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The Problem With New Testament Problem Passages Cardinal Doctrines ARE Affected by Textual Variants

In some instances, the very meaning of the text is at stake, depending on how one resolves a textual problem: Was Jesus an angry man [Mark 1.41]? Was he completely distraught in the face of death [Heb 2.8–9]? Did he tell his disciples that they could drink poison without being harmed [Mark 16.9–20]? Did he let an adulteress off the hook with nothing but a mild warning [John 7.53–8.11]? Is the doctrine of the Trinity explicitly taught in the New Testament [1 John 5.7–8]? Is Jesus actually called “the unique God” there [John 1.18]? Does the New Testament indicate that even the Son of God himself does not know when the end will come [Matt 24.36]? The questions go on and on, and all of them are related to how one resolves difficulties in the manuscript tradition as it has come down to us.

Three of these passages have been considered inauthentic by most NT scholars—including most evangelical NT scholars—for well over a century (Mark 16.9–20; John 7.53–8.11; and 1 John 5.7–8). Yet Ehrman writes as though the excision of such texts could shake up our theological convictions. Such is hardly the case.

John Kissinger [11/30/2015 7:53 PM]
After three pages of discussion of this text in his Orthodox Corruption of Scripture, he pronounces the verdict: “The external evidence notwithstanding, Hebrews 2:9 must have originally said that Jesus died ‘apart from God.’” And there goes the whole uniatrianism 🙂 Ricky Grimsley John Romaine John Conger

John Conger [11/30/2015 8:37 PM]
Hence the problem with oneness. If God did “leave him” at the cross then it means a man was a sufficient sacrifice for sin and thus man redeemed himself to God. And following that path would also mean that the worship of Christ now (which is in 100% of oneness churches ) is worship of a man who used to be in dwelt by God. This is why I cannot accept the oneness doctrine.

John Kissinger [12/01/2015 7:18 AM]
Thanks for the comment John Conger Funny how many in this group would argue theological proficiency but would stay away from text criticism. In another comment presented by Charles Page on DAKE the critical article went exactly opposite claiming that Dake’s position on Christ (respectively yours) was dangerously heretical. Back to Text.Criticism here are some stats on the Book—% of variant-free verses—# of variants per page
Matthew 59.9 / 6.8
Mark 45.1 / 10.3
Luke 57.2 / 6.9
John 51.8 / 8.5
Acts 67.3 / 4.2
Romans 75.5 / 2.9
1 Corinthians 75.7 / 3.5
2 Corinthians 78.1 / 2.8
Galatians 76.5 / 3.3
Ephesians 76.1 / 2.9
Philippians 70.2 / 2.5
Colossians 72.6 / 3.4
1 Thess. 68.5 / 4.1
2 Thess. 72.3 / 3.1
1 Timothy 81.4 / 2.9
2 Timothy 79.5 / 2.8
Titus 71.7 / 2.3
Philemon 76.0 / 5.1
Hebrews 77.2 / 2.9
James 61.6 / 5.6
1 Peter 66.6 / 5.7
2 Peter 52.5 / 6.5
1 John 72.4 / 2.8
2 John 61.5 / 4.5
3 John 73.3 / 3.2
Jude 72.0 / 4.2
Revelation 52.8 / 5.1
Total 62.9 equals 4999/7947 verses

John Conger [12/01/2015 9:19 AM]
I don’t accept dakes theory on trinity. I reject the idea of 3 bodies, etc. I believe in 1 body, 1 soul, 1 spirit making the godhead. With 3 distinct wills.

John Kissinger [12/01/2015 9:30 AM]
argumentatively NOT one of Dake’s original teachings – Tritheism in regard to monophysitism in Oriental Orthodoxy and nominalism as in the medieval tres-res(3 objects)-loggia has been a long standing issue in theological orthodoxy

Charles Page [12/01/2015 9:53 AM]
Fresh out of college I was working for Ancil Carter at the Fairborn, Ohio Church of God and was singing with the choir and when the choir sang the words “Christ my Savior” unknowingly I blurted out the words “God my Savior” and I received an elbow and was chided “Bro Carter won’t allow us to sing those words.” Bro Carter changed the wording of an old church of God (Red Back Hymnal) favorite song.

He was a Dakes Bible man.

Ricky Grimsley [12/01/2015 10:37 AM]

Charles Page [12/01/2015 11:12 AM]
I believe in the tripartite nature of man, body, soul and spirit. The body and soul rest in the grave upon death and the spirit returns to it’s creator to await the final judgement.

So it would seem that I hold to soul sleep but w/o the annihilation as in unitarianism.

John Conger [12/01/2015 11:40 AM]
Probably never been called a heretic right? 🙂

John Conger [12/01/2015 1:04 PM]
Jesus was the express image of the invisible God . Do you believe in 9 parts to God

Ricky Grimsley [12/01/2015 1:06 PM]
I dont see how anyone can get to nine because there is only one spirit.

John Kissinger [12/01/2015 2:07 PM]
Some people can count to 10, some to 3 and others just to 1 🙂

Ricky Grimsley [12/01/2015 2:16 PM]
Maybe its a good time to ask this and see if fits in to a godhead discussion?Exodus 6:3 KJVS
[3] And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them.
However, Abraham called the place he was going to sacrifice isaac jehovah jireh. What are your thought. John Conger Charles Page.

John Kissinger [12/01/2015 2:20 PM]
BTW since we are talking about it in another topic, are they ONE or THREE witnessing in the heavens?

Ricky Grimsley [12/01/2015 2:34 PM]
The textual variant in 1 John 5:7 hasnt really ever bothered me. There are numerous scriptures to use to prove the Godhead has three distinct “somethings” whether persons, wills, manifestations, etc. I have however always wrestled with the question of why God would allow the destruction of the original texts.

Glynn Brown [12/01/2015 6:45 PM]
Some have suggested that God allowed the autographs to be lost to prevent them from becoming idols.

John Kissinger [12/01/2015 7:11 PM]
Ricky Grimsley JESSE BOYD of WAKE FOREST wrote a nice defense of the authenticity of 1st John 5:7-8, which maybe better discussed in a separate topic?

Glynn Brown [12/01/2015 7:15 PM]
Jesus-is-savior is a king James only website.

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