the second world war because it wanted selected Nazi leaders to be summarily executed and others to be imprisoned without trial, according to a contemporary account that was declassified today.

2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tie-up with far-right coalition partner Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman could backfire by eroding their lead ahead of Israel’s Jan. 22 ballot, a poll said today. Read more:

2012: “Orchestra of Exiles,” a documentary that tells the tale of Bronislaw Huberman’s effort to create what became the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra opened today in New York.

2012: Sonja Spear is scheduled to give a talk about Halloween in America after the Shabbat Dinner being held at the University of Iowa Hillel House in Iowa City, Iowa.

2013: “Channel 2 (Reshet)” released the first episode of “The X Factor Israel.”

2013: Beginning of Jewish Book Month 2013 sponsored by the Jewish Book Council

2013: Sidney A. Katz closed Wolfson’s Department Store on East Diamond Avenue in Gaithersburg, MD which had been started in 1918 by is grandparents Jacob and Rose Wolfson.

2013: Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is scheduled to host “A Bit of Bling.”

2013: The Eden-Tamir Music Center is scheduled to host a performance of “Don Giovanni” featuring Israel Wind Soloists:

Oboes: Amir Bakman, Josue Cordero

Clarinets: Danny Erdman, Daniel Gurfinkel

Bassoons: Mauricio Paez, Kristijonas Grigas

Contrabassoon: Isaac Ramon Leyva

Horns: Adrian Solis, Edo Hayek

2013: Australian police charged three people today over an anti-Semitic attack on five people in Bondi Beach, Sydney. The five Jews who were taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital included four men aged 27, 39, 49 and 66 wearing yarmulkes and a 62-year-old woman.

2013:Eight Israeli citizens and a Palestinian girl sustained moderate injuries when stones were hurled at the direction of vehicles traveling in south Mount Hebron (As reported by Itmar Fleishman)

2014: Aaron David Miller, the vice-president of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars os scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the annual Jewish Endowment Fund Brunch at the Hilton Hotel Riverside where Dr. Edward Soll and his wife Karne will be honred with the presentation of the Tzedakah award.  (As reported by the Crescent City Jewish News – the source for everything in the land of the Kosher Cajuns)

2014: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including  Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War by James Risen, who has been friends with Yossi Klein Halevi “since they both crashed the Nazi Party headquarters in Chicago as student reporters 30 years ago” and recently released paperback editions of You Should of Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz and Drama High: The Incredible True Story of a Brilliant Teacher, a Struggling Town and the Magic of Theatre by Michael Sokolove.

2014: “Dylan Thomas in America: A Centennial Exhibition” is scheduled to open at the 92nd Street Y.

2014:In Indianapolis, Lauren and Adam Cantor are scheduled to sing camp songs and share their memories of being song leaders at Goldman Union Camp Institute  at the annual meeting of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society

2014: Amid on-going terrorist inspired violence that has shut down parts of the Jerusalem Light Rail, the funeral of the Hamas terrorist who murdered a three month old baby and injured numerous others who were waiting to board the light rail is scheduled to be buried today.  (Editor’s note – So far there has been no condemnation of the murder of an infant by the UN)

2014: “Life in Stills” and “The Hangman” are scheduled to be shown on the first day of the Israeli Film Festival sponsored by the Tulane University Jewish Studies Department under the leadership of Dr. Brian Horowitz.

2014: “The Wartime Escape: Margret and H.A. Rey’s Journey from France” an exhibition that unveils the history behind the children’s character, Curious George whose creators The Jewish couple, Margret and H.A. Rey fled Paris on bicycles in 1940 to escape the Nazi invasion and eventually made their way to the United States with their manuscripts and illustrations for the book, “The Adventures of Fifi,” which was retitled “The Adventures of Curious George” is scheduled to come to an at the Argenta Branch of the North Little Rock Public Library.

2014: At two o’clock this morning, Israelis change their clocks back to standard time.

2014: In what would appear to be a check of its “lethal arsenal” Hamas has for the eighth since the end of Operation Protective Edge fired rockets into the Mediterranean Sea. (As reported by Cynthia Blank)

2014: “The Arab population in Israel is part and parcel of the Jewish state and will always be a fundamental component of Israeli society, President Reuven Rivlin said today at a memorial ceremony to mark the 58th anniversary of the Kfar Kassem massacre, during which Israeli border police shot to death 49 Arab Israelis, among them several women and many children.”

