The Following Post is Fairly Long,But I will deliver my…

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Bettie Ann Bonner Hooks |


Just thought I would Share my husbands post.

The Following Post is Fairly Long,But I will deliver my soul………….
Most realize the fact that Hebrews 11 vs 6 says Without Faith it is impossible to please God.I could expound on that But wont at this time.In this post I am not zeroing in of Faith,But why our faith is constantly under attack,In Danger and in many cases under siege..I love the fact that Abraham was called out to go,The Bible says he obeyed not even knowing whither he went,Yes,He just obeyed,He must have known the Hardship,the Trouble and Trials ahead,That brings up the fact and I mean Proven fact that Many ,Maybe Most Christians WILL NOT tolerate inconvenience..Christians today are so Worldly Spoiled,So Pampered by the Lust of the Flesh and the Pride of Life will make seemingly every effort NOT to go to Church and Gladly Justify their Extreme Unfaithfulness..If Church is not convenient,If They have nothing better to do,They will attend Some just 3 or 4 times per year,some once every couple of Months…Church and Faithfulness is Not a Priority to these people.Now back to Abraham,He had something the Church needs today,UNBRIDLED devotion,Faith that Moved him to Obedience,Not a Lip Service faith,But a faith that he Posessed..We read of Faith,Bookstores have shelves of Faith oriented books,We hear Radio Programs about Faith,We watch Preachers on television speak on Faith,We have named it,Claimed it,Blabbed it .Grabbed it and I say HOGWASH un;less we Possess it our lip service faith is vain at best..Yes,I believe the Faith once delivered to the Saints is on the Endangered Specie List..With rugged Faith one has the Ability to Press on,Press toward the mark of the high calling…Now the Following Statement is going to Squint your eyes,Contort your face and Wrench yourself Tight,But Obedient FAITH and FEAR go hand in hand..Look at Noah,The Bible says he moved with fear,Now Watch this,Noah was warned of things not seen and Moved with Fear..After all those years Nothing moved him,All the Laughing,all the sneers and Mocking,Noah Believed,Noah Feared and Noah Obeyed…..Noah just didnt have lip service and Big Talk,He wasnt in and out,Up and down,,He believed and took heed to Gods Warning and was Saved with his Family…Why are you not serving with Fear and Faithfulness to the saving of your house?…Now here is another valid point,Your life could be the cause of your Spiritual Death or let me put it like this,The way you live your life could be the reason you seem to never attain the victory you seek.Some say GOD is first in my life,But in all reality he is way down the list,Think about your Spiritual Condition and Ask What Kind of condition is my condition in???In the Bibles great hall of Faith,These men and women didnt have selfish me ,myself and I faith…They were on a journey to a promised land,Hallelujah We Are TOOO,Its called Heaven and the Enemy,The powers of Hell,The Devil wants to Sidetrack or better yet Sideline you.The Devil wants to Cripple your faith..Brother Mike You said this post wasnt about faith,It wasn’t it was about the lack of it,But if you will let it,It could certainly build your faith or the start of your real journey of Faith…Brother Mike,Im a fundametalist and I have faith because it took faith to get saved,Hey Fundamentalist,You missed the point,I realize the Mustard seed faith that led you to the Salvation..Have you ever built or bought or lived in a house with just the foundation???NO! thats ridiculous,We build the foundation and then the walls and the roof,To protect us from the outide forces or elements,Your mustard seed faith is just the beginning of the Faith building and our faith Structure protects us from the Outside forces of Hell that are bent on Destroying us…I love the story of the fireman that ran through the twin towers as they were crumbling and screaming RUN,GET OUT,DONT LOOK BACK…You see those that went back perished,Some went back for things that held them captive,Some people I know keep going back for the things of the world while the World is Crumbling all around us….Let me echo the brave firemans words RUN,GET OUT,DONT LOOK BACK,COME OUT OF THIS CRUMBLING WORLD and be saved……….I realize most wont listen or recieve my words,But as I stated at the first of this post,Sometimes I just have to deliver my soul….God Bless you that take heed to this warning…..

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