Just forget what I said about surgery’s. I shouldn’t have said any of that. You all will think I don’t even need to be on here. Please tell me just straight , like nothings wrong. Be the same as if I was twenty five years old. I still teach my Sunday School class. They gave me a cute little glass something about three years ago for teaching fourth one years in a row. I started in the young married class, and taught in there until I was fifty at least. Then went straight to the Adult class in the sanctuary. They forgot I did resign for one year because I felt someone else should have a chance. The next year. They voted me right back in. Please I didn’t say any of that to make you feel any different about me than any one else. Give me the Bible straight. Show me my mistakes. I just never thought of Jezebel al political. I guess I missed where you brought that out.I need to erase all this before you have time to read it. And Link to. I dint worry. Link will speak his thoughts. Lol.