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Jim Price |


THE NEED FOR A BUFFER: In the O T , Moses acted as a buffer or go- between God and the people. In our present age Jesus serves as our advocate with the father. In our contentious world lawyers plead our cases before those who can make decisions about our lives. Agents represent ball players, movie stars and authors to get maximum benefits and to keep down tensions between payers and players.
Now it seems that President Trump wants to circumvent the diplomatic core and go head to head with world leaders. This pleases the common people because they like to see the game; ” let’s you and him fight.” But this kind of bargaining makes sparks fly and sparks can set off an explosion. Even in our churches we often need go-betweens to keep feelings in check. District pastors and/or AB’s must sometimes step in to help resolve a situation.
In one building program we had reached an impasse about colors and cost and had to bring in a decorator and an architect and after three meetings, with their help, we reached a compromise that kept the peace.
In our prayers let’s pray that the president will have the patience to go through normal channels and that we and our friends will have the good sense not to hope for shouting matches at the highests levels of government.

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