Thinking about Pentecost Sunday, I thought about how as a…

Thinking about Pentecost Sunday, I thought about how as a…

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Terry R Green |


Thinking about Pentecost Sunday, I thought about how as a kid growing up in Pentecost of how brightly the fires of Pentecost burned so fervently that they would never be snuffed out by anyone or any force. Yet how mistaken I was. It has been snuffed out, not from without, but from within, the church putting out the fire which once empowered them to live victoriously and turn their world upside down.
It is said that in a forest fire there is one place of safety where the flames cannot reach and that is— where the fire has already burned out.
The church has let the fire “ burn out” creating a place of “ safety “ and a place where the flames “ cannot reach “ for those that don’t believe, that don’t want to be offended, and those that don’t desire that experience anymore.
Our hope? Is to come out of the “ safe zone,” or the “ burned out mentality” and plant some new tree’s ( converts and rebirths), And nurture them, disciple them, teach them ,as well as instruct them about the importance of the Pentecostal experience in their lives to be able live victoriously & with power in their life and in service and then , just maybe, that which has burned out, will burn once again !!!
It’s time to stir up the the gift that is within us, come out of our comfort & safety zones and Burn !!pt😊

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