2014(2ndof Cheshvan, 5775): Twenty-two year old Yemima Muskara became the second victim of Wednesday’s terrorist attach when she died of wounds suffered when a Hamas acolyte struck nine people with his car outside the Ammunition Hill Light Rail stop. (As reported by Gil Ronen)

2015(12thof Cheshvan, 5776): Seventy-eight year old physicist Leo P. Kadanoff passed away today in Chicago.  (As reported by Kenneth Chang)

2015: “The Pesach Tikvah social agency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, hosted a reunion for three of the Ewschwege survivors – Sari Gruenzweig, Esther Epstein and Lea Singer – and Alan Golub the American pilot who in April of 1945 forced a German shop keeper to give him the cloth so that these women could have dresses. For more see

2015: The 15th Annual National Conference is scheduled to come to an end today in Chicago.

2015: A memorial service was held today at St. Paul’s Chapel honoring the late Joseph F. Traub, founder of the Computer Science Department at Columbia University.

2015: The 92nd Street Y is scheduled to host Jennifer Koh & Shai Wosner is the first of the Bridge to Beethoven concert series.

2015: The Tulane University Jewish Studies Department is scheduled to host Stephen Russell who will lecture on “A Geography of Royal Power in the Biblical World.”

2015: The Israeli Film Festival is scheduled to open at Tulane University with screenings of “Life in Stills” and “The Hangman.”

2015: Twenty-first anniversary of the Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel.

2016: In Coralville, IA, Jeannette Gabriel from the Iowa Women’s Archives is scheduled to evaluate family “treasures” as part of the Agudas Achim Centennial celebration.

2016: “A rare, ancient papyrus dating to the First Temple Period” which “has been found to bear the oldest known mention of Jerusalem in Hebrew” “was formally unveiled by the Israel Antiquities Authority” today.

2016: Today “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recalled Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO in protest of two recent resolutions by the UN cultural body that ignored Jewish and Christian historical ties to Jerusalem holy sites.”

2016: In Atlanta, the Breman Museum is scheduled to host a tour of Jewish Grounds at the Oakland Cemetery

2016: The Leo Baeck Institute and the Center for Jewish History are scheduled to host a lecture by David Biale the Emanuel Ringelblum Distinguished Professor of Jewish History at the University of California at Davis that examines the life and times of Gershom Sholem entitled “Sholem In Love: Affective Ties of a Jewish Historian.”

2016: Tahneer Oksman and New Yorkercontributor Liana Finck are scheduled to discuss Oksman’s new book How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses: Women and Jewish American Identity in Contemporary Graphic Memoirs, drawing connections between graphic storytelling and the unstable postmodern Jewish self in an event sponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society.

2016: In Paris, UNESCO”s World Heritage Committee is scheduled to vote on a resolution condemning “Israeli violations in Jerusalem’s Old City” that effectively denies the historic connection of Judaism and the Jewish people to Jerusalem and therefore also undermines the entire story of Jesus as presented in the Gospels. 

2017: ““Challah in the CLE,” an event where more than 1,500 local women and girls came together to make challah and take part in other festivities, returned to the east side of Cleveland today as the kickoff event of “a larger weekend-long series of events that are part of the Shabbos Project Cleveland – the local chapter of an international, grassroots Jewish identity movement to unite Jews around the world for a full Shabbat.

2017: In New Orleans, the Uptown JCC is scheduled to host a screening of “The Butler.”

2017: The Oxford University Jewish Society is scheduled to host a fun evening of Challah baking and Mezuzah decorating.

2017: The American Sephardi Federation is scheduled to host a celebration of Deccan Heritage Foundation’s new publication; Jewish Heritage of the Deccan; Mumbai, The Northern Konan, Pune co-authored by Kenneth X. Robbins and Pushkar Sohoni with photographs by Surendra Kumar.

2017: Samuel Nortich is scheduled to moderate a discussion “The Pew Jew Study: American and German-Jewry In Comparison” in which Steven Cohen and Robin Judd compare and contrast the “situations of German Jews a century ago and American Jews today.”

2017: Yeshiva University Museum, the Center for Jewish History and the American Sephardi Federation are scheduled to present Giuseppe Veltri discussing “The Temple in Renaissance Imagination.”

2017: Gili Cohen, “an Israeli judoka who won a gold medal” today “at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam judo tournament…had to his sing his own private ‘Hatikvah’ because the organized refused to play the Israeli national anthem.”

2018: Today physicist Abraham “Avi”  “Loeb and his postdoc Shmuel Bialy submitted a paper exploring the possibility of the interstellar object ʻOumuamua being an artificial thin solar sail accelerated by solar radiation pressure in an effort to help explain the object’s non-gravitational acceleration.”

2018: The Oxford University Jewish Society is scheduled to host Kabbalat Shabbat services following by a dinner as part of the “Oxford 3rd Week Bring a Friend Shabbat.”

