The gifts of the Holy Ghost were designed to remain in the Church

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Byron Benefield |

“3. Whether these gifts of the Holy Ghost were designed to remain in the Church throughout all ages, and whether or not they will be restored at the nearer approach of the “restitution of all things,” are questions which it is not needful to decide. But it is needful to observe this, that, even in the infancy of the Church, God divided them with a sparing hand. Were all even then Prophets? Were all workers of miracles? Had all the gifts of healing? Did all speak with tongues? No, in no wise. Perhaps not one in a thousand. Probably none but the Teachers in the Church, and only some of them. (1 Corinthians 12:28-30.) It was, therefore, for a more excellent purpose than this, that “they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.” – John Wesley (Scriptural Christianity)
Here Wesley not only acknowledges “Speaking in tongues and prophesying as well as the whole range of gifts and operations that were being experienced in the early days of his revival but he is saying that all this is a part of Scriptural Christianity and he believes it here a little and there a little for now but it will be back in full force in the restitution of all things. And I will add that he is saying: That even though the gifts and operations may be scarce, all believers are to be filled with the Holy Ghost.”


  • Reply May 17, 2016

    James Craig

    ALLELUIA!!!! AMEN!!!

  • Reply May 17, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    He didn’t really understand it. Yes, the gifts were to remain in the church until the Lord’s return. I Cor 1:7.

    However, “Do all speak with tongues?” (I Cor 12:30) … is speaking not about personal prayer tongues, but administration gifts as they are “set in the church” as alongside prophets, apostles, etc. And in that type of administrative setting, not all can operate. Because not everyone is called to administration within the church.

    The proof of this is found in the parallel gift of prophecy. The same passage asks, “are all prophets?” Yet, Paul affirms that all can attain to the gift of prophecy, and urges us all to covet earnestly the gift of prophecy!

    In the same vein of thought, even though not all will speak with tongues to the whole church, yet God inspired Paul to also say, “I would that ye all spake with tongues.”

    As to the value of tongues… “greater is he that prophesieth, than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret.” Therefore, if he who speaks a message in tongues, prays and receives the gift of interpretation… that one has attained to a gifting equal to the value of prophecy itself!

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