The Ezekiel 38 war and Israel

The Ezekiel 38 war and Israel


The Ezekiel 38 war!!!Israel has just gone through a horrible and furious war between its neighbors, the war described in Psalm 83 and elsewhere is now over. Israel’s borders have expanded dramatic


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    Nelson Banuchi Bob Wizenhut No matter what you think of Trump, he just pulled the smartest move any US President has ever pulled. I hate to say it, but truth is truth. I am speaking of the withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan. Or at least, of the threat to do it. I actually have little faith he would do it. He is playing a political game. This is not acting on principle.
    He is trying to get his wall funded by Congress. (Not by Mexico, which is a broken promise, but that a different issue.) Congress is rather adamant they won’t fund it – whether Republicans or Democrats. They don’t care if the government is shut down: Congressmen don’t make money off a working government.
    Their largest revenues come from lobbying. And since our largest federal expense are the wars, the bulk of that lobbying comes from contractors who profit from the wars. Pulling our troops from those wars will kill the cash cow for those contractors. And therefore will kill the largest source of personal revenues for Congressmen.
    Thus, Trump hit where it hurts the most – the personal revenues of the majority of Congressmen. He can do it. Congress can stop the President from going to war, but it can’t tell him where and how to go to war. There is no legislative power that can tell the President to keep the troops in any country. This way he can control how much revenues Congressmen get from lobbying.
    I expect Congress to yield, eventually. They will fund the wall, and Trump will keep the troops in those countries. Which means, more judgment on America.

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    Re: The Ezekiel 28 war on Israel in light of Russia and Syria

    If one accepts Literal Babylon of Revelation, the Antichrist will most likely come out of Iraq, not Syria( Seleucus Syrian division included Iraq, and Iran).

    Iraq will be destroyed, not Damascus , Syria.

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    Truth is TRUMP is pulling us out of the prophecy

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    Varnel Watson

    coming soon to a city near you Joe Absher

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