2018: The Eden-Tamir Music Center is scheduled to host the “Ensemble Phoenix on early instruments program” where performers us “period instruments.”

2018: The Jerusalem Theatre Piano Festival Is scheduled to host a “Kabbalat Shabbat – Salute to Yankeleh Rotblit.”

2019(27thof Tishrei, 5780): Parashat Bereshit – The Cycle Begins again.  For more see

2019: The Houston Astros are scheduled to play the Washington Nationals in game four of the World Series without the services of their Assistant General Manager Brandon Taubman who was fired on October 24th for directing “offensive, vulgar comments toward female reporters during the celebration of the team’s American League Championship Series victory five days earlier.”

2019: The Illinois Holocaust Museum is scheduled to host Holocaust survivor Agnes Schwartz as she tells “how a Catholic housekeeper claimed her as her own niece to protect her during the” Shoah.

2019: The Oxford University Jewish Socieity is scheduled to provide Shabbat meals prepared by its “fantastic chef Joanne” along with hosting Morning and Afternoon services as well as Seudah Shlishit.

2019: Jewish congregations all across America including Temple Beth Sholom in San Leandro; Beth Israel and Netivot Shalom in Berkeley; Sherith Israel, Emanu-El and Or Shalom in San Francisco; Beth Jacob in Redwood City, Shir Hadash in Los Gatos; Kol Shofar in Tiburon; and Kol Emeth in Palo Alto are scheduled to participate in “Show up for Shabbat” part of the response to remembering the massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue that took place on October 27, 2018.

2020: The Jewish Federation of North America is scheduled to host the second day of its virtual GA.

2020: The Alliance For Jewish Theatre’s annual conference is scheduled to continue online for a second day.

2020 The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center is scheduled to host David Blatt as he talks about “U.S. and Them? American Jews and Israel.”

2020: The Marlene Meyerson JCC is scheduled to host a second virtual screening of “Rosenwald.”

2020: The Streicker Center is scheduled to host Michael Sandel as he discusses “The Tyranny of Merit” with David Brooks.

2020(8th of Cheshvan): Yahrzeit of Avraham Elimelch ben Yosef Dov, whose nickname was Melech and whose English name was Abraham Levin and the Hebrew namesake of Mitchell A. Levin and the father of Joseph B. Levin.

2020: Now that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “ruled out recommendations to place first and second grade students in small capsules in schools, saying the country could not afford the cost of dividing classes into smaller numbers” Israelis are dealing with the reality that “classes will be split into two groups and each group will only physically attend school for half of the week.”

2021: Yacine Mihoub, 32, and Alex Carrimbacus, 25 went on trial today in Paris because they stand accused of murdering Mireille Knoll, an 85 year-old grandmother and Holocaust survivor in what authorities call a hate crime.

2021: “Henry Kissinger and Puzzle of the Middle East,” published today provides a review of Master of the Game: Master of the Game: Henry Kissinger and the Art of Middle East Diplomacy by Martin Indyk.

2021: As part of its Women on the Move series, the Streikcer Center is scheduled to host an evening with Hilma and Meg Wolitzer.

2022: JWI’s 5th International Conference on Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community. “Responding to the Moment: Cultivating Resilience, Healing, Innovation, and Culture Change” is scheduled to come to an end today.

2022: Feast Day of Pope Evaristus, who was “born in Greece of a Jewish father named Juda, originally from the city of Bethlehem, reigned for thirteen years, six months and two days, under the reigns of Domitian, Nerva and Trajan, from the Consulate of Valens and Veter (96) until that of Gallus and Bradua.”

2022: The American Jewish Historical Society is scheduled to present a night of landmark discussion on the history of Union Square, and historic preservation!

2022: The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County, NJ is scheduled to “welcome back welcomes back Professor Maurice Mahler to present a discussion on the famous painting known as “The Woman in Gold” by artist Gustav Klimt which was once stolen from a Jewish family in the run-up to World War II, and was eventually bought by Ronald Lauder, the son of Estee Lauder, for $130 million and is currently on display at the Neue Galerie Museum in Manhattan.

2022: The Streikcer Center is scheduled to offer virtually, Professor

Fred Lazin lecturing on “Jews in American Politics” From the 1930’s to the 2020 Presidential Elections” and  Dr. Daniel Rynhold lecturing on “Maimonides and Spinoza: Friends and Foes?

2022: The JDC is scheduled to host a webinar “A Children’s Paradise? The JDC and Selvino, Italy, 1945-48”

2022: The Streicker Center is scheduled to host Jon Meachem whose latest work is the biography And there Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle.

2022: Israeli President Isaac Herzog is scheduled to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden in the Oval Office today.

2022(1stof Cheshvan 5783): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan; for more see






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