The confessor of criminals in the central prison


The evangelical pastor Ivodor Kovachev is a shoulder to cry on the prisoners in the central prison in Sofia from 13 years, and in Kazichene, from seven. The known and unknown striped inhabitants, committed the most severe crimes, profess their innermost secrets. In the chapel of the Sofia prison to the Ivodor Daniel shared facts from the dark past Chief of the defunct pyramid “life choice” Michael Kapustin, s?denite for the murder of Prime Minister Andrei Lukanov – Alexander Rusov and Alexei Ki?atov, the serial killer Andrei Petrov and many other investigative and sentenced to life criminals. In front of “every day” Pastor shared how he manages to make the doom of life sentences prisoners to find meaning of your life behind bars and told interesting facts from the life of the most famous confessors.

Do you know the history of every single prisoner?

If it’s about what he is accused of and what serving time, I know. But my job is not to comment on whether he is guilty or not. Meet people who have long been present in the media. Eight years ago, for example, I have met with Michael Kapustin. With all my heart turned to faith, and that helped him a lot. His family was on the verge of bankruptcy. He himself has changed. Also the Ukrainians in the case of Lukanov. Alexander Rusov is in our Church, but is no longer in Bulgarian. Went to his wife and daughter in Ukraine. There continues to go every week in a local Evangelical Church. The trial in the case of Lukanov – Aleksey Ki?atov, married Bulgarian. The change and it was amazing. We see each other twice a week and I can see He wants nothing to do with his previous way of life. His wife is studying and working simultaneously. We also help him. Looking to get involved with decent stuff. Thanks to our work while they were in prison, they received a revelation about certain things and took the decision to change. Once out of prison, definitely had the temptations, who overcame.

What delights?

The old company, which traveled before to fall in prison was a big challenge for them. We continued to work with them after their release from prison. We left them, whether we need them not to start trying on the old road. I have a group of at least ten guys, former prisoners.

The confession and the serial killer Andrei Petrov, who 10 years ago was able to see the account of five people. Shared with you why did it?

I even say that remorse, would you believe me? A couple of years I haven’t seen it, because from the central prison in Sofia was transferred to Belene. There also have a chaplain, an evangelist. Every prison should have a Gospel-Protestant pastor and an Orthodox priest. Appointed half the State. Only we, the cleric, we do this free of charge. To us no one pays us. We help people free of charge, because Christ expected and required of us. Zdravko really was repentant.

His sentence is life without parole. What hopes?

There may be hope for him, who knows? I don’t know how the laws will change and what behavior will show. After 20 years of stay in prison, there is a review of the Lifers. I have a life sentence prisoner, who at the time of Todor zhivkov was sentenced to death for murder, but because of the abolition of the death penalty survives. 25 years in prison and has not lost hope. Zdravko adopted faith and repentance, not only to obtain a hope in this world and in the world, in which we, believers, we know that our soul will one day go. The conditions under which live Zdravko, really are heavy.

And do you share why he killed five people.

Podtikvalo it, some power …No 5 and 50 times could be enticed. A man without faith in God is capable of terrible acts, before winding up in prison, Nguyen was not a religious man. He had no fear of retribution.

Who is the question most often asked of your prisoners?

Is there any hope for me? I answer them that there always are. There is always a second chance. I know those prisoners who would believe, go outside and mislead the old-fashioned way.

Surely there are those who come to meetings about diversity?

Yes, but that’s not a problem for me. I’ve seen people come just to kill time and at one point, understand that it makes sense and become believers. Faith in each person has a different phase.

How many prisoners work?

My group of prisoners is from 50 to 70 people. They were all people of extremes. Some alone could not believe the change that occurred. For each of them, this is a miracle. I have faith in these guys and they regain most. With a dozen people, in touch weekly and after they come out of prison. We help them with everyday needs – we hire and pay them, find their work quarters, or socialize them, we’re breaking free from the old environment.

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    Street Preacherz

    Thank you. It is a problem for some new to prison or jail ministry that he touches on. Motive why unrepentant men come to chapel service. To see friends. Pass canteen items, Get out of their cell or even pass notes or get their story straight. But if they are hearing the word of God and not being disruptive it is ok. Just trying to add something to overcome s common problem is all

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